What’s in a United Elite Status Packet?

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This week I received my third United elite status packet in the mail that I has been sent my way in the last 9 months.  I received one when I hit Silver, one when I hit Gold, and now a Platinum Premier packet.  The envelopes are fairly large and noticeable when they hit your mailbox, but is anything useful really in there?

What is in the packet depends on what elite level you have attained.  When I hit Silver and Gold the main “prize” in the packet was a hard MileagePlus card with my name, frequent flyer number, and elite status listed.  I have never personally needed those cards as all that info is typically printed on my boarding passes, but they could have potential use if I was using Star Gold status to access an international airport lounge or something similar.

I decided to snap a few photos of my Premier Platinum packet that came this week on the off-chance anyone was interested in what was inside.

This time I got the standard MileagePlus card with all my relevant info, two luggage tags, and a little something extra that isn’t in the Silver or Gold packets.

Free drinks tickets!

You get complimentary alcoholic beverages when you are upgraded to first class, but I guess these are for those times when your status isn’t enough to get you to the front of the plane.  Though by that rationale I really think Silvers and Golds need these more than Platinums and 1Ks.  As a Platinum I received five drink coupons valid for the next year, and rumor has it that 1Ks receive ten in their packets.

It’s not a huge thing, but given that alcoholic drinks on United cost between $6 – $9, it is certainly a nice gesture for those who like an on-board adult beverage.  Sure would be cool if you could use them for snacks boxes instead if you don’t drink.

That’s it.  No secret password.  No Wonka-style Golden Ticket.  No confetti that pops out at you when you open the envelope.  You can bet I popped my new Platinum card into my wallet before the envelope could hit the trash can.  I have no clue if I will ever need to show that card, but I will have it just in case since flying 75,000+ miles on United in a year to earn it wasn’t something that happened overnight.

…..the drink tickets immediately found their way safely into my wallet as well.  😉

Do you look forward to getting your elite status packets?  What is your favorite part of the packet, or could you not possibly care less?  Did yours come with confetti or a marching band?

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  1. Reminds me of the good ol days on Southwest, when your free ticket certificate came with a pack of free drink coupons. I was thrilled to get those free drink coupons, and the free r/t flight certificate was a nice touch too. “D

  2. Rumour would be correct. 1ks get 10 chits. $70 is not to be sniffed at, although the competitors on my regular route have complimentary drinks in E, so it’s not really that generous.

  3. i think free WiFi vouchers would be immensely useful … much more than free drink coupons (i’m always afraid to drink onboard and get myself in major trouble)

    on a separate note, i also think comped wifi should be a GS/1K benefit. that would really help drive loyalty.

  4. As a non-drinker, I’ve always wondered why United doesn’t give people an option to choose between drink chits and some other option such as meals when you’re sitting in economy class, Wi-Fi access now that United is finally getting it, and so on.

    I believe American actually allows their members to use the chits for food, right?

  5. I haven’t even had the opportunity to use a drink chit in over 6 months. I think 1K’s complaining about upgrades are full of it, I’ve never had it so good.

  6. Distinctly underwhelming 1K packet for me. The card omitted my middle name which is the one I actually use (and is on the United website). MP agent blamed the TSA “name policy” and tried to argue with me about what the card showed. Supposedly they’re sending new ones.

  7. I gave the drink tickets to co-workers that were traveling long-haul flights w/me — I got upgraded and they didn’t.

  8. Glad to hear some of you are able to share your tickets – that will be my plan if I have some left as well.

    flyer, pretty sure GS will never be in my future, but if it ever happened I would share. Ha ha.

    Robert, I love those SW drink vouchers!

    Paul, related post coming soon with more details, but the short answer is I’m undecided. It will depend on how a few things shake-out. I should at least get Plat again, but too early to call on 1K.

  9. Key word for AA EXP is free drink, not drinks. Some FAs are more generous than others, but the policy is one free drink per flight.

    Yes, 1K get 10 drink chits.

    I still have a bunch of (now worthless) Southwest drink coupons, including some that expired on June 31.

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