Redeem SPG Points for Luxury Suites at Wrigley Field

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For the most part I like to use my miles and points for travel, but every now and then I stumble across a pretty reasonable deal to use points for something else.  Over the past few years I have seen some decent opportunities to use SPG points via the “Moments by SPG” program to gain access to different events.  Today I saw some packages posted in the SPG Moments program that seem pretty decent to me if you are a baseball fan, so I wanted to share.

If you like the Cubbies and/or just want to see a game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, then you can do that by using a few thousand SPG points.  Here are a few of the packages available:

  • Two Club Box Seats for 5,000 SPG points with several games to choose from.  From looking at the Cub’s website it appears that these tickets sell for around around $100 each with the price varying some according to the specific game.  So, 5,000 points for two of them is a good deal, even though I personally value SPG points pretty highly (likely at a little over 2 cents a piece).
  • Two Luxury Suites Seats for 7,500 (this comes with food and beverage throughout the game).  From a cursory look on the Cub’s site I don’t see this type of seat for sale, but presumably if it were it would be for even more than the Club Box seats since it comes with refreshments.
  • “Take the Field Fridays” for 7,500 (includes two club box tickets and one spot for your kid 12 or younger to take the field during player introductions before the game).  The details indicate that your son or daughter will join eight other SPG(R) kids in taking the field with the Chicago Cubs during the team introductions.

There are also tickets available for Cub’s road games for 5,000 per pair and some auctions for various Cubs related experiences as well.  These tickets go through the end of the regular season, but do have limited quantities.  I’m a bit tempted myself as I would love to see the Cub’s play at Wrigley and what is more family friendly than a baseball game? …and Lord knows it’s painful to watch my own home team, the Astros, play these days. 

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  1. […] Mommy Points writes about using Starwood Points for box seats at Chicago Cubs games.  Prices for club boxes & suites are usually $75 to $100 according to the Cubs’ website, so this could be a good deal for the experience of watching the game in a private suite. […]


  1. This is an amazing value. I’ve sat at luxury suites before and this is the way to watch a game with comfortable seats, personal TVs and unlimited food and drinks. I’m surprised this is going for so cheap. The tickets are usually a couple of hundred bucks, but you can’t just walk up and buy suite tickets because the annual lease is about 100,000 per year!

  2. FreeTravelGuys, totally agree. I did it via Star MegaDo 3 to watch the Rockies and it was a great deal and a ton of fun. It’s actually better with kids too as they have a little more room to roam in those boxes.

  3. I would love to get tickets but I do not have any Spg points. Can you buy points or transfer American Express points?

  4. Cory, no watching the Astros is the painful experience. 😉
    Eric, you can transfer from MR, but the rate is pretty crummy (3:1). Easiest way to get them is via the SPG credit cards. The first 10K points deposit after first purchase so it actually is pretty quick, but won’t help you right this second.
    Gene, glad you like it! The BarclayCard is also a good deal, but I just haven’t gotten around to that one yet. This was more exciting to me right this second. 😉
    Concussioner, nice. 😉

  5. Yeah, the Astros are a pretty rough group. But at least the Astros fans got to see JJ Watt (Pride of Wisconsin) throw out the 1st pitch opening day. So, you’ve got that going for you.

  6. Argh…I just spent a bunch of time figuring out what date I want to go, and I get an error message when I try to book!

  7. You guys need to stop complaining about the Astros. We have the Miami Marlins. You’re not taking that one away from us. The Marlins are yet to score a run this season (no, that’s not a joke, really, no runs this year). I’ll take the Astros any day!

    At least we have the Miami Heat (just thought I’d throw that out there!).

  8. I was going to PM you re: all those Rihanna concert tickets available in Houston on the auction site, but figured you’d be more of the Maroon 5 type…

  9. I once bought out an entire suite (16 tickets) on a Saturday night for under $250 to see my local MLB team play. It was the end of the season just before playoffs, and needless to say, we weren’t doing well at all. THAT was a steal of a deal….brought along the extended family, and the kids enjoyed playing video games and watching TV while the adults enjoyed beverages and the excellent view.

  10. I finally got it to work, but at the last second I decided to check StubHub’s prices. I found great seats for my preferred date for about $80/pair. Given that I value StarPoints at 2.25 cpp, or $169 for 2 seats in the luxury suite, I decided not to buy this after all. I can buy lots of food with the $89 I’ll save.

  11. Does anyone know how the handle rain outs? I don’t live in Chicago, but will be in town for one of the games. Wanted to go see Wrigley Field and the suite seems like a great way to do it. But if its a rain out, I don’t want to be throwing away 7,500 points.

  12. It took a couple attempts but just got 2 tickets to the only Saturday game on the list. I think it’s worth it for the suites with food included.

  13. I have been trying to book this for the last 12 hours and keep getting a proxy system error 17 message. I have tried 3 differant PC’s and differant browsers. Any tips on how to be successful?

  14. Nick, thanks for that update!
    Tom, good job – I think so too…at least for me and the game I wanted.
    Eric, I don’t know what to say. I had not issue, but I know others have had issues. Maybe give them a call if it isn’t more cooperative today?

  15. We already had plans to go to a Cubs game, but now I’m scoring uncle of the year nominations. My 8 yr old nephew gets to run on the field with the Cubs during starting lineups!!!

    Mommy Points, this is awesome! Thanks!!!

  16. I did spend 12,500 starpoints for 4 club tickets and the run on the field experience, but to me this once in a lifetime opportunity is better than 1 night in a Cat 4 property.

    When I was a kid I would have loved to run on the field with Ryne Sandberg and Mark Grace.

  17. Awesome find, MommyPoints! For any baseball fall who has ever watched a game from a luxury suite or box seats, it is easy to see the tremendous value in this opportunity. This post demonstrates yet another reason why your blog is superior to ALL other travel blogs. You don’t take the conventional wisdom and trend of ancillary redemption being a “lesser value” stop you from finding gem opportunities, especially those which are family friendly. Keep up the good work!

  18. I picked up a luxury suite package for September 8th. Ideally I could use another ticket. If someone is interested in spliting a luxury suite package, just post here.

  19. I am still unable to book these because of a systems error. I have called and emailed with no luck. Does anyone have a special line to SPG for elites? Watching these tickets slip away is painful.

  20. has anyone who purchased a package been contacted by Starwood to confirm details?

    It said 48 hours but it’s been 4 days since Friday. Maybe they meant business hours

    @DaveRamseyisDangerous, why is he dangerous?

  21. Very nice find. I really ought to keep better track of the Starwood moments offers. They have some really attractive deals.
    7500 Starwood points: $59.25 (Vanilla + Bluebird)
    Taking my 75 year old dad to see his favorite team and sitting in a luxury box: Priceless.
    Thanks, Mommypoints!

  22. Great find. I did it for a Monday in Aug. So far no friends want to travel for the game. Their loss of a great experience.

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