The “New Double Browser Trick” (AAdvantage + US Airways Cards)

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Two things have developed in recent days/weeks that have led to a new “two browser trick”.  The first is related to the demise/serious slow down on the old two browser trick with the Citi AAdvantage cards (where you could apply for two of the cards on the same day and get approved for both for double the miles), and the second is related to the word on the street that an American Airlines and US Airways merger will formally be announced in the next few days.

I’ll leave speculation about all the nitty gritty of what a new combined American Airlines/US Airways will look like to others (The Points Guy have has a recent post on this topic), but I want to focus on making sure you earn as many miles as possible before that happens.  The quickest way to do that is by making sure you get both a Citi AAdvantage card and a US Airways MasterCard while they are still separate products (okay it isn’t really “new double browser trick”, it is more of a double bank/airline pre-merger maximization tip).

Assuming the merger comes to pass, we don’t know when the cards will stopped being issued as separate products, but we know for sure it is just a matter of time.  If you use AirTran and Southwest as an example, it didn’t take all that long for the AirTran card to stop being issued by Barclays (which is who issues the US Airways card currently) and switch to being issued by Chase (whom issues the Southwest card).  Both cards are still issued individually, but I’m sure that will stop at some point.  With Continental and United, both were already with Chase, but up until a certain point in the merger process you could still apply for both cards separately.  Then, they introduced the new MileagePlus Explorer card and eventually (and without warning) stopped issuing the older cards.  However, the new card was a new product….which is a good thing since no one has had it before.

The consensus is that the card for a combined American-US Airways would be issued by Citi.  Who knows if it would be introduced as a new product or not (fingers crossed), but almost certainly the US Airways Barclays cards would cease to exist.  So, what does all of this mumbo jumbo mean for you?  In a nutshell it means that it makes sense to get both the Citibank AA cards and the Barclays US Airways cards as soon as you can (or again as soon as you can, as the case may be).  Remember that in both cases there is both a business and personal card available.  Even if the merger doesn’t happen for some reason, you haven’t really lost anything since these are both extremely solid card offers.   If you aren’t familiar with these, products, here are the best offers I am aware of (if you are curious, none of these are my affiliate offers):

Citi AAdvantage Business or Personal Cards: 50,000 miles after spending $3,000 in four months + $150 statement credit with first eligible AA purchase + two AAdmiral’s Club Passes (note that the offer for these cards is listed as having expired a year ago, but this FT thread still reports many many success stories)

US Airways Chairman’s Club MasterCard Offer: 40,000 miles after first purchase + 10,000 bonus miles on the anniversary.  Technically this card is marketed as only for top tier elites on US Airways, but many non-elites have great success with the offer.  You can read more about the different US Airways offers in this post.

US Airways BusinessCard Offer: 25,000 miles after first purchase ($79 annual fee not waived)

While this is not an immediate “stop the presses” thing you must do today, I know I will likely be adding AAdvantage and US Airways cards to my next series of applications – and as an added bonus neither are issued by Chase or Amex, so you can still throw in a card from one or both of those issuers if you feel up to it.

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  1. I believe you can still apply for a Citi Personal and a Citi Business at the same time.
    If the offers are a still around, I’m thinking of doing a Citi Personal + Citi Biz on + USAir on my next churn.

  2. IPBrian, ha ha. Glad you like it.
    Todd, well the title does say US Airways Card + AAdvantage card, so not intended to be misleading. Sorry it was for you though!
    Travel Bug, you and me both. 😉

  3. texquill, yep it has worked just fine. 😉
    Travel Summary, because it isn’t in the old sense of the word…but it kind of is a new version given the likely merger. It was just a fun title that used “” and had spelled out it was the AAdvantage + US Airways card listed. I thought it was a fun title that made sense for the content, but perhaps it was too early for that type of humor/play on words. Jiminy Christmas………….

  4. Title is fine. Haters gotta hate.

    A fine reminder. Don’t think I’m going to push my next churn early though, so still planning to go in March. Hopefully I won’t miss out. I can’t do a Citi AA for a while, so I could always do Citi US Air if I had to. Rather do Citi Hilton + Barclay’s US Air first of course, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    If the US Air card did move to Citi, does Citi’s new smarts mean I couldn’t do a Citi US Air AND a Citi Hilton two browser trick? I’m assuming it does. Yes understand that a personal and business card can still be done at the same time.

  5. Does Citi and Barclays treat business apps the same way Chase does? Separately from personal credit report? If so, I will apply for the business apps on my next AOR

    Also, how long do I have to wait if I use to have a Personal Citi AAdvantage card that I closed in Dec 2011? Is it even possible to get the bonus again?

    IMHO, the title got me to read, that’s the point, right? It’s your blog, you can title it anyway you want it. Rather clever if you ask me. All the people complaining about being had with the title, need to direct their anger somewhere else or another blog. Relax. Slow your role.

  6. Thanks for the post. All good points I’d say. I wasn’t thinking about the us air business card so I think I may go after that.

  7. I am trying to use the application above for the US Air card but can’t get the app to advance after I click the Apply button. Any body have this happen to them?

  8. -There are recent reports of successfully getting the AA Biz and personal at the same time on the linked FT thread.
    -Business credit cards in general should not appear on your personal credit report (unless they are in default or similar)
    -AA personal cards have historically been at least 18 months between applications (not closures), so if you are over that it can be worth a shot.

  9. Title is very misleading. You are wasting other people’s time trying to trick them. I am very disappointed. You are not attracting readers this way. You are actually discouraging your reader from reading your blog in the future.

    • Peter, clearly you must be right that it was misleading to some. Since the title included AAdvantage + US Airways card is seemed clear to me what the content would be about – it was simply a fun play on words. Blog titles are often just that on this blog and others (and articles for that matter). Truly doesn’t at all seem like a big deal to me in the slightest, but apologies to anyone who’s 10 seconds this blog post wasted. Have a good weekend!

  10. I don’t have a problem with the title. It’s in quotes…so you know something’s up! Keep up the good work mommypoints.

  11. Emotions are apparently still too raw to handle a play on words relating to the terminal double browser trick. 🙂
    And btw, I am way to sensitive to ever have my own blog. Tiniest slip-up and look out!

  12. Wow, people are sensitive about this blog post title! Who knew?

    Mommypoints, obviously you should have known, but since you’re just an amuetuer, I guess you should get a free pass.

  13. Ouch guys chill out. If you know what the intent of the 2 browser method is then you would know thats not even possible. I got as far as the title and knew what she was talking about.

    Dont worry mp, I’m pretty sure the ones calling foul have no clue about how the method works or they are salty because citi closed that loop.

  14. Lynny, they are frustrated because the title was’s as simple as that. Nobody said the entire blog was a waste of time…

    I bet in Kindergartener if someone took your toy you would tell them you won’t be their friend anymore…lol

  15. The “angry’s” are out in force MP! (I would have just dumped these type of comments on my blog) I thought you title was cute and the post was VERY helpful. Keep up the great work you do – Rene

  16. Mommy points, thank you for the post. You made me realize that I could obtain more US Airway points assuming the merger goes through. Thank you

  17. More and more there seems to be an uneasy tension between the bloggers and their audiences.

    Over the last months, there seems to be increased anger directed towards bloggers. Check out the comments on any number of travel blogs, and you’ll see an increasingly pointed comments. Some are aimed at the motives of the bloggers in profiting through referral links, others are directed at the bloggers roles in killing the deals.

    Sort of an interesting dynamic…

    • Mark, yeah that does exist. The percentage is small, but vocal. Some blogs choose to censor those types of comments. I choose to let them through…..though I think there are pluses and minuses to both. I guess truthfully you can go to almost any internet article, forum, etc. and see the same type of positive and negative comments. I’m all for constructive criticism, but it doesn’t all fall into that category. Either way, hope the actual content of this post was hopeful to some as it is an issue on many folks minds these days!

  18. Mommy Points please don’t let the haters and their hateful remarks get to you in any way. I knew from the tittle what the article would be about. Mommy Points never forget you are loved.

  19. Mommy Points – Although the title could have been slightly misleading I think it is fine, dont worry! Good post and thanks for reminding me that now is the time to get the US Airways card before its too late!

  20. MP, keep up the good work! Someone who is angry with the title to a blog article is not worth responding to for one of a variety of reasons: just plain miserable, an outrageous sense of self righteousness or self importance, jealousy of your successful blog, etc. Haters, get a life, wait for it……time for the next angry internet hero to post a nasty rebuttal to this message.

  21. title is not misleading. It is actually a good one.
    The citi link seems pretty old. not sure if it is still working. the current promotion is 30k with $1000 spent in 3 months.

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