Alamo Giveaway: Win $100 Amex, 6″ Kindle, Portable DVD Player, and More

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Recently, my friends at Alamo reached out to me again to see if I was interested in giving away a prize pack while at the same time mentioning their new “Alamo Deal Retriever” system that they say will make finding the best deal for an Alamo rental a very efficient process.

Alamo says that:

“The Alamo Deal Retriever” searches all valid Alamo deals and coupons on the web to find the best rates to meet customers’ needs and instantly offers customers the best deals that apply to their upcoming trips.

Alamo does really seem to be excited about this new approach, and they have re-launched their website as a result.  I did a couple of mock searches, and the prices that their website returned were less than the Ultimate Rewards portal that is generally regarded as having some of the best car rental rates.  I’m sure those that are used to digging around in forums for codes to apply to reservations will still do best going that route, but for those who want an easy place to search for Alamo rentals this may be worth checking out.

Alamo wants to hear opinions from anyone who has used the new Deal Retriever, and to incent some feedback (and celebrate their new tool) they are providing me a prize pack to give away to one of you that includes:

  • Two $50 Amex gift cards
  • Kindle 6”
  • Colby 7” Portable DVD Player
  • Hasbro Travel Connect 4
  • Hasbro Travel Battleship
  • Alamo Lynx Sport Back
  • Alamo 10oz Wake-Up Coffee Mug
  • Alamo Carabineer Sanitizer with Moisture

I was happy to mention this change at Alamo in case it is helpful for someone who is interested in an Alamo rental, and of course I was happy to pass along some goodies to one of you. If you have a traveling kid and don’t yet have a portable DVD player, it is worth its weight in gold!

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post that answers the question “What do you think of the new Alamo Deal Retriever?  and/or What are your thoughts about the new capabilities?”  The deadline to enter is Thursday February 7th at 11:59 PM Central.  Must be 18 years old, one entry per person, void where prohibited by law, no dogs allowed.


For those interested,, I was offered a prize pack myself, and told them put the $50 Amex card from my prize pack into yours (for a total of $100), and declined the rest of the goodies.  In other words, I am in no way compensated for this post.

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  1. I really like the new Alamo Deal Retriever. It is intuitive and simple to use. Having this new tool can be a real boost for Alamo as more people will be inclined to use a system that is easy to use. It is also aesthetically pleasing. I like it much better than enterprises old looking CRS.

  2. Its great that we can find the cheapest deals without having to spend hours. I spend so much time trying to find coupons that render the cheapest rates. nice to know this will be easy now

  3. The Alamo Deal Retriever is another potentially good tool to search for cheap car rentals – unfortunately for my time in Phoenix in March, the Chase UR portal gives me cheaper rates…but I’ll keep an eye on this option until I leave.

  4. Sounds promising, but it doesn’t really compare rates. I plugged in an upcoming trip, got a $15 off 3 day rental coupon, then got told I couldn’t use it. I’m sticking with CostcoTravel.

  5. I will have to check out Alamo’s new feature next time I’m looking for car rentals. Hertz, to the best of my knowledge, is one of the few rental car companies that does not impose young driver fees for renters under 25 years old. Such a lame fee in the first place.

  6. I love how easy this makes things! Now I don’t have to search around for the best deal, coupons, sign on through special websites, etc.

  7. Having one reliable to go site cuts down on the time involved in making trip arrangements. Hats off to ALAMO!

  8. I tried the Alamo Deal Retriever but all I was offered was a coupon. The Ultimate Rewards website is still #1 for me! I will use it though as a check before booking in the future.

  9. I checked their website for an upcoming Maui trip. It wasn’t cheaper than what I already have. It might be that Maui is always expensive!

  10. I did three searches through the Alamo Deal Retriever for upcoming car rental we have planned. It looks like my prices through Costco Travel are still better, but it does look like a nice tool to incorporate into how I look for car rental deals in the future.

  11. I tried for a rental next month, and got a price 15% higher than I could find easily. I’m sure that with more searching I can find non-Alamo deal that will save me even more money.

  12. I really like that the rental company itself is providing a tool for its customers to find and take advantage of all of its offered deals! This is great and extremely customer-friendly, as opposed as to what a lot of companies do and make us jump through hoops and hunt around the internet for deals that end up potentially not honored. Kudos!

  13. Looks like it could be added to my car rental searching tools. I even found a good rate for my vacation in Australia with a free driver.

  14. Sounds good in theory. It’s cool how it lists a bunch of available discounts, but I thought it would price them out for you. So, you could just look and pick the lowest price. Still, looks pretty decent and the layout is easy to read.

  15. The Alamo deal retriever looks like another great online tool to help me save money when deciding on rental cars. I’m definitely going to check it out for my next booking.

  16. Love the concept, but would prefer it show me the “insider” rates without my having to login. I’m willing to login to purchase the rental…but too many clicks to look for a reservation.

    I’m also concerned if the best deal will show up on Kayak / etc. My go to on a broad search.

  17. I think any tool offered that helps me find the best deals and lower prices is great. I certainly look forward to using it next time I book with Alamo.

  18. Love it, I spend forever trying to match up coupons and discount codes. I will price out some of my upcoming trips to see how it stacks up against my current reservations.

  19. I think the new approach has done exactly what it was supposed to: Get people like me to try Alamo again! It’s been a while since I’ve been a customer – let’s see if the Deal Retriever can change that. While I’m happy just to get a decent car, the budget dept loves a deal! 😉

  20. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but the deal retriever sounds great, can’t wait to try it next time I need a rental

  21. Great of Alamo to come up with this. It will save quite a few people from having to search and search for the best deals and it is easy to use. Personally, I prefer using Alamo these days as you get nice cars/suvs and in most cases we get to pick the car WE WANT which in return suits everyones needs. You also get way more friendly staff unlike with Dollar who seem to have a lack of a smile when there. I think Alamo will soon be the leader, if not already 🙂

  22. I think it looks like a good idea, but in practice I think there are other tools that are better for finding rental car deals, like UR portal, for example. That said, its an improvement nonetheless. Did I win the prize pack??????

  23. My only beef is that the rate it suggested was an “insider” rate, so I had to go find my sign-in and password to even see the rate. I think that would be a pain if I hadn’t signed up yet. Otherwise, it looks great. Thanks for the contest.

  24. Super convenient that it inserts the coupon code automatically and indicates why your rental might not be eligible once you click Book Now.

  25. Sounds like a great idea, but will their search be for daily rates or “all in” pricing? I actually do buy some products from auto rental companies (e.g., personal liability insurance for example because I do not own a car; pre-paid refill when their prices are cheaper than local gas stations, etc.) and would expect their searches to “adapt” to these preferences.

  26. The Alamo Deal Retriever is an interesting tool to search for cheap car rentals. Alamo usually has a good price and I use it often. With this tool, I hope we can get even better deals.

  27. I love it! Prices for an SAT minivan are still at $301-$650 with EVERY other website for rental within the next two weeks. I searched with the new “Alamo Deal Retriever” and am renting for $221…and Alamo let me use a coupon code I had, too! Just searched again before this post and no other car company, portal or website is offering me to save $100 or more. Thanks so much Alamo! We will use the savings to visit the Rodeo in SAT!

  28. It seems really awesome, and I’m going to check it out for a trip I have coming up in a few months!


  29. Highly skeptical. They have every incentive to make you think you’re getting the best deal, while also having no incentive to actually give you best deal (because a dollar saved to customer is a dollar lost to Alamo). So i’d bet this is more marketing gimmickry than revolutionary deal-finding functionality.

  30. The alamo deal retriever is very easy to use, and the information was very clear as to what the deals are. I really like the new system. Thank you Alamo!

  31. I tired it for our upcoming trip to England in 2 weeks. It didn’t find any better deal than what I had already booked with Alamo, but I did see it search for lots of coupons and discounts. I will try it again for our spring break trip.

  32. I am renting an Alamo car right now during a Florida trip and have used the newly designed website and deal retriever recently to check for any cheaper rates for my present car rental. I always book a car rental I can live with early on in my trip planning & then check for better rates as my trip approaches. I DID in fact find better rates thru Alamo’s new site & rebooked. One thing I noticed though was that I had trouble adding a coupon code to my reservation which could have brought the price down more. I don’t know if I had trouble with my coupon code because of a systems problem or because it was so close to my date of travel. Nonetheless I have been pleased with my recent Alamo rental rates! Thanks MP for the chance to participate in this alamo giveaway!

  33. If it really works, it would be great. Renting a car and finding h best rate is time – consuming, so getting to the REAL net-net quickly would actually be a bit of a break through.

  34. Sounds like it’d be good for those who wish to get a good deal with the minimal amount of effort (i.e. easier than searching for codes, discounts, etc).

  35. I like the attempt at transparency and simplifying the process. Hope the other guys follow suit; it’s a refreshing approach.

  36. It seems like it would have potential. Stacking coupons with the deal would also be great, but that seems to be meeting with mixed success as of now.

  37. I use Alamo 80 – 90% of the time. The Alamo Deal Retriever is a strong addition to my tools for finding a good rate. Thank you for sharing. I don’t have a UR card, yet. So, this helps, even with my current travel plans.

  38. It looks good and does seem to offer some decent rates…Lets hope this gets better and doesn’t stagnate.

    Fingers crossed.

  39. Its a great idea. I have spent countless number of hours booking with other rental companies only to get a code after wards and then rebooking it over and over again.

    AutoSlash will automatically look and rebook but having the ability to get all codes/coupons upfront is the way to go. I think Alamo has learnt from Dell who until now used to have so many coupons that it was impossible to tell what’s the best deal out there. Way togo

  40. It´s awesome. Sometimes, you just miss a discount because you forget to use the promo code or smth like that. With deal retriver you can rest assured. An improvement could b be to use ones frequent flyer or guest numbers in the profile to look for further discounts.

  41. I always use Alamo in Las Vegas, but find the Entertainment book has better coupons. But love the additional Insider’s discount!

  42. Good for Alamo – I just wish it worked with the other brands afilliated with them – National and Enterprise – as well!

  43. I like the idea. I wish they retained travel info when moving back and forth and In and out as it is a pain to resubmit. Especially on a smart device.

  44. Well, it’s ok. Wasn’t really crazy that I’d have to go pick out each deal to see what the final price was. But glad they are making an effort to put all deals in the same place!

  45. It sounds great – I’m definitely going to try this the next time I am shopping for a rental car – probably for our trip to Arizona this summer. Have a little one at home, so a portable DVD player would be great.

  46. Nice! The timing couldn’t have been better for my upcoming trip to CLT this weekend. On to Alamo’s Deal Retriever to see what it comes up with…

  47. I just tried to do a search for an upcoming rental I have and it didn’t really pull up anything useful. It’s last minute, though, so it might work better for further out dates. Definitely a good idea, might need a little work on the execution front.

  48. I like the new site. Any discount and coupon information is a plus to have, and to have it on the Alamo site makes me more likely to actually rent a car from Alamo.

  49. it sounds like a nice idea, but the problem for the customer is integrity. Does the site provide transparent information on deals and is the system Alamo uses even the best when sifting through all the deals. One thing that we tend to find with a lot of company sites is that they’re specifically not meant to be sophisticated or a great search engine. Unimpartial third party deal vendors offer much better search options b/c that is their selling point.

  50. Meh. The dates I needed a rental were more than double what I found on Ultimate Rewards portal. Nice try. Do like the new design though.

  51. Looks nice and works well on an iPad. It did not give any indication that it had scoured the internet and coupons looking for the best rate, though. It was ot clear where I would even enter rates such as AAA or my FF number. It is more of a “trust us” app, where I would like comparison information on exactly why this is so good. I did try it out for an upcoming booking at DTW. Thanks!

  52. Checked for 2 different rentals but the prices were higher than what I have booked. Not sure if this is much change from before.

  53. I like the deal retriever. I like the artwork even more. Good job all around. I feel the deal retriever should be part of the normal reservation process, in addition to being a separate tab/page. If the deals are presented on top, or on a page before going to the results page, the customer could always skip the step in booking their reservation if they feel like they know what they want. But a customer unused to clicking on the “deals” tab before booking a reservation might feel short changed for not being notified of the possible savings more forthrightly. Results for hotel search aggregation sites usually list the ‘deals’ as part of their baseline, with graphics to show a listing as the result of some discount. Alamo’s results should similarly present the discounts in the normal flow of booking a reservation. Seems simpler than annoying a customer or having to cancel and rebook, if the customer learns of the discount after booking.

  54. Good idea, but it did not work well for me. When I put in my desired rental location and dates it came up with deals that turned out to be invalid for my rental.

  55. The Alamo Deal Retriever is a great tool to search for cheap car rentals & the layout is easy to use! Thanks Mommy points and Alamo!

  56. The Alamo Deal Retriever is a great tool to search for cheap car rentals and the layout is easy to use! Thanks mommy points and Alamo!

  57. Awesome prize. Sounds like an interesting concept, but I think it’ll only work when it compares rates to competitors and is consistently cheaper. Without that, I’ll always be checking this price against others. Kind of like how I check Kayak but check Southwest separately since I know Kayak doesn’t incorporate Southwest into their website.

  58. I like the new Alamo Deal Retriever because it is intuitive and very easy to use. I do think it would help to use your frequent flyer or guest numbers in the profile to look for further discounts.

  59. It seems to work good. It did list a number of deals for me in my area. I would use it, when planning a trip or in need of a car or deal, when the time comes.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  60. I just tried the Alamo Deal Retriever and my week in Maui in March was cheaper using Chase UR portal. However, this is an option that I will continue to look at in case there are cheaper rates. Thanks!

  61. I like the new Alamo Deal Retriever – it’s so easy to navigate through

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  62. Neat tool and concept though I found a better deal using free day coupon through entertainment book which it did not pull up, likely as it requires purchase of the book to use it?

  63. It makes searching for car rental deals much easier. The User Interface is pretty good, can’t complain about this. I’ll definitely try it for my next trip in DC.

  64. I tried the deal retriever using an upcoming trip I have as an example, and signed into my insider account. I like that an automatic upgrade and 10% in savings automatically came up. The deal retriever was easy to use, and I like that the savings could be put towards the rest of our trip.

  65. Thanks Alamo (and Mommy Points)! Anything that streamlines the time-consuming process of finding the best rental car deal is a welcome addition for me!

  66. Seems OK. I tested it out and seemed like it worked to some degree for the date and location I was looking at. Not overally great but not bad.
    Oh and the portable DVD is nice with kids but the trend is to move them a table. Much easier to haul around with you.

  67. Alamo deal retriever is a good place to start. I found a lower rate for an upcoming trip elsewere but will use it as an option in the future.

  68. I think it is an interesting idea. However, I tried it for a trip I am taking to Vegas in March and have found cheaper rates elsewhere. I have always had a great experience when renting from Alamo, but I can’t justify $100 more for a rental.

  69. I think it’s a great new tool. Can’t wait to use it on a real trip. Its capabilities are amzaing considering the time it will save me.

  70. All find and dandy for a website, but National is still cheaper for me. 3 day weekend renting from DC Union Station: Alamo Impala for $140.78 — National Impala for $93.19

    Please enter me in ur contest. thanks!

  71. I like the new Alamo Deal Retriever. It is simple to use.

    People like to use a system with simple and intuitive interface.

  72. Anything that can help me save money when renting cars in wonderful. I’m going to look for cheap rental in Florida in March.

  73. It’s a cool addition to their website. I like the interface and the few random searches I made, returned decent deals. I like it!

  74. Alamo is the rental company that we always use anytime we need to rent a car. I have had the best experience using coupons from the entertainment book/ website. I have an upcoming rental, in about 2 weeks. I checked the Alamo site with the Alamo Deal retriever and got a much higher price. I will definitely check it again when I book.

  75. The Alamo Deal Finder had better deals then the Chase portal. However, Alamo did not have the best deal among car companies for my upcoming trip, so I went with another company which was much cheaper. With the Alamo Deal Finder I had to click though each deal to see how much I could save with each one. I wish that infomation was at the top level and didn’t require extra clicks.

  76. Its really easy to use; I like that its very similar to other travel booking sites, so I don’t have to learn a new interface.

  77. I checked prices on a trip I have already reserved with Alamo. The price through Costco was better, but I will try it again in the future. It would be a real time saver.

  78. This sounds like a great new tool to use when looking for the best rental car rates. Looking forward to checking it out for an upcoming trip.

  79. We love the idea of a deal retriever almost as much as love the idea of HyattPR dept sending somebody to our room to change channels for us 🙂

    Typically, I’m locked into corp contracts when renting cars, and I’m also able to use those rates for personal rentals. I usually do a cursory search for personal rentals, and anything that makes the search easier is a good thing.


  80. I love the idea, but will have to play with it a few times to see if it really finds me the best rates. Until it has proven itself, I would have a really hard time trusting a company to tell me that they are always giving me the best deal and I would probably do my own search for coupons anyway.

  81. The tool sounds great. I cannot tell you how sick and tired I am of going to retailmenot for every car company just to try to figure out what coupons to use.

  82. Its great that we can find the best deals without having to spend hours looking for coupon codes. I found the Deal Retriever to be easy to use on my tablet.

  83. I like the new interface, especially how it centralizes the current sales/promotions in one spot. I also like the easy access to sections of the rental policies while making a reservation.

  84. I like the idea because it will save money and shorten my searches for reasonable rates. More trips and less money, what is there not to like.

  85. Another tool to compare rates with. Wish Alamo offered elite status like Avis, National and Hertz.

    Btw, you have so many comments compared to a year ago when I won the Megado pack!

  86. The Deal Retriever is for their cities in which they only need to get more rentals. If one is interested in flying to LAX for instance, one will never see a “Deal Retriever” for LAX… only for LGB (Long Beach). So for me, the Deal Retriever is only for the markets that are not making the revenue that they want to make.

  87. This sounds very promising. Finding a great rate is time consuming, so anything to assist getting the best deal quickly would be much appreciated.

  88. Tried the Alamo Deal Retriever for 2 days in Honolulu renting a mini-van. The price quoted on my normal car rental of choice (enterprise)was 129.99/day. Alamo deal retriever was 134.99/day. Can you do a little better?;)

  89. I still prefer to book cars through European sites – they are cheaper, CDW is always included and compare several rental agencies…

  90. The Alamo Deal Retriever…Easy, Adorable and Financially Rewarding! Renting a minivan in SAT and the price keeps decreasing everyday with the retriever, while all other rental sites are $100 or more and increasing. Plus, the Deal Retriever took my Entertainment coupon and my Alamo Insider’s account gave me the “pay now” rate without paying now. I stopped using Alamo for a few years, due to their non-competitive prices but we are back and booked. Would love to keep our family busy with that dvd player while we travel, too! Thanks Alamo and Mommy Points!

  91. I love the fact that the interface is simple to use. Not ideal for me, but I know a lot of friends who would love to get something simple to find deals.

  92. It is nice being able to go to the website of the car company to search for these coupons, rather than having to go to other websites to do the search.

  93. I was confused about specifically which of the searches went through their Deal Retriever. Seems like there are lots of different pages that allow you to search, no clear indication if they are Deal Retriever based and no direct (clickable) link to get to the Deal Retriever search.

  94. While I appreciate the concept behind the site, I still wouldn’t trust the results as being the absolute best deal available. Still, I hope other agencies follow Alamo’s lead.

  95. Neat concept … played around a bit and found great prices … Don’t have travel plans for right now but will definitely check it out when I need a car rental.

  96. Coincidentally, I booked an Alamo rental through Costco Travel this morning for a March trip to San Francisco. Costco still averaged about $40/day (ai), while this new Alamo feature quoted me $90. Doesn’t look like the best deal out there to me!

  97. This sounds great! I can’t wait to give it a try. I usually spend hours looking for codes and coupons for our vacations. If it can save me time and money I’m all for it!! Thanks!

  98. I have an upcoming rental and try to use it. I didn’t find this tool to be more spectacular vs. what you could find just by plugging in usual terms. Same $60 per day for a compact. Perhaps, it is a function of lack of promos in that particular market (SNA).

  99. I use Alamo often! Checked out the website & the new tool is very handy. Anything that will save me time AND money is a winner!

  100. I think the deal retriever is a good way to get down to the basics of what the cheapest rate I can get on a rental. Looking forward to using it in the future!

  101. I think they named it right. It strikes a homely cord with the “retriever”. But I couldn’t find “Galveston” in there which is a shame because too many tourists love to find deals to go there when they are in Texas. So that’s something they can work on.

  102. Deal Retriever is easy to use and a great start to a car rental search as you see opportunities to save prior to making a reservation. Seems like a very good tool.

  103. Cleaner interface and user friendly. However, I expected the site to sort out the discounts and give me the best price. The prices I searched (Orlando and Maui) were good but not the best. I’ll use it again for searches.

  104. Wow thanks for the generous giveaway! I think this will be a great service because it will simplify the process of trying to find the best deal.

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  105. I like the idea that they look for the coupons/codes for you. I’m skeptical enough that I would most likely do my own search anyway. With that being said, I like it when any company takes the intiative to save their clients money. Well done, Alamo. It puts you at the top of the rental car list in my books.

  106. I believe this will better assist people and for those who are tech savvy it’ll be easier to find a deal than before.

  107. I like the concept of the new “Alamo Deal Retriever”. It will speed up my search for the best deal. I won’t have to search all over the web to find the available discounts.

  108. I love the idea. We always seem to be in a rush to make plans and we frequently use rentals because are vehicle scares us to make long drives in. I will use the Alamo service first the next time. You like to think you are getting the best price possible so I think this will make it more pleasant experience. Ps- I think you are giving a service for doing your reviews and should be compensated in some way. But thank you it is nice of you to put the gift card in with the winners.

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