My Experience Transferring Wyndham Points to US Airways With 50% Bonus

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A couple of weeks ago I shared the news that US Airways was again offering a popular promo that offers a 50% bonus when transferring hotel points in from select hotel partners, including Wyndham Rewards.  Since the transfer ratio from Wyndham Rewards is actually pretty good with the bonus, I transferred some of my own points both because it was a good deal, and to test out a couple of things that a few folks had questioned.  Before I get into how that went, here is a quick recap of some of the details regarding the promo:

No registration is required. Just click on a hotel logo on this page, log in to your account and convert your points to miles from April 1-30, 2013 (eligible activity date by 4/30: Eligible activity date is based on the date the qualifying partner records the mileage transaction, and not necessarily the date on which the transaction occurred).  Dividend Miles members will earn only one bonus when they transfer hotel points into Dividend Miles during the promotion.
Here are the participating partners and example transfer rates with the total including the 50% bonus in parenthesis:

Best Western: 5,000 points to 1,000 miles (1,500 miles)

Choice Hotels: 5,000 Choice points to 1,000 dividend miles (1,500 miles)

Club Carlson: 2,000 points to 250 miles (375 miles), 50,000 points to 8,000 miles (12,000), 100,000 points to 18,000 miles (27,000 miles)

Hilton: 10,000 points to 850 miles (1,275 miles)

La Quinta: 6,000 points to 1,000 miles (1,500 miles) or 10,000 points to 2,000 miles (3,000)

Marriott: 10,000 points to 2,000 miles (3,000 miles), 20,000 points to 5,000 miles (7,500), 125,000 points to 50,000 miles (75,000)

Priority Club: 10,000 points to 2,000 miles (3,000 miles)

Wyndham: 8,000 points to 3,200 miles (4,800 miles), 17,500 points to 7,000 miles (10,500), 30,000 points to 12,000 miles (18,000 miles)

One of the things that had people concerned was a typo in the terms that indicated the last date that activity from a qualifying partner can be received by US Airways for bonus miles consideration is April 10, 2013.  Most of us believed that was a typo carried over from the terms the last time the promo ran, and indeed that language has now been updated to say the deadline for them to receive the info is May 10, 2013 (though the last eligible activity date is 4/30).

Another concern was that since you can only get bonus miles for one transaction (the first one that US Airways receives), this would present a problem for those who want to transfer larger numbers of Wyndham Reward points since you can only transfer in three set amounts shown in bold above.  However, you do have the option of transferring multiple quantities of those set amounts at the same time.

I selected two sets of the 17,500 points to 7,000 miles option.  Just as I hoped it would, the system batched that into one transfer of 14,000 miles, so I will get a 50% bonus of 7,000 US Airways miles on the full amount within the next few weeks.

There is always the risk that the system will not fully cooperate and your results will be different, but it is likely if you select multiple quantities of Wyndham points at the same time that the whole thing will batch together as one transfer so that you can receive the 50% bonus on the full amount that you want to transfer in.  I see other reports on this Flyertalk thread with others having the same experience that I did.

For those who bought Wyndham Reward points via the Daily Getaways in previous years (and that promo is returning again this year), if you transfer the points during this promo you are essentially getting US Airways miles for less than half a cent each (depending on which packages you purchased via the Daily Getaways).  At that rate this is the same as getting a round trip ticket to anywhere in the US or Canada at the 25,000 mile level for $107.  To put it another way, it is a business class round trip ticket for 100,000 miles from the US to Europe for $428.  While I only very rarely buy miles/points, at that price, I’m always interested.

On a related note, I have also read success stories of those using Marriott Rewards Travel Packages to transfer in miles for this promo at a pretty good rate.  Let me know if you have transferred points to US Airways miles during this promo and how the process has gone for you!

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  1. I did the Marriott Travel Package with 120k miles and the miles posted within 2 days. Just waiting on the 60k bonus, now.

  2. I transferred some Club Carlson points on 4/1 but the miles posted with an activity date of 3/31. Will this disqualify me from the bonus miles? I am not sure how I would go about getting it corrected.

  3. i did WR in 3 different same day transactions to accommodate all my points and all 3 are posted with a check in the bonus column. Hopefully that means the 50% bonus for them all.

  4. I also did a Marriott travel package at 120K miles. It posted immediately, with a green check mark, so my 120 should become 180K fairly soon.

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