3,500 FlexPoints (worth up to $70) for $50 Neiman Marcus Purchase (possibly targeted)

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I have not been using my U.S. Bank FlexPerks Visa much since I hit the required 40,000 points to get two $400 airline tickets, but an email I received today from US Bank will pull the card out of temporary retirement.  This promo may very well be targeted, but it is worth looking on the promos section of the US Bank website if you have a FlexPerks card to see if your account is eligible.

The details of this promo are:

Earn 3,500 bonus FlexPoints when you shop at Neiman Marcus.
Neiman Marcus has your favorite designers’ spring styles, and now they come with your favorite rewards as a bonus. Simply spend $50 or more in a single purchase at Neiman Marcus or neimanmarcus.com using your FlexPerks® Travel Rewards Visa Signature® card, and you’ll earn 3,500 bonus FlexPoints anytime from May 6 through May 19, 2013.

It does not indicate that you need to go from the FlexPerks site to Neiman Marcus, so presumably you could also go through a shopping portal like Ultimate Rewards and earn some extra points on top of the 3,500 you will earn from using the registered FlexPerks card.  I’m not fancy enough for much of the Neiman Marcus gear, but my daughter and I love wearing comfy Tom’s Shoes and they carry those, so that will be our likely purchase.  Her feet are always growing, so it is a purchase I would have to make eventually.  Doing it during the promo will just make it that much more rewarding!

Let me know if you are also eligible for this promo!


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  1. I did not get the targeted email, but found the offer inside my FlexPerks account. I don’t usually shop at NM, so I wasn’t sure what to get… I figured out that I could restock on my Clinique products at NM. I’ll put in an order for concealer and powder in a few weeks. (Perhaps that idea will be useful for some other ladies who don’t usually shop at NM.)

    The order will put me over 60,000 points. I’m still not sure if I’ll split my loot into 3 tickets or two. Decisions, decisions. Yay! And buying makeup once is so much easier than trying to charge over 3 grand on a card.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I might have ignored my promotional email. I see I’m targeted, and this will get me over the 40,000 threshhold for a flight.

  3. Look carefully through the rest of your promos, too. I got one (in the same email) for another 3500 if I spend $500 on my card in May + June. Presumably, these stack as well. I hope there are more of you that got that, because I imagine our spending patterns are similar… got the card, put enough spend to get over the threshold for a ticket, and then put it on the bottom of the stack.

  4. Yes, I do Daily Feats which is 250 every quarter and I’m into KIVA for several thousand, mostly in parts of South America I am familiar with. Accion Texas may also have KIVA opportunities closer to home.

    BTW, Flexperks is also one of the programs you can transfer points between accounts providing the ability to pool resources for trips.

  5. Hi,

    I see I also have this promo on my account. Do you think I can just buy a $50 gift card from the neiman marcus website and charge it on my fleperks card to get the points? Will that count? I just dont think I need anything right now that I can buy.
    Please suggest.

  6. Just FYI I see that Neiman Marcus is 14% cash back on Ebates today, so I’m buying some discounted UnderArmour stuff from there (usually not discounted much except at the outlets, and prices are not bad).

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