European Trip Report: Sheraton Heathrow

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Sheraton Heathrow

Picking the Sheraton Heathrow:

Many who are interested in booking a SPG hotel at Heathrow have to decide between the Sheraton Skyline and the Sheraton Heathrow. The Skyline is almost always more expensive, and often a decent amount more expensive. However, it is also reported to be the nicer of the two properties. I haven’t yet stayed at the Skyline so I can’t offer a side-by-side comparison, but I can tell you what I thought of the cheaper (both in points and dollars) Sheraton Heathrow. While I can be a sucker for a nice hotel, this one was only about $75 USD via a “Beat the Timer” promo, and the Skyline was close to double that price. For a one night stay near the airport, I was going to be a cheapskate.

Check-in and Lobby:

After flying into London on an overnight flight from the East Coast and getting to our hotel, we were really ready for some sleep. It had taken much longer to get to our hotel than we anticipated due to traffic, so we were ready for a nap. However, it was still only 10:30 or so in the morning, and we were praying there was a room available for us to check into immediately. Fortunately, luck was on our side that day at the Sheraton Heathrow.ย  If that hadn’t worked, we would have been hanging out in their nicely appointed lobby for a while.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰


My husband has Platinum status with Starwood so we received a complimentary upgrade into a Club Room with Club access. Keep that in mind as you read the review, as it is possible some of the other standard rooms aren’t exactly the same as a Club Room.

The Room:

The room was not large, but it was big enough for the two of us.ย  I did find the mattress to be a tad harder than what I was used to, but that trend continued throughout many of our European hotel hops.ย  The room was clean, quiet, and more than adequate for a much needed nap.ย  The floors themselves are quite the maze, so if you easily get turned around then I advise you to really pay attention to where you are going!


The bathroom had a tub/shower combo and was also totally adequate for an overnight.ย  There wasn’t tons of counter space, but enough for the essentials.


20130304-142316.jpgClub Lounge:

We got some sodas and water from the lounge which was conveniently located on our floor.ย  When we visited there were often a couple of other people in the room, but it was not at all over-crowded.


20130304-142356.jpgI found it to be a nice touch that if you preferred the breakfast buffet in the restaurant downstairs instead of the lounge breakfast, that it is provided at no additional charge.ย  We didn’t have enough time that morning to check it out, but it still felt nice to have that option.

20130304-142425.jpgAll I wanted for breakfast that morning was a coffee and a pastry, but there was much more substantial English fare available for those who wanted a larger breakfast.



There were also computers and a printer in the lounge, so we were able to print out our boarding passes for our upcoming flight from Heathrow to Dublin later that morning.ย  Everyone that we interacted with at the hotel was polite and helpful.ย  Our room was clean and perfect for an over night.ย  The lounge was nice and was well-staffed when we visited.ย  As many reports indicate, I have no reason to doubt that the Skyline is nicer, but this hotel was absolutely acceptable for the price.

You Can Do it Too:

If you want to stay here on points, note that it is a Category 3 hotel that costs 7,000 points per night.ย  The hotel would have to be going for more than 100 GBP ($150 USD) per night for me to strongly consider using points.ย  Especially since SPG points can really only be earned via SPG stays and the co-branded cards like the SPG American Express. Before using points or booking at the going rate, I would check the SPG “Beat the Timer” sale to see if this hotel is available, as that is how we were able to find it at a reduced price.

I also want to add that if you have never been to London, Heathrow airport hotels aren’t that far from Windsor and Windsor Castle, so that can be a good thing to do if you have time the day before or after your flight.ย  We actually went and had dinner at a nearby town while staying at the Sheraton in a very charming restaurant called the Hitching Post, but I’ll cover that in more detail on a future post in this trip report series.


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  1. Reading this post brought back some nice memories! I stayed at Sheraton Heathrow for $30 a night in 2006 after I got a Hotwire credit of $50 for a different issue. I was just starting grad school. I had my Starwood Amex at the time, which said Platinum. The check-in person confused this for Platinum membership (he called me a Platinum member, I didn’t correct him) and gave me an upgrade as well as access to the club lounge. When I got up early for my flight the next morning, the club lounge was just me and a group of investment bankers who just got off their flights from San Francisco and were preparing for a business meeting. How times have changed… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Spelling error in the title… Those are nice photos. I assumed they were the professional ones, but they wouldn’t take a photo of the breakfast.

  3. I’m a big believer in taking the Tube to Heathrow, especially when on my own. However, be forewarned — the Tube can be very crowded, especially during rush hour, and if you have to make several transfers, that can require lugging luggage up and down a lot of stairs. When we don’t take the Tube, we arrange for a car service, as someone mentioned above. You can arrange for this by email before you leave and someone will meet you at the terminal. (We use Meadway but there are lots of others.) Just make sure to account for the time it sometimes takes to go through customs and immigration when you ask them what time to meet you, because for many services, they start charging for waiting after half an hour. You can tell them to meet you a certain amount of time after your plane is scheduled to land, and then they should check the plane schedules and will adjust when they arrive if your plane is delayed. One final note about the Tube — the Tube itself does not run all night, after about 12;30 or so, night buses start running from Heathrow instead of the train. Depending upon where you are going, this can actually be faster and easier than the trains themselves.

  4. The Miles Professor, sounds like a nice memory. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Ninmura, fixed. I was just testing everyone…ha ha. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Brett, thanks. ๐Ÿ˜‰ They are iPhone photos. Just two months away of being able to upgrade to the iPhone 5 and hopefully snap some better shots!
    Rochelle, good to know and thanks!

  5. Thanks for the tip about the castles location. O haven’t been to the UK in prob 15 years, but my overnight there on the way to Cape Town.

  6. The Sheraton Skyline is fine, but not worth double the price. However, it did have a Starbucks, which was nice.

  7. “My husband has Platinum status with Starwood so we received a complimentary upgrade into a Club Room with Club access. Keep that in mind as you read the review, as it is possible some of the other standard rooms arenโ€™t exactly the same as a Club Room.”

    Yes, this is an on-going problem for me with trip reports from all major bloggers. Since my status with SPG is “peon”, no upgrade for me. Presumably the Club level rooms are much nicer, since I see that on Trip Advisor 29% of the reviews are poor or terrible. So I’m guessing Plats get the large room renovated last year. Peons get the former broom closet, last renovated in the 1820s. ๐Ÿ™

  8. Rob, you are most welcome!
    Carl, I hope I can get it at a good price in the future and try it out.
    Robert, that is a tough one. Most bloggers who write about miles/points or travel like to travel and so rack up status that not everyone has (of course this was actually via my husband and his work travel). Not much I know to do around that other than just make sure to point it out. The good news is that anyone can pay the up-charge to a Club Room. I know I did that many times before he had Plat status and it often was a quite reasonable charge – especially if you actually ate breakfast in the lounge.

  9. I should have added how much I appreciated that you did point out that you had the upgrade. Quite rare in the trip reports I read. I think most blogs are written both by and for status holders. Since I am totally a leisure traveler, and also a churner with enough points and miles to mostly travel for free, that means no status at the high end locations. AA Lifetime Gold, Priority Club Platinum from my Chase card, Hilton Gold from the Reserve card. But lifetime Peon with SPG and Hyatt. So easy to get spoiled with a TA FC flight on a AA 777, but getting the unrenovated room by the HVAC unit {as Gary puts it} quickly brings one back to reality. I avoid that by mostly avoiding SPG and Hyatt. Sigh…

    As for the up-charge to a Club Room, can you do that from a Beat-the-timer reservation? Or do you have to be on a “best available” {sic} rate?

  10. Sort of mis-spoke above. Yes, everyone mentions their room upgrade with status. They just don’t point out, the way you did, that nothing in their room report tells you anything about what your un-upgraded room will be like.

  11. Robert, I like the “lifetime peon” phrase. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not much better myself with Starwood. Ha ha. Happy to point out differences due to status (when my brain functions well enough to remember to do so). Most of the times I have upgraded to a Club room I have done it at the time of check-in. I didn’t have to do it here, so can’t state for sure, but in my experience you can upgrade to a Club Room for a usually reasonable fee at check-in regardless of the rate. I’ve even done it on award reservations. If they have the space, they are usually happy to accept a little more cash for a better room…in my experience. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. I stayed there 2 years ago when it was a category 3 i am gold and was told that the club floor was sold out despite it being 12 noon, disappointing. but the place is clean and neat, nice service concierge. but it is claustrophobic and tiny there is no room to move around.

  13. There’s often a long line at check-in. And, on my last stay, the concierge was in training (wasn’t even able to give me useful info on how to get into London – fortunately another customer waiting in the check-in line was able to help). In the future I’ll stay at the Skyline if the rate difference isn’t too large.

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