Sometimes the World is Small

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Sometimes I feel like the world is big.  Sometimes it feels small.  Sometimes the world is wonderful beyond words, and sometimes it is sad, scary, and tragic.  I think for most of us in the miles and points world it felt pretty small yesterday when we learned about the bombs in Boston.  Many of us have friends and family scattered around not just the country, but the world.  Naturally we turn to social media or our phones to try and make sure our loved ones are okay.  We may be thousands of miles away from tragedy when it strikes, but our hearts aren’t nearly that far removed.

Miles sites like this one will keep posting about miles because that is what we do, and travel can make the world smaller and more wonderful.  However, our thoughts are very much with those impacted both mentally and physically by the events in Boston yesterday.

Along those lines I also wanted to share that many airlines have relaxed their change fee policies for travel in and out of Boston for April 15 – 17th.  Here are links to the policies for a few airlines:

On Twitter I noticed that many hotels in the Boston area were also being flexible with travelers who need to change their immediate travel plans as a result of the events yesterday, so be sure to reach out to your individual hotel if that impacts you.  Hugs to everyone involved – we are all thinking of you.


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  1. The world of miles and points certainly feel very small to me yesterday.

    The reality is that things happen everywhere (not just in Boston), but it is jarring when it hits so close to home. It was a really nice day yesterday by all accounts prior to the explosions – families were enjoying a nice day off, folks were cheering on the marathoners, and kids were enjoying a nice day with their families (it is – after all – a school vacation week).

    The fact is that things like this – where some people want to kill innocent people – shouldn’t even happen at all (anywhere). Unfortunately, there are some nutjobs out there who want to ruin it all for others. Reality is what it is; I just don’t want people to become desensitized by events like this.

    P.S. No one is denying that horrible things happen daily all over the world. It happens, but it shouldn’t.

  2. Bravo for this post, MP. It’s hard to know how to address such a mind sad situation but I think this is a great way to handle it.

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