How to Avoid Resort Fees in Vegas

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post that mandatory resort fees were coming to the Caesar’s family of hotels in Vegas as of 3/1/13.  This includes hotels like Harrah’s, Planet Hollywood, Paris, and Caesar’s that previously proudly proclaimed themselves to be “Resort Fee Free”.  That meant that the vast majority of hotels on the strip now have mandatory resort fees that are often in the range of $15 – $25 per night.  That adds up pretty quickly to be a decent extra sum that is owed on a multi-day trip.  I will freely admit that I love Vegas, and when I go to Vegas I want to be in a big, fancy, opulent, borderline ridiculous hotel/casino on the Strip.  I love the dancing water, the huge suites, and the massive pools.  I also want to eat at a ginormous buffet and drink “free” whiskey sours while playing slots or table games.  I don’t go to Vegas to stay in a Holiday Inn Express type hotel.  I go to Vegas to be in Vegas.  So, I will likely be stuck with the nasty resort fees, but not everyone has the same needs and desires as I do in Vegas.

There remain a few hotels that still don’t charge resort fees, and perhaps best of all, some of them are also miles and points friendly.

Here are some of your current better resort-fee-free options in Vegas.  Most of them are not directly on the Strip, but many are not far off.

  • Elara, Hilton Grand Vacations Hotel-Center Strip (35,000 Hilton HHonors points per night for studio room with kitchenette)
  • Las Vegas Marriott (25,000 Marriott points)
  • M Resort
  • Renaissance Las Vegas (25,000 Marriott points)
  • Golden Nugget (downtown)
  • Hyatt Place Las Vegas (8,000 Gold Passport Points)
  • Staybridge Suites Las Vegas (30,000 Priority Club points)
  • Las Vegas Desert Club Resort (one-bedroom villa 35,000 Priority Club points)

For those more adventurous than myself, there are more options downtown around Fremont Street, as well as some a bit more off the beaten path of the Strip.  There are full lists here and here.

Be aware that even some hotels that are affiliated with rewards program like Westin Las Vegas (SPG) and the Venetian (Priority Club) still come with mandatory resort fees in the range of $20 – $25 per day.  Though if you have elite status in one of those programs it never hurts to try and have the resort fee waived.  At least at the Westin I have read some success stories for elite SPG guests – though there are no guarantees.

I consider it a double win that there are some miles and points friendly hotels in Vegas that are free of mandatory resort fees!  Let me know if you have a favorite hotel in Vegas that is still resort fee free!

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  1. Can’t answer your question but I can say that the resort fees make shopping hotels very very difficult. One hotel may be $50 less per night but $15 more in fees per night. One hotel will give internet and one won’t.

    If you are sure you are going, you can consider hotwire, where they will tell you the resort fee on the second page. Then you can consider all your options and pick the one you like. The nonrefundable, irreversible opacity with no frequent travel perks may be a deal breaker, but often the prices are way better….

  2. The resort fees are certainly unpleasant, but it’s not as crazy in Vegas as some other places. Many hotels in the Caribbean charge $40 to as much as $60. No joke, when Starwood was running their off-season promotion and offering St. Regis Bahia Beach in Puerto Rico for 18k points a night, the resort fee was still $60!

    On the other hand, the resort fee can cover some nice things, like access to the spa or fitness club.

  3. You bring up some excellent points (pun intended). I wanted to add that if you stay at the Nugget, join Landry’s Select Club, which owns the nugget, and get points. Also, the Platinum is off the strip behind Bally’s and a great deal with a kitchen, balcony, and no resort fees.

  4. I’ve had 100% success at the Westin having them waive the resort fee for Platinum members (8 times in the past 2 years).. also you can get the resort fee waived at the Venetian if you tell them the wi-fi doesn’t work properly (stayed here 2 months ago).

  5. The all suite Platinum Hotel ( is a fabulous deal for elegance and luxury just one long block from the center of the Strip. This place is actually privately owned condo apartments but it functions as a full service hotel. You can get a stylish one bedroom apartment with a balcony, enormous bathroom, and full modern kitchen for around $99/night with a coupon code. There is a $5 upgrade charge for a Strip view. The restaurant serves a nice, reasonably priced breakfast. There is a small outdoor pool, a bar in the lobby. The best part — the entire property is smoke free. The only downside is the all valet parking — which sometimes means a wait.

    There is a big “Wow” factor with the Platinum Hotel. When my husband saw the room he asked, “How much are we paying for this place?” We both enjoy the kitschy aspect of the theme hotels on the Strip. The Platinum is a nice alternative if you want sophistication. If you are traveling with kids, the uber-modern kitchen is a nice convenience.

    Unfortunately, my favorite bargain place, Bill’s Gamblin Hall and Casino, closed last month for renovations. See:

  6. If you play enough in the casinos to get comped, then there is no resort fee (I believe). The only thing that is ridiculous is that they charge $15-$20 a night for wifi. Last time I was in Vegas I played BJ for 4 hours or so and received an offer for two free nights at any of Caesar’s properties in Vegas/AC.

  7. The Hyatt Place is great. It’s across the street from the Hard Rock and just within walking distance of NYNY and MGM Grand. Last time I stayed there it was $80 + tax and included a bottle of wine on the AAA rate. Far better deal than redeeming 8,000 points IMO.

  8. Orleans has a resort fee of $5/night and includes free shuttle to the Strip as well as a few free minutes in the business center…

  9. Staying off strip, especially for first time Vegas visitors, is a terrible idea. The cost of taxis or a rental car is way more than the $20-$25 resort fee. And if you think you can walk from the Hard Rock to the strip…well good luck with that, especially during the summer. Oh, and good luck walking back to Hyatt Place from the strip at night. If the casinos haven’t taken your money, you’ll probably “lose” it on this walk back.

    Sign up for total rewards at any Caesar’s property, throw in a c-note in a $.25 slot (which should last you a couple of hours) and check your total rewards account online in a few weeks. You’ll see plenty of great comped room offers for your next trip. And you DO have to pay resort fees on comped rooms.

    -Vegas veteran, 3-4 times a year for the past 10 years.

  10. I would say that if you are staying for more than a few days, it is well worth it to “Grease the wheels” of the front desk clerk. Resort fees are easily waived by them, and by tipping them $20, you could get fees waived and an upgrade. I’ve done it several times with differing results. Worth a try! It’s Vegas, so it’s probably the best $20 you’ll spend.

  11. If I don’t use the amenities that the resort fees cover, I ask to have them removed and am successful 50% of the time. Sometimes it takes talking to a manager to get it done.

  12. The Hilton Grand Vacation Center Strip may not charge a resort fee, but they do charge $8 per day for self parking, and $12 per day for Valet.

  13. I am a huge fan of the Landrys club for dining. Its a great way to double dip on points when eating out and I really like their iphone app. Haven’t tried staying at their Vegas property, bit am here in Vegas right now staying at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club.

  14. -I also love the Landry’s Club! We use that all the time back at home, though haven’t personally stayed at Golden Nugget.
    -The $20 trick isn’t generally speaking quite as good in Vegas as it once was, but it usually doesn’t hurt and sometimes really works!

  15. Good thing that my wife has a relative that lives in a nice Vegas suburb. (and we got invited to visit them & stay at their house).

    I find resort fees horrible!! It is another way for hotels to quote out deceptively low prices that does not include the resort fees. The resort fees seem to be buried in the fine print. I do not bid on PL for that reason. The last time I bid on PL for Vegas was in 2000-2002 when they had the $20/night bonus for AMEX. I bid 2 day weekday night (Sun-Tues nts) for every month for 12 months for $18ai for 2 nights. The hotel was Terribles (decent 2* at that time) and for $9/nt ai, that was the steal of the year. I also bid for 4 nights in ATL/PHX for $1/nt w/AMEX bonus. That was the good old days!!

  16. I’m a day late, but the Venetian allows you to opt out of its resort fee. From the T&C:

    “The Resort Fee is not reflected in the grand total quoted on your reservation. You may decline the Resort Fee and the services included in the fee at check-in or check-out. If you decide to decline the Resort Fee, the services included in the fee are charged whenever you use them at regular prices.”

  17. I’ve been to Vegas nine times now in fifteen years. I am really annoyed about these resort fees. Last time, two years ago, I wasn’t charged them. I spend over six months a year on holiday. I will not return to Vegas and pay these unfair add on fees again. There are plenty of places I’ve yet to go to.

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