Why You Should Be Excited About Daily Getaways!

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One of the most exciting points/travel deals for my family in 2011 and 2012 was the Daily Getaways.  I have periodically checked their website to see if they had posted any updates related to this year.  I had seen language on the site indicating that it was happening again this year, but I had not yet seen a date or any more detailed information….until now.

As Deals We Like has pointed out, the site now says that the Daily Getaways are returning on June 10, 2013 with a preview of the deals beginning on June 3rd.  So, clear your schedules accordingly.  Really.  While we are still a few months away from that date, I wanted to share a little more info about the Daily Getaways for those who didn’t participate last year now that we know for sure they are coming back.  This way you can be informed and prepared for when the action starts!

What are Daily Getaways?

Daily Getaways are limited time/limited quantity opportunities to purchase things like hotel packages, hotel points, discount air travel, car rentals, etc. at a reduced price.  They are brought to you via a partnership from American Express and the US Travel Association.  Once upon a time they were referred to as the Discover America deals.  There is typically one type of deal per day each weekday for several weeks.  The deals are announced in advance and usually go on sale at 1PM Eastern (with some allowing a small advance sale an hour or so earlier if you have the code from Facebook or similar).  Some of the deals are smoking and disappear literally within seconds.  Some of them aren’t as popular and hang around for hours or even days.

What are some examples of “smoking” deals available through Daily Getaways?

In 2011 I purchased some sets of 32,000 Wyndham Reward points for around $90 and turned that into a two night stay in New York City for my parents.  That came to $45 all-in per night for a nice NYC hotel at Christmastime.  While I turned my Wyndham points into hotel stays, many leveraged that deal into very cheap frequent flyer miles by transferring from Wyndham to the airline partner of their choice.

In 2012 my personal favorite purchase was for a package at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas that included:

  • 4-consecutive-night stay in a “Mirage Suite” or similar suite (double occupancy).
  • Airport limo transfers to and from McCarren Airport to The Mirage.
  • Dinner for 2 at Stack.  Dinner for 2 at Kokomos Steak Lobster.  Dinner for 2 at Onda Italian Cuisine.  There is a maximum of $500 per dinner for a max total of $1500.
  • VIP seating for 2 to The Beatles LOVE™ by Cirque du Soleil®.
  • VIP seating for 2 to Terry Fator.  Terry Fator is not performing on Sundays and Mondays; The Beatles LOVE™ is not playing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • Massage for 2 at The Mirage Spa.
  • VIP amenities of champagne and strawberries in your guest room.

I think I paid about $1350 for the package, but we got way more than that amount of value from the deal.  It was amazing.  Other popular items last year were Hyatt points for less than a penny each, buying Wyndham points at less than 1/3 cent each (and turning them into miles that cost about 2/3 cent each), and some very affordable Hertz points.  There were also points deals from Priority Club, Best Western, Choice, and others.

Many who love the US Airways Grand Slam used the Daily Getaways as a chance to stock up on different types of hotel points in hopes of later using them as a “hit” in the Grand Slam when they were transferred to US Airways.  Of course we all know the Grand Slam failed to materialize in 2012, so that didn’t work out as we had hoped.  I have heard a few rumblings of a possible 2013 Grand Slam, but not enough that I would recommend speculatively stocking up on points just for that purpose.

Who is eligible to purchase Daily Getaway Deals?

Historically it has been open to US residents 18 and older with a major credit card.

Does using an Amex get you a discount?

Yes, yes, yes!  You absolutely want to use an American Express card to purchase Daily Getaways as it gives you a 10% discount on the packages.  You are leaving money on the table if you pay with any other type of card.  If you plan to try and purchase many packages it may even make sense to time this promo with an application where you get an Amex.  That way you can easily hit the minimum spending requirement and get a 10% discount at the same time.

Do you have to be online right when they go on sale?

For the popular deals, yes.  In fact, if you have a partner who can also be on at the same time trying to get a package in their cart it isn’t a bad idea.  It is a little crazy, and you won’t be able to buy everything you want.  Think of it like a bridal sample sale in New York City.  Lots of folks rushing around trying to pick up a really amazing deal in a hurry…just in a virtual internet world.

Will you detail all the deals as they come out?

Absolutely.  Last year I did a separate post for each Daily Getaway deal for all five weeks.  I plan to do the same again this year.

I don’t know what the deals will be this year, but assuming they are at least in the same ballpark as what we have seen in 2011 and 2012, this is something to pay attention to as it can really make family travel affordable if you leverage it correctly.  Packages like the Vegas deal I bought are pricey, but many of the points deals are in the $50 – $100 range, so there are deals that appeal to most budgets.

I will throw out the warning early and often that it doesn’t typically make sense to buy points unless you know how you are going to use them.  We have seen many point devaluations this year that can really sting if you aren’t earning (or buying) and burning, so keep that in mind when you are considering spending hard earned cash to buy points.

Who else is excited for June?  What have been your favorite Daily Getaway Deals in the past?

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  1. Never heard of this before (points newbie) but I am definitely excited now! Thank you for the post!

    Hyatt points at less than a penny each seem like a killer deal. How quickly did these packages evaporate last year?

  2. Last year I was only able to Hyatt points and club carlson. We we used for the Radisson in Aruba. Well, worth it.. These deals were gone within a second.. I had 5 people trying for me. Looking forward to June.

  3. I also haven’t heard of this, so thanks for the heads-up! I love how you compare it to a bridal sample sale — makes me think of the Friends episode when Monica is looking for her wedding dress! Is there such thing as a virtual whistle? :o)

  4. Last year I stocked up on various hotel points for US Airways Grandslam that never happened :/
    I was only able to use ClubCarlson for the MayFair in London.
    This time I hope that they have deals on Hyatt points!

  5. I tried so hard last year, I mean I was online and clicking even before the clock struck whatever. Never got close I guess. Waste of time. That’s why I’ll be trying again this year! 🙂 You’re right, they’re great deals so why not try.

  6. I can’t wait. I have a better “feel” for it this year than I did last year so I am ready to jump on it. I am determined to get something good. 🙂

  7. Daily getaway seems to be rigged.. last year, right at 1, when I clicked on a deal (qty close to 150 or so), it wouldn’t let me buy and kept saying I wasn’t eligible even though I was using my Amex Plat card..grr.. will try again this year.!!

  8. Last year I was at work and got locked out by my work computer saying security certificate. I am off this day in June. I will prevail

  9. These should be called DAILY GIVEAWAYS, not Daily Getaways, because some of these points are just GIVEN away! Last year I spent $300 on Wyndham points and have redeemed for over $2000 worth of hotel rooms. Vegas, Napa, NYC…YEEEEEEEEEHAW!

  10. I am really excited that this is happening again! Last year it ran near the beginning of my points/miles hobby, so it sort of spoiled me into thinking that the game is always that exciting 🙂 In the end I had pretty good luck in actually being able to get the deals:
    * Wyndham 16k points
    * Wyndham 32k points
    * Choice 36k
    * Choice 36k
    * Best Western 10k
    * Hyatt 24k
    Surprisingly, I’ve gotten the best use out of the Wyndham points during trips to Disneyland. Likely the Best Western points will just keep stagnating 🙁

  11. Last year I was able to convert my purchased Wyndham points to 50K UA miles. The click and purchase contest coming late this year. I will wait till June and grab few prizes.

  12. I learned about the Daily Getaways late in the game last year, and like B mentioned was told repeatedly that I wasn’t eligible. But I’m prepping for this year’s with a goal in mind: convert points to airline miles. I plan to take my sister & nephew to Japan next April, and I realistically will only be able to make one or two successful card signups. Converting points to miles will be necessary to meet the goal!

  13. One deal that I thought didn’t get a lot of coverage attention last year but sold out almost instantly was the Hertz deal. I don’t remember the exact #s, but it worked out to be very cheap rentals for pricy places, such as NYC, Hawaii, etc.

  14. Last year, I spent $280 for 72K Choice points which translates into 9 nights at the Clarion Etoile St Honore in Paris for this May. A 4 star property that includes a complementary soft drink minibar and both breakfast and evening buffets. It might be the best Choice property there is in the world at the 8,000 point level. I wanted Paris and it’s environs in-depth and I got it. Ces’t magnifique! Plus the round trip on American was only 40k miles. I’m happy the 2013 Daily Getaways is in June this year because I’ll be back home by then and be poised to strike if there’s a deal I like.

  15. @Asianfridae – I do not see why not if you have a US issued credit card and a US address, but maybe i have missed something…

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