Olympic Tickets on Sale Now!

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Just a quick reminder that individual event tickets to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia are now on sale.  I logged on exactly at Noon Eastern when they went on sale and had very good success in getting some events I wanted.  Thankfully, once you added tickets to your cart they were safe there for 45 minutes.  I first added the very popular events like ice skating, and then added some other events that were slightly less popular.  I didn’t personally see Opening Ceremony tickets available.

Even if you have not yet logged on to make a purchase, there are still many events available (screen shot below taken just before 4PM Eastern)….just not things like the opening ceremony or figure skating.  I wouldn’t be shocked if they pop us as available from time to time, but for right now they are sold out via CoSport.com (the official site for the US, Canada, Australia, and more).

I purchased figure skating, snowboarding, and speed skating, so I am pretty jazzed to have a few different events to experience.  Now the focus will shift to securing flights and accommodations, and I’ll be sure to share my experience doing that as it happens.  I imagine accommodations will be the most “interesting” part of the ordeal.

Okay, who all is heading to Sochi?!

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  1. Got my tix this morning too! Snowboarding, luge, speed skating, and ski jumping. I almost immediately had buyer’s remorse as I started to read Russian visa entry requirements. So complicated! And what if I get “contract for Russian tourism services” from a hotel that I book (required for the Russian Visa), but then decide to change my hotel at the last minute thanks to award availability? I’m not sure if it’ll be possible to change it and still have my visa be valid?

    Yikes. Anyway, just a million thoughts running through my head right now.

  2. just got the closing ceremony ticket. Need hockey and figure skating, not sure how though…Would be nice if you could cover the hotel and air ticket…

  3. I managed to get tickets too! Will be seeing curling, ice hockey, nordic combined, bobsledding, and cross-country skiing. I had ladies free skate in my EOI but it conflicted with ice hockey so I gave the figure skating tix up (they were category B tickets so they were pricey!)
    I agree that the likelihood of seeing more tickets made available on cosport is highly likely; though normally the only tickets made available tend to be the expensive ones (category A/B)!

  4. The Visa element will come into play, but I have to hope that the process will be as simple as possible for the Olympics. I’m going to wait a bit to worry about that since obviously I need to work on hotel accommodations first. I trust it will all work out, but do understand some that have anxiety about that process.

    I will cover the hotel and airline booking process, but so far not much to cover on the hotel front…sadly.

  5. Russian Visa is not that hard to get, just do it well ahead of time and be willing to spend between $250-$300 ……few companies offer the service….also, will need letter from hotel where you will be staying, but just a formality because I ended up staying in a different property last year, so not such a big deal…..not like they are gonna call hotel to check

  6. Been to Russia a couple of times in the past 10 years. Get your Visa well in advance and use FedEx for tracking purposes. An odd thing is that hotel will keep your passport the entire time you are checked in the hotel. Very strange, but that is what they did to me and my wife. Not sure if those procedures have changed since.

  7. I am very excited about the Sochi Olympics. This will be my third winter Olympics (spectator only) but the first time using miles and points for the trip. I am really hoping that Sheraton will build a property in Sochi in the next few months so I can use my Starwood points… I look forward to everyone’s advice about accommodations and airfare. I’m jealous that you got figure skating, I was online at exactly 9am PST and tried for figure skating but everything was sold out within the first minute. I did get Men’s Aerials and Women’s Gold Medal Hockey along with 4 other cool events so I’m happy.

  8. Sarah, I’ll be at the women’s gold medal hockey too! I had figure skating tix for ladies free skate but gave them up during the EOI (too expensive for me and it conflicted with the women’s gold medal hockey match.) I saw the figure skating in Vancouver and enjoyed the experience there (but never got to see olympic ice hockey…)
    It’s highly likely Cosport will add more tickets for figure skating though. My friend who is Aussie who went with me to London 2012 (but she’s not going to Sochi) told me there are several figure skating tix available for the Aussie contingent on the Aussie website of cosport. I’m not sure but if those are unsold, cosport may be able to sell them to the US folks?

  9. I’m in for Snowboarding, Speed Skating and Alpine Skiing… i think the real challenge here will be finding accommodations and flights. I am considering contacting a few hotels and telling them this is Oksana Baiul calling and asking for a room. Wonder if that would work? HA! Any suggestions on accommodations would be greatly appreciated!

  10. As far as visa goes as I heard in Russian news they will make special procedures just for Olympics. So it shouldn’t be that difficult.
    Im really pissed they don’t have ice hockey schedule out. What is the point of buying tix blindly? i don’t want to be at Italy vs kazakhstan game.

  11. I’ve read some speculation that they may loosen visa requirements for EU citizens, but that it’s unlikely for US citizens. All speculation at this point.

  12. Bored Russian, that’s probably why the ice hockey SF/F are all sold out. I bought tickets for both ice hockey semifinals just for peace of mind that the likelihood of me seeing Team USA ice hockey is quite high. And if I don’t see them, I have a feeling I can easily sell my tickets at cosport face value to Russian or Canadian fans.
    What my friends and I did back in London 2012 volleyball was buy tickets for all 3 preliminary sessions for one day to ensure we’d at least see Team USA. We then sold the other 2 non-USA sessions once the schedule came out and was able to easily sell them (at face value of course…these prelim tickets were only 20-30 pounds each.) The qualifying rounds are relatively affordable compared to the final rounds.

  13. Getting the Sochi tickets was easier than getting Comic Con badges. Part of the hotel package starting on Feb 9th we got from Cosport was chosing events for each of the 3 days. I went back later to add individual tickets so we are doing 2 events a day, Curling, Womens Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Free Style Sking,Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating. We are really excited for our first Winter Olympics.

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