What’s the Point: Disney Magic

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With the exception of the few minutes it takes to write this brief post, I’m on a self-imposed “internet hiatus” this weekend (well at least when it comes to the miles and points world) so that I can fully experience the “Disney Magic” with my little family (and friends). This is actually Little C’s third visit to a Disney park. The first was at 16 months of age with some older cousins, the second was a year ago at Disneyland with friends, but now at 3 years old, she really gets it.


She was giggling with excitement as we approached the main gate and nothing could have wiped the smile from her face as she did her very first real roller coaster….Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  She was tall enough by one whole inch.  😉


Of course, playing a part in Enchanted Tales with Belle and flying high on Dumbo were also big hits.



As usual, points played a big part in making this trip possible, and for that we are super thankful. These three-year-old Disney smiles are magical and priceless. I will return to the land of the internet soon enough, but we’re eeking out every minute of family fun in the meantime. Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend as well!

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  1. Headed up as we speak! Hope the 9k Radisson is as decent as the Celebration (boo hoo on its new pts req). Have fun! 🙂

  2. Have fun! We are off to Disney World this Wednesday for a week courtesy of travel points – Southwest air and Disney Swan hotel (the deluxe alcove room at 11500 points a night). This is a REAL savings of $4500 – $5000 since this is a trip our family of 5 would have taken no matter what and I was originally planning on staying at the Polynesian Resort. With liberal use of the Starwood Amex – we should be able to have enough points every 2 years for this trip, if we wanted. The kids are 8, 8 and 5 – a great age since the older ones are tall enough for everything and the 5 year old is over the 44′ hump. Now I am off to pack!

  3. I was there over Christmas(!) with two of my sisters – and none of kids. It was just the three of us. There are a *ton* of more grown-up things to do in the various Disney properties, that are often missed due to young ones not having the stamina or attention span (or interest). Hopefully when Little C is older she’ll want to go back and you can discover a whole new aspect together. 🙂

    (It’s likely too late now, but I recommend Le Cellaire in the Canadian Pavilion at EPCOT for a more adult dinner. When we were there no one of any age was unhappy, which says quite a lot!)

  4. Deals, thanks!
    InACents, it was actually a bit chilly even at Disney, but much warmer than in your neck of the woods!
    RhondasBuzz, let me know what you think! Drove by a couple Radissons very close to the park. 😉
    Tana, awesome!! We are now over the 40 inch hump and it makes such a huge difference!
    George, thanks!
    MrChu, ha ha – I could see how it looks like that. No cruise this time – just park fun. 😉
    Lively, it was a bit cold at times, but not too terrible. 😉
    Kathie, ha ha pros and cons of having me as a mom I’m sure. 😉 I may not always be home, but she does get to go to some pretty fun places!
    Jack, indeed.
    Mary, hope you had a great time. It was a little chilly, but nothing a blanket couldn’t solve.
    Archon, we will be going back many times. I had some adult trips before she came along and I very much agree with you. Something for everyone!

  5. We went this year just after Christmas (27th), and the kids had a great time still, but it was a madhouse. I knew it was going to be an at capacity crowd, but there were a lot of people there who were not in the Disny spirit! I have never heard so many people arguing loudly in public before. :-). Do not go that time of year.
    Our tickets were expiring free passes that a friend had won and given to us, and my sister lives in Daytona. So, it was only a night’s hotel that it cost but if we’d spent lots of money I’d have been pretty disappointed. (maybe I would’ve been one of those people yelling at my spouse)
    Have fun MP, little C and fam! We can’t wait to go back when the rest of the world is not there as well.

  6. Tana or MommyPoints – Do you need status to book the deluxe alcove rooms on points? When I log in to redeem, standard room is the only option. I am neither Gold nor Platinum. Does that make a difference? Do I need to call in to redeem for “non-standard” rooms? Thanks!

  7. Dave and Kayla, yes just call or chat with SPG online and I bet you can find that out. I’ll try to do it myself when I get home in a few days and report back.

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