Good Increased Amex Sign-up Bonus Opportunities

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There particular offers are expired, but you can check to see what offers are still available to you.

Via The Points Guy, I saw that the CARDMATCHTM tool on is turning out some decent Amex sign-up offers today.  It offered me the Amex Premier Rewards Gold card with a 50,000 point sign-up bonus after spending $1,000 on the card in the first three months – which is at least twice as good as the standard offer.  The last time this happened the great deals disappeared within about a day, so plan accordingly.

If you are curious, it also presented me offers for the Gold Delta SkyMiles Amex, the Blue Cash Preferred Amex, and Blue Cash Everyday Card.  They were all above average offers, and I’m quite tempted by the Amex Premier Rewards Gold offer myself.

On the topic of Amex sign-up offers, the The Business Platinum Amex sign-up offer has temporarily increased to back to 25,000 points after spending $5,000 in the first three months (up from no sign-up bonus points).  This card does come with a $450 annual fee, but this is dramatically offset by a $200 airline fee allowance per calendar year (so $400 total in the first year as a cardholder).  You also get lounge access with Delta, American, US Airways, and Priority Pass Select.  The terms and conditions do indicate that the “welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product or any other Business Gold or Green Card account within the last 12 months.”  So, having a personal Amex of any type should not be an issue in regards to getting the sign-up bonus, but keep that in mind if you have had a Business Platinum, Gold, or Green card in the last year.


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  1. MP: I just did a 4 card churn 2 weeks ago, one of which was the amex hhonors card. Can I still get the amex personal gold or do I need to wait?

    • B-Rad, the Amex HHonors won’t impact the Amex Gold in terms of sign-up bonus qualifications. Whether or not Amex will want to issue another card so soon is a different issue. This is a charge card, so they do seem to be more lenient with this than credit cards, but I can’t tell you for sure.

  2. @mp – If I just canceled a personal Platinum Card last month, can I still get the personal Gold Card with this offer? Seems like no, because I’ve had the Platinum Card within the last 90 days. Just want to make sure I’m reading that right.

    • redcat255 (and anyone else interested), here are the terms related to the sign-up bonus for the Premier Rewards Gold Card:
      Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any other Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card or Platinum Card® account within the last 90 days.

      So, assuming the terms are enforced, then cancelling the personal Platinum last month would DQ you from this sign-up bonus on the Gold.

  3. Seriously? Push a 25K Platinum card affiliate link when that card can often be had for 50K and occasionally 100K with the right referral? That’s just wrong.

    • ArizonaGuy, I am not aware of a better public offer for the biz platinum. There are people who are targeted for better offers, but that doesn’t help those who aren’t. Feel free to share a link if you know of a better public offer and I’ll update accordingly. 😉

  4. I applied and got “in process” status. Called the line and approved on the spot 🙂

    A couple of questions though:
    1. Should I cancel my Personal MR Gold card? Its annual fee is going to be due next month.

    2. Should I apply for more Amex cards today- so they only pull the credit once? Or is that a myth?

  5. I was approved instantly. I already have the Amex business gold that I got last year when they had the 75x offer. Can I use the same membership reward number and same amex login information? I am still trying to figure out membership reward? Thanks for the info, that was an easy 50,000 points if all goes thru like I expect it to. I have not had the personal card.

  6. I have the Delta Skymiles Amex that I received in October 3012, so will I still get the 50,000 bonus points if I apply for this Premier Rewards Gold Amex?

  7. Yesterday, Feb 20, I tried to apply for this, but all day long I got a “our systems are not responding now, try again later” message. Same thing this morning. All of those attempts were thru IE, my default browser. So I opened Firefox, which I rarely use, and the app opened right up. Instant approval.

    As of noon, CST, Feb 21st, the deal is not dead. If it won’t open for you, either try another browser, or maybe use “in private” mode.

    Also, I got the “Congratulations” page, but just for a couple of seconds, then a page that said “You tried to use the back browser” {which I did NOT do}, and suggested the app was cancelled because of that. But when I went to the AMEX website, and checked my application status just using my SS# and zipe code, it showed I had been approved, with the card to arrive in 7-10 days. Good Luck…

  8. Re: “On the topic of Amex sign-up offers, the The Business Platinum Amex sign-up offer has temporarily increased to back to 25,000 points”

    By encouraging your readers to sign up for this card they are excluding themselves from a 50K (or 75K) biz gold sign up bonus. You can spin this all sorts of ways, it’s just horrible advice.

    • HikerT, some folks want the benefits that come into play with the biz plat card. Its an increase over 0 it was and the best public offer. It’s not a one size fits all game. Always pick what works best for you and move on. I’ll always only post the best offers I know of, but won’t presume to think I know what cards are best for everyone and not post a best offer on that basis (at least for a card that I think is good).

  9. Seriously? of course highest referral fee had nothing to do with you pushing this card?! You just care about them folks, eh? Im starting to lose faith in you people. You’re supposed to bring hot deals and honest reviews not every day crap. If one of your friends convinced you to buy a car because it was “great deal” and later you realized it was just as good as other dealership had, would you come back or listen to that “friend”. To be honest, I thought you were better than known sell outs.

    • Bored Russian, sigh. This is a good card and this is the best public offer for the card. It was mentioned in the post for that reason. The other offers in the post do not pay a commission, but they are good offers so they are written about. Whether I get paid or not is irrelevant. I really don’t get the “outrage”. I write about things either way if they are the best offer. End of story.

  10. I have an app-o-rama planned for March 1st. Would it make an impact on no. of approvals for my app-o-rama, if I applied for Amex Premier Rewards Gold card right now.

  11. “Whether I get paid or not is irrelevant”
    Ofcourse its relevant, considering its the commission highest payout out of all Amex cards. You know, “the best current offer” could be any other card out there right now. Take any Discover card and its the “best offer” for Discover out there. Come on.. Its not “best offer” its every day average offer that you wouldn’t even bother mentioning if it wasn’t for a kick back. You and every other guy talking about this “great deal” is just like radio DJ pushing “currently best tooth whitening product out there” right now. Lets be honest here.

    • Bored Russian, #1 don’t believe everything you read from a random list on the internet regarding affiliate links and what they pay or don’t pay. #2 the post was about increased Amex offers and this was an Amex offer that increased that day. You can choose to believe whatever you wish about my intentions regarding sharing information. However, the entire post started because of good Amex offers that I do not get paid for. If it was all about the $, that would have not been covered, but it was because that is not the primary focus by any stretch. The other biz Platinum card offer happened at the same time, so it got included. Seriously not a big deal. I hope you continue to visit here, but if you don’t find the information here helpful or accurate then I understand if you wish to spend your time on different blogs or forums.

  12. MP, FYI, I have been in affiliate business for about 12 years now and I’m very well aware how things work 😉 I really don’t care who makes what but its a bit disappointing to see someone labeling old rag as new Sham Wow. Not that I would do the same or haven’t done the same.

  13. I feel like I should mention the nearly identical Amex MB Platinum with a 50000 sign up bonus that is widely available after only $1000 in spending.

  14. Bored Russian – MommyPoints is a business owner. If some sap applies for a card from an affiliate link despite all of the widely accessible information at FT AND in this blog, good. It keeps her paid, and it keeps her blogging. I come here to read about things which I might have missed on FT or which another blogger hasn’t covered. I do my research. Even after reading this blog, I STILL DO MORE RESEARCH. If people sign up for “not the best offer” because MommyPoints posted her affiliate link, and they didn’t bother to do any further research, tough. Shame on them. If they expect to get the best deals by only passively reading a blog, shame on them. MANY businesses make their biggest profits by people who don’t do their research or who don’t care about getting the best price/value available. In a related example, FrugalTravelGuy posts OVER and OVER about how his links at the right are not offering the best values and to click on the link in the blog post. Guess what? Tons of people STILL click on the affiliate links and apply that way. Good for FTG. Good for MommyPoints. Good for me. Go find somewhere else to cry about your affiliate links.

  15. By the way, if you see the words “Amex Platinum” and don’t automatically think, “Look for 100k bonus and time app to take advantage of $200 credit twice with only one $450 fee”, you clearly aren’t doing your research. Anyone else want this soapbox? I’ve kind of beaten it down….

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