How to Find Vegas Hotel Deals

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Helping my friends use my Spirit miles to book a trip to Vegas prompted me to want to refresh my memory on some of the best ways to find hotel deals in Las Vegas.  I used to be pretty good at it since we went a couple times a year.  Heck, we loved it so much we even got married there!

….but then we had a kid, and the frequency of our Vegas trips sadly decreased significantly.  So, I did what any reasonable person would do and sent out a Tweet asking for suggestions on what website are currently good at listing the up-to-date Vegas hotel deals, codes, promos, etc.  Since Vegas is a popular tourist destination, I wanted to share some of the sites that are available.

  • Purchase gift certificates at Costco for $80 for $100 card and use them to save on hotel rooms, show tickets, etc.  *I know this was valid as of at least a few months ago, but can’t verify that they are still available.   Update: Sounds like Costco doesn’t have these anymore (or at least not currently).
  • Earn/use points at the Palazzo and Venetian via Priority Club, at the Cosmopolitan via Marriott, or one of the smaller/off-strip hotels like Hyatt Place Las Vegas or Westin Las Vegas.
  • – requires you to sign-up to see some of the deals. You can enter your dates and search for applicable promos.  Lists popular codes and promos on the homepage.
  • – requires you to sign-up to see some of the deals.  Lists the latest show and hotel discounts on the home page.  You can enter your dates and search for applicable promos.
  • American Express Fine Hotel and Resort Collection or the Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection via Chase for extras like upgrades, spa credit, breakfast, dining credit, late check-out etc.
  • – compares rates from various sites such as,,, and more, but doesn’t list all of the current codes and promotions.  I did find some very good rates quickly on this site.
  • – this will help you decode what hotels you are bidding on or selecting via Hotwire and Priceline.  Vegas can be a great place to consider using Hotwire or Priceline especially since you usually aren’t earning hotel points anyway.
  • – holy moley lots of windows opened when I searched for hotels on this site!
  • Flyertalk Vegas Hotel Deals Thread
  • Join the Player’s Clubs for the various hotel/casino chains and get super deals or even free rooms based on your play.  While my husband has gambled a fair amount from time to time and has gotten some comps as a result, I am far more of a small-time player.  However, even I have been offered free nights from time to time, and often get emails for very cheap rooms from the hotel/casinos that I frequent.  These deals are often better than what you can get via the other deal sites listed above as they are targeted for individual players, so always sign-up for the Player’s Cards, and then use them religiously while you are in the hotel/casinos.  This is actually a big reason why I don’t have more first-hand experience with the other sites, I typically just go through the Player’s Club, or last year jumped on a great deal from the Discover America promo

I used a two night stay from April 29th – May 1st to search some of the different sites to see if my results varied.  Some of these sites give you actual opportunities to book, and some give you various discounts that are available on your dates and you must decide which one is best by comparing each one individually and manually.  So, just because I found a better deal on a particular site doesn’t necessarily mean it was only listed there.  This was just a 30 minute exercise to see what I could come up with.


Luxor $130 for Tower Deluxe Queen Room

Mirage $226 King Resort Room + two buffets

Vdara: $262 Deluxe Suite + two buffets

Harrah’s $141 Classic Room

Hotels Combined:

Luxor $102 for Tower Deluxe Queen Room

Mirage $224 King Resort Room + two buffets

Vdara: $252 Deluxe Suite (no buffets)

Harrah’s $123 Double Room

Luxor $110 Tower Deluxe Queen Room + $30 dining credit

Mirage $202 King Resort Room + $75 dining credit

Vdara $262 Deluxe Suite + two buffets

Harrah’s $106 Classic Room

Luxor $104 Tower Deluxe Queen Room + $30 dining credit

Mirage $224 King Resort Room + two buffets

Vadara $260 Deluxe Suite

Harrah’s $134 Classic Room

Those prices don’t include taxes and any applicable resort fees.  Of the four sites I actually used to search for real rooms, Hotels Combined was by far the easiest to use as it returned actual booking options with pretty good prices (other than Travelocity which of course is even easier).  How good a deal you get from sites like MyCheapVegas and SmarterVegas really depends on how many different promos/codes you want to try, and if you are willing to join their lists to access the “special” deals (for the purposes of this post I did not).

I do think there are still good Vegas deals out there, but you do have to be willing to search a few different places to find them.  It is easiest if you narrow it down to a couple of properties you are interested in and then really dig around for the best deals for those specific hotels.  Otherwise it can get to be a little overwhelming.  The Points Guy just did a post that goes more in depth on some of the hotel options if you aren’t familiar with Vegas.  If you want the easy-out, Hotels Combined gave some very decent results with minimal effort.

Please feel free to share more of your favorites or elaborate on your experiences with some of the sites already listed here.  I plan to share more about one of my favorite cities in subsequent posts in the near future!


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  1. I went to Vegas for my sister’s bachelorette party last summer. Two observations: (1) Plane tickets are ridiculous. I tracked prices for 6 months. If you’re in New Year, it’ll cost you more to get to Vegas than LA, SanFran, or Seattle. (2) Hotels are a great value. We booked Treasure Island for $100/night. It was a really nice hotel. Not luxurious, but certainly nicer than the average Marriot room I get on my work trips.

  2. Vegas is also full of great timeshares. If you just need a regular hotel room, you can get a great hotel deal, but if you’re with a larger room, consider renting a timeshare.

    I just saw a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo at Marriott Grand Chateau going for $1400 for the week. (Though I’m not sure if anyone stays in Vegas for more than 2-3 days…)


    • Airfare prices to Vegas can be silly. That’s why my Spirit miles to Vegas were such a killer deal (for my friends). I actually had to use miles to get to Vegas last year as fares were $400+ from IAH. If you are wiling to fly Spirit or time with Southwest sales it can be a lot better though.

  3. It’s important to factor in which hotels have resort fees when choosing a Vegas hotel now. Many of them charge at least $25 a night for things like water and 1-800 phone calls. If you stay more than a night or two this can really add up. And they charge tax on those fees too!

  4. has some good prices, and if you are staying for 4 nights, they’ll give you the last night for free sometimes. I was able to do this a few months ago and they gave me Sat night free, which of course is the most expensive. I had travelocity price match it and got the $50 to use for future stay as well.

  5. You can add the Tropicana to the list of hotels where you can earn/use points. They have a strategic partnership with Hilton as of January 2013 and are listed as a Doubletree on the Hilton Website.

  6. What a timely post! I have been searching some dates for a Vegas trip. We haven’t been since last July and I am itching to go. I have had good luck booking hotels through the UR travel site. Last year we got our room at Palazzo for around 50,000 points for 4 nights. I have booked other hotel stays through them and gotten great deals using my points.

  7. A bit off topic.
    Does any one have experience dealing with vegas hotel customer service.
    I had a stay with Mirage, which I suppose to receive a $75 food credit. The credit was not on my folio after checkout.
    I emailed the customer service with no respond. Called (with over 1 hour holding to get a real person), just be told some one will call me but never received a call.

  8. BTW, one thing great about many Vegas hotel reservation is that they are almost always refundable.
    You can make a reservation and check back the price or promotion frequently. If it gets better, just cancel the old one and reserve a new one.
    The 2 night Mirage stay I just mentioned, was booked through Orbitz, after 4 cancellation down from $250 to $130.

  9. Agree with Anita, timeshares provide great options for families. Today we are on our way to LV for a week stay in 2the bedroom, 2 bath unit at HGV at Strip. We have also stayed at HGV Flamingo and Wyndham Grand Desert. Dont forget travelzoo and tkts4tonite for great deals on show tickets

  10. Vegas airfares are very skewed during major holidays, sports events, or conventions. Also, he price any Sunday departure out of LAS is through the roof. prices during sun-thu nights are far far cheaper than fri / sat. Priceline bidding is usually a good bet for cheap rooms since most of them won’t earn anything on regular hotel programs like SPG Hyatt HHonors etc.

  11. Emphasizing Lori’s comment #7. When looking in the economy-to-moderate price range, resort fees can make up a good chunk of total cost.
    Until the FTC mandates “all-in” pricing like airfare, try hotwire & priceline for some good deals. Hotwire lists out the range of resort fees for the un-named hotel. Then cross-check that with Priceline bids. And to go with Nathaniel’s suggestion, also guesses at Hotwire hotels. They also make have a database of recent winning and losing Priceline bids. Good site for bidding in general.
    I would also suggest going to the hotel’s own websites for specials. I found midweek at the Rio last September for $17. Stayed two nights for $38 including tax and no resort fees!

  12. Vegaschatter has a 2013 guide to resort fees.

    I don’t do buffets and nearly every restaurant has great happy hour deals some that are all day long. has many certs. Also many restaurants are on Opentable.

  13. Total Rewards (the Caesars loyalty program) offers good discounts at properties of all classes.

    The best deal/trick I’ve found with that program is having two people in a room with TR numbers – that gives an even lower price than the usual TR price.

  14. Player’s Club: I am always getting 2 Free Nights midweek offers at the lesser Caesars properties, and I just got one for Cosmo.

    Priceline: In my experience, you will always get Rio, which is a bummer!

  15. We offer many of the best deals for Vegas 5-star hotels, exclusively for TravelSort members. Recently saved a client over $1000 on her stay. Since these are wholesale rates, they must be requested from us, they’re not searchable.

  16. Great post!
    – I’ll second CCORD on Vegaschatter 2013 Guide to Resort Fees (
    – On that note, if you’re a Vegas regular, Vegaschatter (Conde Nast Traveler Network) puts out a great blog on goings on in Sin City.
    – Don’t underestimate trying to email a host for personal service and unpublished rates. Difficulty: Finding the right email. Hint: Lots of hosts are on LinkedIn. Start there, google for research -> friendly email request.
    – Not to turn this into a (another) “$20 sandwich” post, but it’s another topic worth googling if that’s your thing.
    /////\\\\\ Shuffle Up & Deal! 🙂

  17. Glad this post is helpful to so many and thanks for all the additional suggestions!
    Mark, I agree about a host. We had one for a while at MGM and he was quite helpful!

  18. I like your post very much and I think it is helpful especially for newlyweds. I have a website related to the hotels on the Vegas Strip and I wonder if it is possible to share this information there also. It will be with a reference to your site of course.

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