Review: Park Hyatt Beaver Creek (Part 1)

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On our recent ski trip to the Beaver Creek area, we spent our first few nights at the Westin Beaver Creek Resort and Spa (that you can read about here and here). Knowing that this would be the first time our daughter was to attend ski school, we planned to spend a little bit of our trip at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek since it is located literally snowball throwing distance to the ski school. There is no way the hotel could have a better location on a ski mountain than this one does. Plus, it is a Park Hyatt, and those are always a treat to visit.


The Lobby and Check-in:

A day or two before we were scheduled to check-in I learned that my mom was going to be flying up to help us with Little C (since she was very sick at the time), so I contacted the Park Hyatt to either upgrade to a suite or add another room to our reservation. This hotel has very few actual suites, and the ones it does have are pretty pricey and can’t be obtained with a confirmed Diamond upgrade or anything like that. So, a suite was cost prohibitive thus we opted for a second room. The hotel was very nice and helpful in trying to assist us in getting a second room in as affordable a manner as possible. In the end we opted to use the AAA rate for the least expensive room type available, and at check-in they were able to upgrade both rooms to mountain view connecting rooms.

The check-in experience was very efficient and the front desk staff really were exceptional. They remembered our names and well very helpful with all our requests. We were proactively told about the Diamond breakfast benefits (which were really duplicated with our AAA breakfast rate), and were offered either 1,000 points or the food and beverage amenity. I have learned at expensive resorts that it can actually make sense to take the food and beverage amenity since snacks and drinks can be so pricey. So, I selected snacks for both rooms. One got a half bottle of wine and some chips/salsa, and the other got water and cookies with milk. I think my mom actually made a dinner out of the wine and chips, and my kiddo loved her milk and cookies snack (though the cookie was too hard for my taste).

The lobby itself doesn’t feel quite as large and active as the one at the Westin, but it was still quite nice. It has more of a ski lodge feel, and it literally overlooks the ski slopes.


The Room:

Before I get into the details of the room, I want to point out that this hotel is very different than the other Park Hyatts I have stayed in. Those were all very modern, sleek, and elegant. This hotel has a very different style. It is homier (is that a word?), carries the ski lodge feel throughout, and its main attraction is it’s five star location, not exceptionally modern décor. So, when you see the pictures you might think “that is a Park Hyatt?!”. It feels nicer than it looks it pictures, but it does look different than many other Park Hyatt Hotels.

The bedroom was a pretty standard size – it had enough room for the two of us, but would have eventually felt a little cramped if C were in the room with us instead of with grandma in the connecting room.





The bed was certainly warm and comfortable.

However, you do hear the snow cats on the mountain working much of the night. In case you don’t know what that sounds like, it sounds a lot like beep – beep – beep. It wasn’t terribly loud most of the time, but it certainly was loud enough to hear in the slopeside room from time to time.


If this would bother you, I don’t recommend a slopeside room. My kiddo thought it was great though and I’ll tolerate some beeping for the amazing view we had.


The restroom was unremarkable for the most part, but the robes and towels were super soft and fluffy. Way more so than most hotels, so thumbs up for that!



Diamond Benefits and Breakfast:

What this hotel may be missing in modern décor it totally makes up for with it’s awesome Diamond breakfast benefit. I was told at check-in that as a Diamond member you can either have your breakfast in the restaurant or via room service. Hello room service. 😉 I asked if there was a maximum dollar limit and I was told that there was no set limit – just breakfast for all registered guests in the rooms.

My husband and I had coffee, waffles, and fruit.

20130205-104330.jpgAgain, the awesome background mountain view came into play with making our breakfast so enjoyable!

My kiddo had pancakes with fruit, and my mom went for hot chocolate and the eggs benedict.



This hotel really gets the little things right. She not only got a delicious pot of hot chocolate, but she got a side of marshmellows to go with it. We not only got scrumptious hot waffles, we got Park Hyatt branded maple syrup as well. With the taxes and gratuity I think our breakfast came to around $80-$90 and my mom’s room came to around $60. Don’t think I would want to pay for that out of pocket, but I was thrilled to get it as an elite perk.


Just as an FYI, when it came time to check out there was a small remainder for breakfast left on both rooms. I couldn’t determine any explanation for what the amounts left represented (they were different than the gratuity amounts), but they were both promptly removed when I pointed it out at check-out.

Location, location, location:

Not only is this hotel literally right next door to ski school and the main chair lifts, but it is also located right across from the ice skating rink and many shops and restaurants in the village. You have so many “after skiing” activities that are right there waiting for you with no driving or buses required. Easy access to activities when traveling as a family is almost priceless (or in this case 22,000 points per night).

You Can Do it Too:

Since this hotel can be pretty pricey during the peak ski season ($400 – $500 and up some nights), it can be a great hotel to use points or free nights.  It is a top tier Category 6 Hyatt that requires 22,000 points per night.  If you are short on Hyatt points you can transfer them in from Chase Ultimate Rewards 1:1 using cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card or Ink Plus Business Card.  This is also a hotel that would be worth using your two free nights that come with the Hyatt Credit Card (make a reservation on and you may get an offer for a $100 statement credit on top of the two free nights).

Overall Impression:

It is different than other Park Hyatt Hotels, but I still really liked it.  The hotel felt comfortable and “down to earth” – like the kind of place where you feel okay just putting your feet up.  The location is absolutely top notch, especially if you have little ones that you need to get to ski school.  I can’t imagine myself opting to stay anywhere else in Beaver Creek while my child is still pretty young, as it was just so easy to stay here.  The hotel also has a rocking Diamond breakfast benefit and many other fun activities like ice skating and tubing within walking distance, so it certainly gets two thumbs up as a family friendly ski hotel in my book!

In Part 2 of this review I will cover the amazing spa (their water rituals are outstanding), the ski valet, and other amenities available at the hotel.


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  1. Nice review… all the other reviews I see are consistent in saying it’s not really Park Hyatt standards (more Grand Hyatt) but the location clearly is awesome. And the Diamond treatment looks excellent. How was the skiing? the one thing that puts me off beaver creek is it looks a bit small to spend a week skiing there

  2. Glad you had an awesome time at Beaver Creek. As you point out, ski vacations can be a tricky thing because everyone has their own criteria as to what is most important. I used to love Beaver Creek, but I just don’t think the snow coverage has been that great in the past several years. the Westin has very nice lobby and rooms but I always take bus because I want to be skiing after one lift and I don’t really care for the resort fee and parking fee. The Hyatt may have great location but the rooms are not impressive and the lobby is pretty underwhelming. If you want great Hyatt, you should consider the Hyatt Escala in Park City. currently sitting in a one bedroom suite slope side (The Canyons) with full kitchen, granite counters, Hugh fridge, two bathrooms- each with their own showers, two balconies, two fireplaces on a diamond suite upgrade. This is the best ski room that I’ve stayed in ever, but the location may not be for everyone. but you do have ski resort options- Deer Valley, Park City, and The Canyons. Flying into Salt Lake was non-stop and the drive to hotel was about 25 minutes. I think that overall, skiing in Utah is cheaper. Oh, this Hyatt only has a resort fee, no additional parking charge, and the ski valet is part of the resort fee so no additional tipping is needed.

  3. I’m going there April 6th. The rate drops to $150/nt then. Hopefully there will be snow. I wish there was a work around to the $40/day valet parking. Ouch!

  4. I’ve heard mixed things about this Park Hatt. Megan’s volleyball team used to stay here when traveling for games. Sooo… Not entirely surprising that the pictures don’t live up to the image of a typical Park Hyatt.

  5. MilesAbound, it is def different than other Park Hyatts in terms of the hard product. However, the service and location are absolutely 5 star (as is the spa). 😉 If you are skiing for a full week, I would probably head to Vail some, but this was a great resort for a few days (or longer if you have a small kid).
    Apple, I hope to visit the Hyatt Escala in Park City next ski season as I hear great things and it is a solid redemption value. Beaver Creek has had bad luck with snow in recent years, but we haven’t been skiing enough recently for that to bother us too much. Enjoy your current trip!
    msrpres, yeah the valet charge is steep for sure. The rate does drop a ton when it is not ski season. I would opt for a cash reservation during off-peak times at the resort for sure.
    Scottrick, if you are hear for the awesome location for skiing it is great. If you are here hoping for a typical Park Hyatt environment, you may not be overly impressed. All depends on what your priorities and expectations are. Locations and service are top notch.

  6. @Mommypoints &@Apple – Actually I just got back from a week in Park City, we stayed at the Waldorf rather than Escala but was similarly excellent. Had the same kind of suite with huge full kitchen etc. Canyons was an ok resort. Possibly a great resort once you get used to the layout – our first day felt like we spend most of it on a lift or pushing our way through flat trails to get around the mountain. But as Apple points out you can get to Park City and Deer Valley too, in fact WA runs a free shuttle between all the resorts. Given accessibility of SLC it is pretty hard to beat. There are actually a LOT of points options in the area so I plan on doing a destination guide/write up on that.

    I’d love to try Vail itself, the only mountain in the USA that even compares to my beloved Whistler. Will need to rack up some Marriott points for that

  7. @miles abound- I didn’t want to give away the secret, but Whistler is the best. I was just there early January and no complaints about a 75 inch base. The scenery is breathtaking.

  8. Are there mini-fridges in the rooms? I don’t have Diamond benefits unfortunately, so would like to buy some groceries at Walmart to eat for breakfast in the morning. The waffles look good but too expensive to pay for.

    I used my free 2 nights and another 44k Sapphire points for a 4 nights stay over Easter when the room prices were sky high.

  9. Did you get any discounts on lift tickets? I’ve sean Vail window prices at $129 lately and there’s no way we could afford that. We do have passes to Copper Mountain but I’d love to try some swanky Beaver Creek hotels.

  10. @Apple – completely agree. Fortunately it is so far to get to that the secret is safe… most folks just won’t travel that far. I’m really not sure there is anything in the whole world of travel that beats standing at the top of Seventh Heaven on a clear day looking at Whistler and the vista beyond. And you can even combine with a trip there in Cathay Pacific First Class!

  11. hi, what’s the best way to get to the PH? (driving in the snow for 2 hrs from Denver doesn’t seem appealing, and my award tkt doesn’t get to Eagle County Airport…long story!) And what’re the charges for renting and using the ski facilities and equipment like? Thanks!

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