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If you have a football fanatic in your home (I have several), then you likely already know that the 2013 NFL Football Schedule has just recently been released with the team match-ups, cities, and dates now available for the season that starts in less than five months.  Not that anyone is counting…

What does this mean for points junkies who are also football fanatics?  It means it is time to start strategizing.  Football stadiums can hold upwards of 80,000 fans, and while some fans live locally, many travel in for the games and need hotel rooms – preferably ones either near the stadium, or close to other fun attractions.  This means that it is better to go ahead and secure one now than wait and potentially lose the option to pay with points, or have to spend more cash as they book up closer to the date of the game.  In fact, we just picked a Kansas City Chiefs game that we are going to try to make this fall and locked in a SPG cash and points award now to ensure we don’t end up paying more than we want later.  If our plans change we can cancel that particular reservation until the day before with no penalty.

It also means you should start watching airfares to games you are interested in attending.  I have found that using Chiefs football games is a great way to get my husband to travel to cities that otherwise would be a tougher sell, so you might be able to employ that strategy on an otherwise travel resistant partner.  Almost all major US cities have an NFL team, so check out your team’s away games for this season and see if any of the destinations look enticing.

Of course if you are hoping to use airline miles to get to the game(s) of your choice, then as soon as you see availability it makes sense to grab it, since there is no guarantee it will still be there as the months tick by.

NFL tickets themselves for individual games don’t go on sale for a couple more months, but many hotels have pretty flexible cancellation policies for most rates/award reservations (though always double check), so I recommend securing rooms now for games you are hoping to attend just to be on the safe side.

Let’s hope the Chiefs win more games than last year…including the one we hope to attend!  Anyone else planning to see some live NFL action this year?

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  1. You should never have a problem getting a room or tickets for a Chiefs game.

    I imagine both are readily available. Haha.

  2. I’ve already checked the Pittsburgh Steeler’s schedule and they play the Miami Dolphins in December. Guess who will be heading to Miami to enjoy the sunshine????

  3. Adam, but this is gonna be THE season. Well, we can’t get much worse… 😉
    Linda, woohoo! Use some Avios and jet to Miami!
    Flyer94, super cool!

  4. The Chargers have a bunch of home games in December – San Diego has great weather at Christmas time. 🙂 I invite you KC fans to a butt kicking on Dec 29th – we will happily take your tourist dollars and then send you packing. 😉

  5. Great Post.. Thank you. I find easier to travel away from NYC to see my teams play in other venues… Costs about the same as two beers at METLIFE as it would for hotel stays !!! ha ha

  6. Do many of the hotel rooms in cities normally get booked out during regular season football games? I thought most of the fans would be locals who’d drive in for the day.

  7. Enjoy watching a Denver Broncos victory in that photo? 😉 In all reality, it would be nice to see the chefs competitive again. .. so long as the raiders always suck

  8. Btw, I’m ecstatic that I now get to attend the manning bowl in nyc thanks to the football gods matching them up when I’m out there in Sept. And for all the afc west fans out there, you best pray that Peyton retires sooner rather than later. The division is ours as long as he plays

  9. You’re gonna be disappointed by, no matter how good the KC players are, the number of games the new coach is going to lose for you. Looking forward to booing him one last time on Sept. 19.

  10. It likely depends on the team as to how many fans would need hotel rooms. But if you can get a room without penalty on points, it doesn’t hurt to do it now. Also bigger cities like Detroit, Chicago, etc. likely have more available rooms than some of the smaller football cities.

  11. Next time you come to my ‘hood let me buy you guys a drink. I work about 2 min from Mile High. I’ll wear my Manning jersey.

  12. Be careful in Oakland. Not big Chiefs fans there.
    I don’t think there is anything more exciting than a Chiefs Monday night home game though.
    Go Chiefs !!

  13. I’m a big Raiders/49ers fan (sorry, Gabriel). Hope Alex Smith gets some help from his supporting cast in KC this year.

  14. I’ve had Colts season tickets with my dad since the mid 1990s… We don’t usually sell off too many of our tickets, but this year Peyton is coming back on Sunday Night football and selling our two seats could pretty much pay for the entire season… it is really tempting.

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