Olympics 2014: Ticket Sales Starting (First Come, First Served)

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If you have read this blog for a while you know that I love the Olympics.  I have been lucky enough to attend the Summer Games twice – Atlanta in 1996 and London in 2012, but have now set my sights on attending the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.  We are now just a year away from the Opening Ceremony, so it is time to shift from a theoretical trip to a real one.  The first big step for me is securing tickets to the events.

As I wrote about back in December, if you filled out your “Expression of Interest” then you potentially had “first dibs” on your event tickets of choice.  Today we found out what tickets we have the right to purchase early (I got ladies halfpipe and men’s speedskating so far).  You have until Sunday February 10, 2013 at 8:00AM Eastern to purchase the tickets via the EOI results, so log into your CoSport account if you participated in the EOI to see your results and make any purchases.

If you didn’t get what you wanted so far, or you didn’t participate in the EOI at all then the public sale for Olympic tickets begins on Monday February 11th at 12PM Eastern.  This is a “first come, first served” situation, so be online and ready when the sale starts.  I didn’t purchase my tickets to the 2012 Summer Olympics until right before the event started, but it is better to go ahead and try to plan now.

I’m finding that ticket prices do seem much more palatable than some of the ones for the London 2012 Games.  Of course, it varies greatly based on the event selected, but many tickets are at or below $100 each – with many in the $20 – $40 range for less popular events.  Naturally things like the Opening Ceremony, ice skating, and some other very popular events can get more expensive, but I didn’t have a heart attack when looking at the prices, given that these are the Olympics.

I’ve never been to Russia, and think that going to the Olympics will not only be great because it is the Olympics, but it will be a good excuse to visit places on the way such as Istanbul and/or Russian cities like Moscow.  I plan to hopefully make an award reservation and also watch revenue flights as some specials popped up as we got closer to the 2012 Olympic Games.  I posted about the hotel situation here and don’t have too many new updates to add yet.

I also have to add that the 2014 Games may be interesting.  This week (one year from the events) Sochi was 50-60 degrees and raining.  Naturally it is a bit colder up on the mountains, but it was not at all the type of weather they hope for next year.  Russia in the winter sounds very cold, but Sochi is about as warm as it gets for Russia, so this could be interesting.  So, pack a sense of humor…just in case.  I promise to post more about my planning process as we start to get into the window where we can book award tickets 11 months out.

Anyone else heading to Sochi next year?

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  1. My sister found she spent quite a bit of money without seeing several Olympic events in Vancouver 2010 when events were cancelled due to lack of snow. Hotel rooms prepaid and no opportunity to see rescheduled events days later with no affordable hotel rooms at last minute or vacation days to extend stay.

  2. Ric, always a risk with Winter Olympics I guess – certainly a bummer though! I guess the best defense is to try and get a mix of indoor and outdoor events so you won’t totally miss out no matter what. The snow situation will be interesting though….
    Roaddoggin, you go to the same place (CoSport.com for those in the US). As was mentioned in the post, the public sale starts on Monday at Noon Eastern for everyone. Good luck if you decide to try and purchase some!

  3. I read russian newspapers yesterday and learned that Olympics in Sochi will be the most expensive among all Olympics (which was expected). They announced the prices and the average prices for any event will be ~$230.

  4. The big World Cup – the Freestyle slopestyle event my kiddo should be participating in next week, an official Olympic qualifier and test case for Sochi – has officially been cancelled. No snow, only rain.

    Expensive flights, accommodations etc. I had to cancel everything.

    What a bummer!

  5. Be careful if you take your daughter to figure skating. You could be bringing home an extremely expensive hobby!
    My family is leaving it last minute to see how award availability shapes up (no off-peak US now!). With no NHL guaranteed I’m not going to commit. The area isn’t too interesting. Now PyeongChang looks like fun!

  6. @ Tim:
    That’s exactly what our hopes are for – NOT Sochi.
    The area looks desolate – the rebels in Chechnya are on the other side of the mountains and surrounding villages of the biggest construction site in the world don’t even have indoor plumbing – to name just a few small issues.
    Wish we had been ready at the time for Vancouver, right in our back yard a stone’s throw away, but Freestyle skiing is the newest discipline, it’s been only a few months since admittance to the W-Olympics.

  7. Sergey, I certainly didn’t crunch all the numbers and compare to previous Olympics myself, but I can say that the prices to the events I looked at and was interested in weren’t as bad as London 2012. Many events I liked were around $100 each as opposed to in London where the events I liked (which are more or less the generally popular ones) were several hundred. I’m sure it varies based on what you are into though.
    Nomad, that is such a bummer!!
    Tim, I’ve taken my daughter ice skating many times already – ha ha. She probably won’t make this trip, but I absolutely want to bring her to Rio in 2016!
    Nomad, it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out for sure.

  8. What are the fees/shipping like? Those prices on CoSports website are downright cheap compared to Vancouver/London. There was a 70%+ markup on face value before.

  9. Awesome!!! I hope you’ll get the tickets you want to get on Monday! When I went to Vancouver in 2010, I learned NEVER to buy scalped tickets for the mountain events. In the case of cancellation or postponement due to lack of snow, they’ll only reimburse or change the tickets of the original owner of the tickets (meaning if you bought scalped tickets, you’re out of luck.) The indoor events (skating/curling) will always go as scheduled so those are the more ‘dependable’ events to buy.
    From my EOI I got both men’s and women’s ice hockey, ladies free skate, and 4-man bobsledding (cool runnings!!!!) and I’m happy w/them. On Monday, I’ll try to get curling since the prices are quite affordable.

  10. I’m a frequent Olympic goer, too, but I’m frankly a little sour on attending these days. It’s mostly the ticket prices, and the hassle involved in getting them.

    My last Olympics were in Bejing, which was both good and bad. Good because everything was affordable — especially the event tickets. Bad, because the Chinese put on a very boring Olympics.

    My best Olympics was probably my first: the Albertville winter games in France. I am certain that Sochi will be no Albertville.

    Given that Russia is a hassle to visit in the best of times, I’m going to imagine that it’s going to be a really big hassle for the Olympics. How are you actually getting there, and do they have lodging for non-VIP guests? Usually, the secret to affordable Olympic hotels is a game of chicken (wait until the last minute for the best prices), but I think that could be hard in Sochi.

  11. I’m going. I managed to get only Pairs Short and Pairs Free Skating from my EOI, though; I’ll be online, ready to go before noon on Monday! I was also offered an opening ceremonies ticket, but at $1200 for Category B, I decided to pass on that and instead will try to get more figure skating tickets.

    I’m in CLE, and am having a hard time finding possible reward tickets to AER (in anticipation of when they are loaded next month). I have tons of United miles, US Airways miles, and Aeroplan miles, but it seems as though Turkish airlines releases very few seats from IST-AER, and when they do, they’re only for a select few days, and often only in business. Any suggestions?

    I also have 100,000 AMEX, so I could transfer to Delta if need be, but I seriously doubt that Delta will have good availability. And I guess that I’d need to call in to try to get all the way to AER since their online booking system seems to not be the best.

    Thanks to anyone who can offer advice in helping me get a ticket on points. I’m fine with going in coach or business — doesn’t matter to me.

    Love your site, Mommy Points!

  12. I was offered the following after EOI but I’ve decided to pass on all of them. If anyone is interested let me know ASAP and maybe I can purchase them on your behalf (I’d have to investigate legalities and logistics). I was in London this summer and went to a lot of events but as an American abroad who decided to go at the last minute I’m sympathetic to those wanted to buy tickets without going broke. 🙂

    Sorry for the ugly formatting but I just copied and pasted from my account.

    Sport Session Date Time Code Requested Confirmed Price

    Luge Men’s Singles Feb 08 18:30-22:00 OLG01B 2 2 $60.00

    Curling Women’s Tournament – Round Robin Feb 10 14:00-17:00 OCU02B 2 2 $86.00

    Luge Women’s Singles Feb 11 18:30-21:30 OLG04B 2 2 $86.00

    Curling Men’s Tournament – Semifinals Feb 19 19:00-22:00 OCU29B 2 2 $130.00

    Bobsleigh Four-Man Runs 1 and 2 Feb 22 20:00-22:30 OBS05B 2 2 $86.00

  13. Did you get the tickets you wanted? I wanted to get 2 curling tix but when I was about to checkout, I had someone else’s cart!!! Unbelievable! My total was going to be $130 only to see Tim’s at $5,716! I understand traffic must be crazy right now but a big flaw in Cosport’s security…

  14. We just successfully purchased lesser demand tickets for snowboarding, luge and skeleton events. Four events, two people, $550. Now for the fun of obtaining accommodations and transport. 🙂

  15. I’ve been to the last 3 Winter Olympics. Skip the skiing and bobsled type events…you don’t see anything. You’re better off watching in the hotel room. Cross country skiing is one of the BEST tickets. You can actually see most of the course and the fans are a blast! People think I’m crazy but it really is one of the best times you’ll have. Curling is also fun.

  16. Looks like plenty of options available. Only the following really popular events are already completely sold out:

    Figure Skating
    Opening Ceremony
    Short Track Speed Skating

    With some others like Ice Hockey finals sold out too. Was thinking of closing ceremony but only category A are still available and they’re budget breakers.

  17. Thanks Deborah! In Vancouver, I saw figure skating, ice hockey, and short track speed skating. I’ve never spectated in bobsledding before but have always wanted to see it in person after watching Cool Runnings when I was a kid.
    I specifically wanted to see the 50km cross-country skiing event since it’s the equivalent of the marathon in the summer olympics. I can’t wait!!!
    Of the events I saw in Vancouver, short track was SO EXCITING! Ice hockey was amazing too.

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