Mini Points (Points Purchase Specials, Travel Channel Contest, and Snow!)

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In case you have missed them, here are a few quick updates from the miles and points world…

  • There is up to a 25% bonus on purchasing Starwood Preferred Guest points through 4/30/13. SPG points are very valuable, though are probably a bit less valuable than they were a few months ago. If you purchase the 13,000 – 20,000 points you are given the full 25% discount. That comes to a little over 2.6 cents per point. I have had many SPG redemptions that were over 2.6 cents each, but that doesn’t mean that I would necessarily buy them at that rate. However, if I had a specific redemption in mind where the return I would get would be over that amount I might pull the trigger. Many people also like to transfer their SPG points to airlines at a rate of 25,000 airline miles for 20,000 SPG points, so that would be 2.1 cents per airline mile at that rate. If you do purchase points then remember that these purchases are processed by, so don’t expect to earn additional bonus points by using your SPG credit card.

  • United is also offering a “special” on their purchased miles for the next two days. If you purchase 10,000 – 49,000 miles then you get a 25% discount. If you purchase 50,000 miles or more you get a 40% discount that comes to about 2.26 cents per mile. My threshold for United redemptions is usually around 2 cents per mile, so I often to redeem for over 2.26 cents, but again that doesn’t mean that I am going to necessarily buy at that rate…I prefer to come about my miles the honest way. You know, through credit card sign-ups. 😉 Though it isn’t a terrible rate if you have a specific award in mind.
  • If you have the time, I’d appreciate your vote on the Travel Channel’s “Favorite Travel Expert” contest. I hate the word expert as I think I am more of an extreme junkie than an expert, but none the less….. 😉 I have no shot at beating the highly entertaining “Big Cat Truckers” or especially Marianela who travels to the world’s best beaches in the world’s best bikinis, but I’d still like to avoid a total blood bath. I mean I did pose in a bikini once here. Ha ha.

  • Million Mile Secrets has a good post up on the Amex Business 75K Business Gold Card offer and the improved Citi Executive card offer.  Check out his post here.
  • This trip to Colorado is much more favorable on the snow-front than our last trip. The “Snow Gods” are being friendly to Texas Spring Break Week. Come out here now if you want some decent snow!




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  1. Did someone say bikini contest? Where? Oh… travel expert contest. I thought Marianela looked familiar! She was a commentator on World Series of Poker back in 07… I remember that one!

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. I went to vote and realized I had never seen your actual name. I spent a good 30 seconds trying to find mommy points on the list. lol

  3. Robert, ha ha – and thanks for taking the time to vote. I’m cool with a slightly less embarrassing loss! 😉
    Heather, aw, thanks!
    The Miles Professor, oh cool – and she would certainly win the bikini contest hands down!
    mwwalk, oh oops – guess that would have been helpful info to include. 😉 Thanks!
    Shari, my goal is just a slightly less embarrassing loss and I very much appreciate your help on that endeavor. 😉

    • Leslie, yes I was pulled out of the basement since this morning. Ha ha. Big jump to go from 3rd to 2nd, but at least it isn’t quite as embarrassing now so many thanks!

  4. Aw, thanks guys! Safetly now in the middle of the pack. Ha ha. I like to blend in. I need to run a little more before it’s bikini time again! 😉

  5. I love the bikini story, and picture. Super funny, and wow is that swimming suit tiny.
    Mammas don’t let your babies… Hilarious.

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