Biz Class Seats Were Made for Easter Bunnies

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Despite the fact that a business class seat is effectively named for business people traveling for work, I think it is just a cover-up kind of like the whole Greenland and Iceland naming debacle. Business class seats were really made for parents who need sleep. We don’t need frills, we just need a place to lay down.

True enough that those traveling on long-haul flights for work probably need to arrive at their final destination as rested as possible to hit the ground running with their work assignment. But really how awake do you need to do to present a PPT, go to a meeting, or schmooze some clients? I’m wagering from having done both that most of the time it takes more energy to chase and care for a toddler, so parents are the real ones who need to get some sleep on a long flight. Business class seats meet that need perfectly. Not the over-the-top, several-hours-long meal service that comes from a first class seat, but a place to lay down and close your eyes…..


….so you can go home and be the Easter bunny with at least one eye open.  Airlines, I’m onto you.  Just go ahead and rename it ParentClass seats and be done with it.  Now why hasn’t anyone left any carrots out for me to eat?!

20130330-213251.jpgOh, and Happy Easter!


Disclaimer: Due to the exhaustion that comes from Tokyo and back in such a short amount of time I should not currently be authorized to operate heavy machinery, make chocolate milk, or type on the internet.  In rare cases extreme exhaustion has been known to cause parents to leave the milk out of the chocolate milk and steal candy from Easter baskets.  If the symptoms exist beyond 12 hours, you should contact your doctor immediately.  Has been known to cause cancer in laboratory rats. 


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  1. oh no!

    You can name it ParentClass or whatever makes you happy, as long as the kids stay away from it! This class is for adults only!

  2. I couldnt agree more that biz class is for parents that need sleep! In fact this blogpost hits right on an idea of mine that I came up with years ago when flying with our then 18 month old and on every flight since, with our now 5&7 year olds…
    Long haul flights need a family section.
    Here’s some of what could work:
    1) a whole section of plane in back
    2) missing rows or seats to give added space
    3) young employees of the airline or school volunteers or student would be child care pros… People who aspire to work in service and/or child care, etc
    4) an added cost to get seats in this section, but a special pass only allowing family members in it.
    A place for all the little kids to be, play, be awake, have room to sleep, cry, eat kids foods, kick seats or not even be able to by the design of the area, have a diaper change, etc.
    It would not be requires that one go to this section with kids but it would be far easier on you all if you do. Parents can maybe be there too but more so, it could be an in flight day car whereas parents can now even sit elsewhere in comfort getting rest! The rest they need to do the trip with their kids but in the portion that is currently the crappiest for said families.
    Someone from an airline needs to take this idea and run with it and then remember i came up with it so i get a free chocolate or something lol
    I brought it up in passing to a flight attendant years ago who witnessed us onboard with our toddler and her first reaction was to think i was trying to skirt my responsibility as a parent. But that is why this idea needs work… So it comes off as beneficial to everyone… Including the other passengers and regular crew.

  3. Your a good Mommy.
    Oh but don’t forget those in business (or coach) for that matter that are on the way home from presenting those boring PPTs ,to people who don’t care anyway, turn back into parents many times. So the seats can multitask 🙂

    @marathon man, I like the idea. The cruise lines figured out the whole kid program thing but of course they charge $6 for a beer and hundreds of dollars to travel, oh wait so do airlines 🙂

  4. Sorry but that easter basket looks like the most unhealthy thing ever and would not find its way into my hacienda

  5. I love the idea of family sections and the Easter basket looks way worse than she will ever get to eat ( tho she will undoubtably get candy today). ;). I was just too tired to portion out the candy in advance. 😉

    So true about those coming home from presenting PTTs. Totally still qualifies for ParentClass. Ha! Happy Easter everyone!

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