Park Hyatt Beaver Creek: Part 2 (Hotel Amenities and Spa!)

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In January my family visited the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek and very much enjoyed it’s wonderful service and location at the base of the Beaver Creek ski area. In Part 1 of my review I covered the lobby, room, and breakfast. In this portion of the review I will cover some other on-site amenities such as: the spa, ski valet, and pool area.

Allegria Spa:

Aside from the stellar location, one of the absolute highlights of our time at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek was our time at the Allegria Spa within the hotel. We knew it was likely we would be sore after a couple days on the mountain, so we booked massages on our second to last day of the trip. I had read that they had a very good “water ritual” at the spa, and had no clue what that meant, but it sounded interesting. I was told to allow at least an hour before the appointment for a water ritual, so my husband and I got there an hour before our couple’s massage with swimsuits in hand.

The spa area is located on the bottom floor of the hotel, but it is a two-story spa.


There is also a salon and small shopping area located near the spa check-in desks.

20130208-153346.jpgAfter getting a brief tour of the facilities and changing into our swimsuits and robe in the respective dressing rooms, we headed straight for the much touted “water sanctuary”.

I’m taking the details of the water sanctuary directly from their website, since I sure can’t remember which each step did…I just know it felt really good!


Evoking a natural spring, this jetted co-ed pool begins your journey. The water raises your core temperature, increases circulation, boosts metabolism and relieves sore muscles.  We spent most of our time in this pool hanging out as it was the only co-ed portion of the water ritual…it was also the most enjoyable portion with the great waterfalls!


Continue the journey in separate mineral pools for men and women. Natural, healthy ozonation and salination systems are used to purify the waters.  This pool is touted as just slightly warmer than the first – it certainly felt that way. 

20130208-153511.jpgSTEP 3 – CASCATA RAINSHOWER

A deluxe cooling rainshower provides an invigorating transition from the heated pools.  Okay, this was kind of cold, but still neat. 

20130208-153532.jpgSTEP 4 – CALDARIUM STEAM ROOM

The experience of heat, steam and light promote a feeling of total immersion. The wintergreen scented steam will refresh and recharge your senses.  Kinda hard to take a photo of steam, but you get the idea.  It smelled amazing in there and my super dry skin really loved it.

20130208-153552.jpgSTEP 5 – TEPIDARIUM

Infused with relaxing aromatic scents, this is a sanctuary for rest and quiet repose. Recline on contoured heated loungers in this serene setting.


We spent about 30 minutes or so doing the water ritual, but you could easily spend a bit longer.  After that we dried off and headed to the co-ed waiting area for our massage.  There were some very limited light snacks like trail mix available.


The massage therapists arrived right on time to get us and took us to the treatment room that even had its own fireplace.  Perfect for relaxing on a winter day!

20130208-153746.jpgThe couples massage was top-notch and after we were given our selected (included) beverages to enjoy back in the couple’s lounge.


You can see prices for the salon and spa treatments on their website.  If you are a Hyatt guest and just want to use the facilities it is $20 for a day pass.  My mom had her hair done at the salon and that includes admission to the spa and water rituals as well.  In my mind the spa is absolutely worth visiting even if you don’t have an actual treatment done.

The Pool:

The outdoor pool was located very close to the spa area of the hotel.  The pool is reported to be heated, but I did not get in to test it out on this trip.  I did notice that while the pool and spa area was bustling at the Westin Beaver Creek, there were not near that many people using the pool facilities at the Park Hyatt.

20130208-153812.jpgSki Valet:

In order to help guests and keep skis and snowboards out of their hotel, the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek has a ski valet available.  Just like with the Westin Beaver Creek there is one area for your boots, and another outdoor area for your skis and boards.  This means two potential lines and two sets of folks to tip.  Not sure why that annoys me, but it kinda does.  What I did like better about this ski valet is that they provide a bucket for you to put your gear into for the indoor portion.  I also really liked that when you get your skis/boards you are on the mountain and ready to go.  This just comes from having a stellar location, but it made the process much easier.


The ski valet staff was super nice and helpful…I just hate feeling like I need to tip so frequently for a service I have no choice but to utilize.  This is especially true because I switch from skiing to snowboarding mid-day, so I have to go through the whole interaction twice.

We only had two days and one night at the Park Hyatt on this trip, but I absolutely intend to return here in the future.  The location was unbeatable as a ski in/ski out resort, and since you can book it for 22K Hyatt points per night when peak season rates are easily in the $400+ range, it is also a great redemption.

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  1. I’ve been looking in to this property for a ski trip next winter and I was wondering if you looked in to staying at the Hyatt Vacation Club portion of the property. It seems like it would be an amazing deal at 15,000 points per night for a one bedroom unit. But also it seems like it might be too good to be true. Any insights?

  2. @MP: Water “sanctuary,” mineral pool, massage… My, oh my, MP, it would appear that Gary is rubbing off on you. What’s next? You’re gonna tell us that you wrote up this report while sipping Champagne and eating caviar? Hey, as long as you keep writing them, it’s all good! 😉

  3. Patrick, not the best, but will cover that soon. 😉
    Noel, that is an area I want to explore more…I think the “trick” may be availability during ski season. However, I would love to hear from someone else who has done it.
    Linda, ha ha. I write about where I go, and those are two of my favorites – though for different reasons. Probably one more post on Beaver Creek and then up next is a short Atlanta/Tennessee trip and then London and Dublin. Apologies for the locations that aren’t of interest to you and your family.
    Papa Smurf, I believe there is – I didn’t walk to the other side of the pool where I think it is located. Didn’t seem near as big or active as the one at the Westin, but I do think it is there.
    AS, ha ha. Well, I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit to liking that kind of stuff as well from time to time. Probably one of the reasons I like to make fun of Gary. However, I also spend afternoons at the “bounce house”, wiping toddler boogers, and staying at the occasional Country Inn and Suites, so I keep it well-rounded…or I try. 😉
    The Miles Professor, Hyatt guests have access to the fitness center included, but access to the jacuzzi/sauna/etc is $20 (much cheaper than the $55 for non-guests).

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