European Trip: Andaz Liverpool Street Review

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For the last two nights of our European trip, we got the chance to stay at the Andaz Liverpool Street hotel. If you are unfamiliar with the Andaz chain, it is within the Hyatt family of hotels and is a bit unique compared to some of the other Hyatt brands. They are often described as “luxury boutique” hotels and I would say the ones I have stayed at, including this one, do feel that way.

This particular Andaz is in a red brick Victorian building from the late 1800’s. There are 267 rooms/suites in the Andaz Liverpool Street, but it feels like a smaller hotel (in a good way). A cool thing about Andaz hotels is that they provide complimentary mini bar drinks and snacks during your stay (non-alcoholic only). Local landline calls were also provided, and while I don’t typically care about this at all, it was actually quite helpful when I needed to make some calls during this stay and this saved me some real cash.

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This hotel is literally right down the street from the Liverpool Street Tube station, so transportation isn’t really a problem at all. Except on the weekend we were there when it seemed like every line was down for maintenance. It was a reasonable walking distance to Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, and St Paul’s Cathedral. Some may prefer to be closer to some of the attractions in the heart of London, but I personally liked this location – especially given the proximity to the Tube station.

Lobby and Check-in:

Both the lobby and the check-in process are a bit different at Andaz than at most hotels. There is no formal check-in desk, but rather hosts who walk around with iPads and help you check-in that way. It is a little different at first, but it works once you get used to it. The lobby itself was a bit dark, but very swanky and modern.  Some of the other areas of the hotel don’t feel quite as dark.  They also provide a complimentary refreshment while you check-in, if desired.

The host who assisted us with check-in was very nice and friendly and did a great job of answering all of our questions about the area and related to our Diamond benefits.


We booked the least expensive room available for our dates (a twin room to be precise), but we booked it knowing we would be using a confirmed Diamond suite upgrade to secure a much nicer and larger room. We could have used points, but since I was able to secure a suite for just £115 I decided to save points for a different stay. So, our room was the Andaz Suite thanks to the confirmed upgrade.

The bed was firmer than I am used to, as almost all European beds seem to be, but otherwise it was fine.  We actually really enjoyed chilling in bed and watching some British shows on the TV!

20130404-163701.jpg The suite consisted of a pretty standard sized bedroom with small couch, a separate room with a desk and upholstered chair, and a bathroom with both a shower and tub.  The extra space was nice, but wouldn’t really be all that useful if you were hoping for a living room for the kids to sleep in as the work area was quite small.  Though be aware that at least on the website only the Twin Room and Andaz Large King allow for two adults and a child.  There would be room to put a crib in that room, but passed that I’m not sure it is all that helpful for extra sleeping space for a family.  In other words, while it was a true suite in some respects, it wasn’t an impressive use of the extra space.

20130404-163722.jpgThe bathroom was totally adequate, but space was tight when it came to the counters and the shower.  The heated towel rack was a nice bonus though!



20130404-163805.jpgI had read some other reviews of the Andaz that talk about loud water pipes, and I have to say that we did not experience that.  I didn’t hear any noises of any sort during our stay.

Complimentary Mini-Bar and Diamond Amenity:

The Diamond amenity was a cup of chips and a jar of some type of salsa.  This is mean, but I did chuckle a little at it as my impression is that the amenities were to give a sample of the local flavor and I don’t really associate chips and salsa with London.  They tasted fine, but it just seemed odd.  They also left a bottle of Merlot.


I love the convenience and novelty of being able to take drinks from the mini-bar without having to pay for them (standard for all Andaz guests), so we enjoyed some juice, water, and sodas.  They did restock the mini-bar during our stay.  Just remember that drinks with alcohol are not free.



We took advantage of our complimentary Diamond breakfast by heading to the ground floor to the 1901 Restaurant.  It was a little bit like a goose chase following the little “Restaurant” signs all the way down, but I think it just helped to work up our appetites.

20130404-163910.jpg 1901 Restaurant is located in what was originally the Great Eastern Hotel’s ballroom and it does feel like a very grand room.


We opted for the buffet, which was pretty expensive with both hot and cold items as well as a pretty large cheese station.  They had some juices beyond the standard orange juice.

20130404-163924.jpgThere were many standard English breakfast type offerings, so it would not be hard for a late breakfast to fill you up for both breakfast and lunch, if you so desired.

20130404-163930.jpgThere were also plenty of pastries, breads, cereals, and fruits to choose from.

20130404-163933.jpgIf I had breakfast there a second time I would have ordered off the menu, but it was fun to do the buffet once and try all the various dishes available.  One of the cool things about breakfast (unrelated to the food) was that there was a cute very young child toddling around the room a little.  He didn’t stray too far from his parents, but he would wave at various tables and they all waved back.  This hotel is not traditionally one that I would say is family focused, but everyone sitting around me at breakfast that morning was all smiles thanks to that cute little toddler.

In the early evenings there are complimentary appetizers and wine in the lobby, but the timing didn’t work out for us to try those out on this visit.  You can also order breakfast via room service by using the Diamond elite benefit.

You Can Do it Too:

If you have a Diamond upgrade to burn, it is worth considering doing what I did and booking the smallest and cheapest room and then applying the upgrade.  Even if you don’t have any Diamond upgrades, you can do this by booking a room at the Hyatt Daily Rate and then using 6,000 points to upgrade to a suite for up to four nights (you have to call in to do this).  If you don’t need or want the extra space, you can use 18,000 Hyatt points (or transfer them in from the Chase Ultimate Rewards program) to book a standard room.  You can also use the two free nights that come via the Hyatt Chase Visa.

Overall Impressions:

This was a fun hotel with a good personality.  We did have one issue at check-out where the final bill presented was significantly higher than it should have been.  I think what happened was they were charging the Daily Rate for the suite instead of the cheap rate we booked for the single room.  It took a few minutes, but the problem was corrected, so just be sure to look at your bill to ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

Otherwise, we had a good experience here overall.  I wasn’t enthralled with the suite, but given what we paid for the room, it wasn’t disappointing.  The staff we encountered were all excellent and I loved being right across from the Tube station.  I do want to try out the Hyatt Churchill on a future visit to London, but I also would not hesitated to return to the Andaz Liverpool Street.

Have you stayed here?  What did you think?

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  1. British interpretations of American food (including American food itself adopted from other countries) always amuse me. I have been disappointed far too many times by a British hamburger to ever eat one again. At least the chips were edible.

  2. After three stays here in the latter half of 2012, this is without doubt my favorite hotel in London and sold me on Diamond Hyatt as my aspirational status (confirmed by subsequent stays at Park Hyatts in Seoul and Zurich). But for one stay, I was confirmed into suites that were much better than the suite you got and the one time I was in the type of suite you had I let it be known to the manager that it wasn’t doing the hotel justice and would turn off guests, especially first time ones. The thing that annoyed me was that suite had no privacy benefit from the living room and mine had no tv in that room as well. I much preferred the loft studio suite at the top and one of the grand lower suites, the latter which you can secure by asking nicely or confirming a diamond upgrade directly with hotel and not Hyatt central.

    For breakfast I never did 1901 because room service as a Diamod was so enticing to be able to stay in and order to your hearts content and Eastways a la carte breakfast was also impressive.

    Few London hotels compare unless you start going high end independent, I’m thinking Sheik level. Only thing is, this place can be expensive midweek as its a City banker/business favorite, but weekends are great value.

    • Scottrick, it amuses me too. 😉
      TopGunner, good call with the room service breakfast. We actually did that the last morning as well, but I did not order well and we were really too rushed to eat it as we had to bail to catch a different flight. Love when hotels offer that to Diamonds though!

  3. I stayed there in February and I loved it. I took a private car from LHR to the hotel and the Tube back. It was quicker taking the Tube than the car.

    I would stay there again.

  4. I haven’t stayed there but I I think you are right – a perfect location since it is so close to the Tube station. Will add to my list for our next London trip.

  5. I stayed at the Liverpool Andaz last May with 18,000 points I transferred from UR, and I had a great stay. With only platinum Hyatt status, they let me check in at around 11 AM and check out late the next day. The location by the subway is great, and Liverpool station offers a great variety of cheap eats. I would definitely stay there again.

  6. I’ve stayed there for three nights before for my first trip to London last year. Such a great hotel. Didn’t sample any of the hotel restaurants, but I loved the mini-bar access and the location of the hotel, right next to the tube station. The pub across the street was pretty rowdy as well!

  7. MarkJ, I did both as well and the car was slightly faster going back, but only because it was early Sunday AM with no one else on the road. Normally I agree that Tube is the way to go.
    You have been upgraded, glad to hear you had a good experience!
    Denise, let me know what you think after you stay there!
    BostonBen, I love that it isn’t a Cat 6 – well done.
    Mark, it is super fun being able to just grab a drink from the minibar without having to worry about the cost. 😉

  8. I’m here right now — it’s really one of the great finds in London. The breakfast is spectacular — worth at least 20 quid per person — and they treat you really well. The evening wine reception is also complimentary and worth stopping in, as is the great bars attached to the hotel.

  9. Last night I was looking for a trip report for a place to stay in London, and there was your post. Great timing. This morning I booked 3 nights for next month.

  10. The concierge service at this property is also top notch – helped me get some great tickets to a Chelsea match last month, as well as providing some great recommendations for dinner within a 10 minute walk of the hotel.

    Also enjoyed that as a Diamond, room service is complimentary. I had breakfast in 1901 one morning, but with a 930a flight the last day, I figured room service was the way to go.

  11. It always puzzled me when planning a trip to Europe. It is quite common in the US that a single hotel room accommodates two adults and two kids. Most of the hotels in Europe limits the number to 3 people. The hotel officially won’t allow you to stay a family of four in one room. Last summer when we stayed in the WA Rome, we had to pay double to get two connected rooms. Very expensive!

  12. In a similar situation this summer as we are going to London and Scotland too. My situation is a little easier as there are only 3 of us. We have the Churchill booked on points but hoping that P&C availability opens up so we can potentially use a DSU. As a backup, we also have the Andaz reserved on a P&C stay but there isn’t a suite available with my DSU. They said the DSU is available for cash bookings but not P&C at this time. I prefer the location and neighborhood of the Churchill over the Andaz. The suite upgrade at the Andaz also doesn’t excite me. We’ll just wait and see if anything opens up in the coming weeks. Edinburgh is a little easier as we are staying in the Sheraton. I originally wanted the Q&V hotel but my Club Carlson cert doesn’t work for Quorvus hotels and only have enough Carlson points for 1 night.

    • Agree – would prefer Churchill this time, but they were a firm no to four even in a suite. Really would love to try there though. Andaz was much more accommodating.

      • Just an update. At the Churchill, P&C nights opened up this week for our dates and we are confirmed in a suite with a DSU! Its only a short stay in London and then off to Scotland. London, Edinburgh and Glasgow are now all set using points stays. The rest of the trip in the Highlands will have to be cash bookings.

        How are you guys travelling between London and Scotland – train, air or car? I am looking into trains but also considering Avios flights or low cost airlines like easyjet.

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