Last Call – Lock in SPG Award Nights at Old Rates Today!

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Time flies when you are at Disney, and I personally didn’t even realize tomorrow was March 5th until a few minutes ago.  However, we should all be very aware of tomorrow’s date since March 5th is when both the Starwood annual category adjustments take place, and the new cash and points award chart go live. That means that cash and points reservations get more expensive across the board.  In other words, lock some in today if you can!  I have made several cash and points reservations for future travel (psst, the calendar goes out to September 2014 in some cases), and will be racking my brain to make sure that there isn’t another speculative reservation I need to make before the cost goes up tomorrow.  Of course, cash and points availability isn’t fantastic, so that may not be possible.

As a refresher, here are the old and new cash and points rates.  The old rates are the ones you can lock in through today, and the new rates go into effect tomorrow.  On the plus side, starting tomorrow you can use cash and points for suites, if that better suits your travel needs.

Category 1

Old Standard Room: 1,200 pts + $25

New Standard Room: 1,500 pts + $30

New Suites: 3,000 pts + $75

Category 2

Old Standard Room: 1,600 pts + $30

New Standard Room: 2,000 pts + $35

New Suites: 4,000 pts + $95

Category 3

Old Standard Room: 2,800 pts + $45

New Standard Room: 3,500 pts + 55

New Suites: 7,000 pts + $125

Category 4

Old Standard Room: 4,000 pts + $60

New Standard Room: 5,000 pts + $75

New Suites: 10,000 pts + $175

Category 5

Old Standard Room: 4,800 pts + $90

New Standard Room: 6,000 pts + $110

New Suites: 12,000 pts + $275

Category 6

Old Standard Room: 8,000 pts + $150

New Standard Room: 10,000 pts + $180

New Suites: 20,000 pts + $450

Category 7

Old Standard Room: 15,000 pts + $275

New Standard Room: 15,000 pts + $275

New Suites: 30,000 pts + $625

One of the hotels I booked on a cash and points rate for later this year is the Moana Surfrider Waikiki.  As of right this second it a a Category 5 hotel that costs 4,800 points + $90 per night on a cash and points reservation.  Tomorrow it will be a Category 6 hotel that costs a whooping 10,000 points + $180 per night since it is hit by both a category change and the universal cash and points increase.  Clearly you can see why in some cases locking the reservation in today makes a tremendous difference.  Another good example is the Aloft Brooklyn that is going from a Category 3 to a 5.  If you book a cash and points reservation today it will cost you 2,800 points + $45 per night.  Tomorrow it will cost you 6,000 points + $110 per night.

Get to booking!  If you want a list of SPG properties so you can see if there is one that fits your future travel plans, then here is a list Just check the individual cancellation policies in case you are making speculative reservations…. 

Have you been able to snag some SPG reservations before the points price goes up?

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  1. Wish the SPG cards earned more points or had category bonuses. Staying at SPG properties should earn more points too. Come on SPG make these changes, please!

  2. From what I see all Cash and Points availability has been pulled for the hotels I’ve been looking at in SE Asia. As of last night there was still plenty of availability, and today, none.

    Also, one of the hotels I was looking at that is going from a cat 2 to cat 3 has had all free night availability pulled also.

  3. Tommy, do I have what for Hilton? Sorry, just not quite understanding the question yet. 😉
    Grant, true, but perhaps that is what has contributed to the more significant devaluation of other programs…would be nice to have though. 😉
    Matt, yuck! I did some spot checks before publishing and still saw availability at the places I checked, but perhaps other hotels are one step ahead.

  4. Got Le Meridien Khao Lak for 5 nights in December, even with a Nights and Flights Redemption.

    That hotel is going for $400 a night so no wonder it’s moving up from Category 3 to 4. Le Meridien Phuket is $550 a night though. Who knew Thailand was so expensive? That’s a touristy beach area though! 🙂

  5. I noticed many times that I can use 2 adults to pull up SPG award night 2-double room availability, but no availability if add my 2 kids at the time of booking.

    Mommypoints, should I go head book with only 2 adults and then show up as a family of 4?

  6. I’ve called the call center and they are able to get the rooms for me. Just booked Westin Grand Cayman for cash and points. ( $90 and 4800pts per night) Available in May as well as October. Didn’t try other dates tough. Call center was very helpful and work thru many possible dates.

  7. I awoke to an update from award wallet… An SPG award night i booked months ago for 3k points adjusted itself today, 3/5 to 7k. Anyone else see that? I didn’t think they changed things retroactively?

  8. Jonathan,

    The same thing happened to me. I booked a week of C&P for this December last week for 56,000 starpoints and $1,050.00 and now it’s showing (on too) 105,000 starpoints and $1,925.00. Hopefully this is just a glitch.

  9. @Jen, I have that problem, too. The SPG properties I booked in Asia specifically said in their policies that up to 2 children could stay for free using existing bedding, so I booked rooms for 2 adults, slowed up with our 2 kids, and had no problems.

    • Mrs. N, yeah I think it is totally fair to do that as long as you are within the room occupancy limits…at least I know I would.

  10. hi MP, I booked 5 nights with 40k pts before the change, now I’d like to change date, still same hotel. Do you know if they will make us use additional pts in order to switch the date? thanks.

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