Anyone Else Notice A Club Carlson Property Moving Categories?

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Maybe I just missed an announcement in the middle of all the other hotel award chart shake-ups this year, but it seems that as of at least early January a popular Club Carlson redemption option went up from a Category 1 to a 2 without much fanfare.  This is only “newsworthy” as it was such a good family redemption.

The Radisson Resort Orlando Celebration was a Category 1 hotel that cost just 9,000 points per night.  It had fallen to a 1 from a 3 last May.  This was an amazing deal as currently you earn 60 points per dollar when spending money at Club Carlson hotels thanks to their current triple points promo.  That means that $150 in eligible Club Carlson hotel charges nets you a free night at this family-friendly hotel near Disney.  If you use a Club Carlson Visa Signature credit card to pay for the charges then you are earning up to an extra 10 points per dollar for those charges on the card, and then you also get the second award night free as a benefit of having the card.  That would mean that for every $129 in eligible Club Carlson hotel charges you are earning a free two-night stay at this Orlando hotel.  Crazy!

However, it was pointed out to me today that it is now a Category 2 hotel that requires 15,000 points per night.  Even with just the current 3x points promo you are still earning a free night with every $250 in eligible expenses, but 9,000 is still better than 15,000.

I’m just curious to see if anyone else missed this?  Were there other award charge property changes that I missed, or was this just a “one off” adjustment?

If you really want to stay in Orlando for just 9,000 Club Carlson points per night, the Radisson Hotel International – Orlando Drive is still a Category 1 available for just 9K points per night.

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  1. My goto (only) Choice Hotel that I stay at quietly increased from 20,000 to 30,000 points. Looks like all programs are doing the devaluation thing.

  2. Yes, I noticed this in early January (I even posted about it on FT). After new year I wanted to make a reservation at Radisson Orlando on Celebration and it was 9K. When I decided to do it after few days and noticed that the “price” was 15K. Too bad, since I loved this property very much.

  3. We stayed there in December and it had already jumped in category. It was a little rough around the edges (probably not up to your standards), but there were three different pools (one heated, one with a slide, plus a kids pool) and my kid had a blast. Staff were great. Worth the extra 6000 points over I-Drive, if you plan on using the facilities.
    I could have sworn the Radisson Blu Dublin used to be 50k.

  4. I noticed the Orlando one a while ago as we stayed there over the New year and wanted to book again for next christmas but it was unavailable for a while and then 15k popped-up…I was told by the receptionist when there that the property was sold but would still remain a Raddisson, and the new owners were going to undertake massive renovations (desperately needed) guuting out rooms and all 3 pools in early spring. I guess they were loosing too much at 9k though this was kind of their flagship.

  5. Too bad. That Celebration hotel was a good deal for 9K and would have been an incredible deal at 4500 per night on a 2-night redemption for credit card holders. Quite close to Disney, not in bad shape when we were there.
    The I-Drive one is OK, not as nice. Crappy wi-fi, sort of a weird vibe with somewhat oddball characters around (maybe because there’s a bar there), but not in a dangerous way.
    Desk clerk told me that about 40% of the room-nights at I-Drive were from 9K redemptions (last May).

  6. Stayed here once last year (for the free radisson giveaway), about $40 on a best rate claim. Pretty run down feel, but could tell they were at least maintaining it best they could. Hotel room reeked of mold! Overall a nice property/concept in keeping with the general Orlando resort atmosphere.

  7. I remember seeing it at 15k prior to the new year, but didn’t pay too much attention because I didn’t really know the difference between the two properties there 🙂

  8. This property had been Category 2, then it temporarily dropped to Category 1 during renovations (as I understand it). It came under new ownership in January, and has returned back to Category 2 again. Press release about acquisition:

    Still a very good deal. Spend $3,000 on the CC cc, earn 15.000 points, stay two nights free. About $30 per night based on the opportunity cost of not spending on a 2% rebate card instead. Of course, for longer stays, the average cost per night is higher.

  9. Interesting – I knew it had been a 2 since at least Jan. It was actually a 3 until last May and then dropped all the way to a 1. I think it is probably well justified as a 2, but always hate to see an increase (esp one that sneaks up on us a bit). It is still a very good deal, as are many Club Carlson properties. Also good that there is still a 9K property in Orlando in case you are short on points. 😉

  10. I had just noticed this last week when pricing out Orlando hotels for potential stays. Thanks for the post and initiating such great conversation in the comments. Keep up the good work!

  11. You think they are going to do the BOGO this year again? I’ve been loving my points from last year and SWAir is now a point transfer partner!

  12. I stayed at the Radission Orlando back in December for three nights at 9000 points per night. Terrific use of a hotel award!! Not a great property but a tremendous value using Club Carlson points. If you go to Disney Resorts you will need to rent a car but easy access to the Orlando Convention Center and tons of nearby Dining choices. All good things come to an end, I guess.

  13. Hi, I’m trying to book Radisson Orlando International drive and it’s showing 15,000 points even thought it’s supposedly a category 1. What’s going on?

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