Best US Airways Card Offer Already Gone?!

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US Airways and American made it official this morning with their merger announcement, and now this afternoon the longstanding best US Airways card offer out there is already kaput?  Coincidence?  Maybe.  Technically they may have just “closed the loophole” since those who were not top tier elites with US Airways were using the offer even though it wasn’t meant for them (and by them, I also mean me).

I recently wrote about why I would not wait to start getting both the personal and business versions of the American Airlines Citi and US Airways Barclay’s cards, and I hope a few of you did just that before the US Airways “Chairman’s” offer was pulled.  We don’t know what the rewards credit card situation will look like for the “new” American Airlines, but we do know it won’t consist of the four separate cards we have available right now.  If history plays out as usual, it will probably take quite a while for the US Airways cards to go away, but anything is possible.  It is also possible that the issuing bank will change before the card goes away (such as with AirTran moving from Barclay’s to Chase).

Bottom line, now that the merger has been officially announced, I want to re-emphasize that it doesn’t make sense to wait to get any of the cards just for the sake of waiting.  If now isn’t a good time for you to apply, then don’t worry too much about it, but otherwise I wouldn’t delay just for the heck of it…especially since the US Airways card has historically been “churnable”, so you may still be able to have a couple attempts at it before it does its final disappearing act.

In case you don’t want to flip back to the previous blog post, here are the relevant cards for US Airways and American Airlines and their associated current best offers (sadly without the now-defunct Chairman’s offer from US Airways):

Citi AAdvantage Business or Personal Cards: 50,000 miles after spending $3,000 in four months + $150 statement credit with first eligible AA purchase + two AAdmiral’s Club Passes (note that the offer for these cards is listed as having expired a year ago, but this FT thread still reports many success stories).

The US Airways Premier World MasterCard: 30,000 miles after first purchase (up to 40,000 with balance transfer) + two annual $99 companion tickets + 5,000 miles off award redemptions on US Airways flights with $89 annual fee.  Do keep in mind that some are approved for a lesser card with a lesser bonus.  

US Airways BusinessCard Offer: 25,000 miles after first purchase with $79 annual fee.

Update: After the post was written a stealthy Flyertalker found a working US Airways MC link for 35K miles with the annual fee waived.  This is the better offer while it lasts.

While we are talking about the merger, I also recommend pulling the trigger on fancier award bookings you have in mind using American or US Airways miles.  Many thought that US Airways wouldn’t have any real changes to their award chart right now because of the pending merger, but they eliminated one of the best awards in the industry without warning last week (the off-peak business class award to Europe for as low as 55K round trip if you have the US Airways card).  So, that may mean that no more changes are imminent, but it may also mean we don’t know what is going on or which “play book” they are following.

On a brighter note, I want to mention that I would fully support a “new” American/US Airways Grand Slam promo to celebrate the announced merger!  Apple pie, American flags painted on the airplane tails, and a Grand Slam promo….makes sense to me.  😉  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the “new” American agrees.


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  1. I have not applied for the US Air Business card before, however we just did a small churn Monday (2 cards only because new Auto loan we are getting her in 3-4 mo). Any history on getting the business card a few days after personal? Will use your link for good info ;).

  2. I applied for a Continental personal card a couple of days prior to announcement of the United-Continental merger. Seems to me that when the merger was completed, United briefly offered a card with much greater miles that I rec’d via Continental. Wished I’d waited. Perhaps the same for the US Air-American Air marriage.

    I applied for the US Airways 40K personal card on Monday and am waiting for a response. I have a Citi AmEx card via American Airlines. (I’ve had this card for more than a yr. Are you suggesting that I might also apply for their business card?

  3. guess I lucked out by doing a round of US Air/AA apps last weekend. Everyone told me I had plenty of time, but I’m glad I “rushed” it.

    Still, pulling the offer immediately after the announcement leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth, don’t you think?

    Kathy (

  4. +1 for
    “Any history on getting the business card a few days after personal?”

    Just did a big churn last week and have the same question about the business US Air card for my wife and I.

  5. Thanks to this blog, I did the US Airways application earlier this week. I held off on the AA one since we’ve had one of these before, since cancelled. Is there consensus on how long one should wait before re-applying?


  6. I got the US Airways card with 40,000 miles in November and also 2 Citi AA cards. Should I apply fr the US Airways business card or another personal card?

  7. Well I think this explains why U.S. Airways didn’t repeat the Grand Slam this year after a few years running. They knew this was coming.
    Can you say “AA Grand Slam?” That would be awesome!

  8. If you check the thread, kdoughboy has found 3 valid links offering the same terms but just 35K miles. I updated the OP.

    I suspect Citi will get the US card extremely soon just as Air Tran hurried over to Chase after the merger announcement with Southwest.

  9. The Citi personal cards have historical been at least 18 months between approvals (not cancellations).
    Barclays can be a bit more conservative on how many inquiries they tolerate than others, but many churners still get approved…sometimes even for a second card while the first is opened.
    I haven’t found a recent report of getting biz and personal at the same time, though I don’t see why it would be impossible…I’ll keep looking for recent reports. (or feel free to share your own)
    I added the 35K no annual fee link – thanks! That one came out after I wrote the post and went to bed (Euro time). Doubt that one will last very long either.
    I think many wait about 6 months between new US Airways personal cards these days, but I am sure that varies some.

  10. wow. Iwfe was able to get in on the old 40k US MC link just the other day and yeah now it’s gone! I was even thinking about getting a second card but never went for it. Anyway thanks for this post/update.

  11. I got in on the no fee 40k Chairman card late last year and currently working on that 15k targeted offer, but at the same time I got the personal card I applied for the business card and got declined for that one.

  12. @CAT
    Go to check application status, if it says Premier World MC you should have 40k, if it just says World MC then the lesser. At least I think thats how you can check.

  13. I got my card and it only says “Platinum”, not Premier World or World. However, in the Reward Rules, it says “Forty thousand (40,000) bonus miles will be awarded in the first billing cycle in which you have made a purchase or balance transfer…and your Annual Fee has been paid if applicable.” Does this mean I’m getting 40k miles?

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