Newest 50,000 Mile Sign-up Offer! (Can Use for United Flights)

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Update: The offer is now 20k miles after first purchase. 

Looks like Barclay’s Bank is the most recent credit card issuer to toss out a new 50,000 mile sign-up bonus – this time for the Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard.  I’m loving these big offers and wanted to make sure you knew the basics of this one – especially since the value isn’t necessarily intuitive for those of us in the US who don’t typically fly on Lufthansa.

Application Link: Premier Miles & More World MasterCard®

There is also a link outlined in post #3 of this Flyertalk thread to a similar offer that only has a $2,500 spending requirement.  The biggest downside to that offer (other than the lack of a landing page if that matters to you), is that the terms indicate that you may be approved for a lesser card with a lesser sign-up bonus of just 5,000 miles – which is a real risk with Barclay’s.  The official $5,000 offer does not have that reduced sign-up bonus caveat in the terms, so you need to decide which one makes more sense for you.

Just like how the British Airways Visa is actually really useful for those who fly American Airlines domestically, this Lufthansa card can be pretty valuable for those who want to fly in the US on Star Alliance partners United or US Airways.  The price for a domestic round trip ticket in the US (other than Hawaii) is 25,000 miles for economy or just 35,000 for business class – which equates to domestic first on United (but not on US Airways due to how they code their first class).  This is a tremendous deal since it normally would cost 50,000 United miles for that same ticket.  Once you spend the $5K to hit the spending bonus, you will have 55,000 miles, which is enough for a round trip ticket in first class within the US on United.  In addition, you will still have enough left over for another one-way in first or you are just 5,000 miles short of a round trip coach ticket within the US.

Of course many of us don’t care that much about a premium cabin, so you could also just use the 50,000 miles for two round trip economy tickets on United or US Airways within the US (minus Hawaii).  That is a very good deal for a card that comes with just a $79 annual fee! Another option is to use your Lufthansa miles for Lufthansa flights, but there are fuel surcharges if you go that route.  However, they do offer a 25% discount on the number of miles required for an award ticket for children ages 2-11 on flights operated by Adria Airways, Austrian Airlines Group, Air Dolomiti, Brussels Airlines, Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Luxair and SWISS.  Truthfully, if I got the card my focus would be to use the miles for domestic flights within the US on United.

I will also add that Lufthansa Miles typically expire after three years.  That can be avoided by using the credit card every single month, but that sounds too complicated for me personally, so the better strategy is to plan to use the miles in the first three years (preferably sooner since I don’t trust award charts to remain constant for several years).  You also must call in to book your award on United or US Airways.

This card isn’t perfect for everyone, but it is a pretty darn good offer if you redeem the miles strategically.  It also is from Barclays instead of Chase, Amex, and Citi, so that is a positive if you are trying to avoid having too many applications or accounts with those banks.


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  1. I think you’d do we’ll to point out to people that US airways will be moving to American/OneWorld within a year, and that the US airways option won’t last super long, so this isn’t a good card if you’re planning to sit on the miles and use them on US down the road.

  2. You state that the $5K spend requirement does not have the T&C about being given a lesser card; however, the superscript 1 on the landing page says just that.

  3. Please – I need advise for a rookie. I did my first churn in February with a Sapphire and Delta (son was flying Delta). We just flew USAir and plan on flying them again for our next family vacation to St. Martin. I was planning on using my Sapphire Rewards and getting one for my husband so $1000 towards travel. I was also expecting to do the US Air 40K deal that was offered on the plane by making a phone call to see if I could still take advantage of it (the spending amount was less) but wanted to wait at least three months since the last churn. Do I wait? Do I try it now? Am I better with the lower minimum spend so I can do both my husband’s Sapphire and a US Air at the same time? Or is the extra 10k worth the added spending amount? Thanks. NO worries with our credit score. Thanks.

  4. Mark, do you mean cha ching for those who get two domestic flights for a $79 annual fee?! 😉
    Zach, I don’t recommend ever sitting on miles, but yes once US leaves Star Alliance you will not have that redemption option. Though I personally like United as a better redemption option, but that may vary from person to person.
    RJ, I should have been more clear – yes you can still get the lesser card under this offer, but the terms indicate you will still get the full bonus (which is presumably the more important factor to most). With the 2.5K offer you can get the lesser card and the lesser bonus. The terms state: Award Miles: Applicants who are approved for the Premier World and Platinum MasterCard will receive 20,000 award miles after the first use of the new account for a Purchase or Balance Transfer (that is not later returned or rescinded) and have paid the Annual Fee on the account and will receive an additional 30,000 award miles after at least $5,000 in Net Purchases (that are not later returned or rescinded) – hope that helps!
    JL100, that is pretty much always the case with partners, but United has pretty solid Saver availability. However, if that doesn’t work for you then this is not a good offer in your case.
    Michelle, you can use them for something other than a domestic flight, but that would be under a different type of award on their award chart. Not sure if that helps you or not. In terms of applications, when you are brand new to getting rewards cards you can usually get away with bunching a few together at first, but then I do recommend getting on a 3 month cycle for most.

  5. What does FarEast mean in LHs language? What countries can you travel. The companion ticket fine print reads:
    “Application: select published fares in Economy Class. The paID Economy Class ticket must be for travel departing from the U.S. to Europe/Middle East/Africa and Far East”.

    Also, is there a way to check a ball park pricing for the companion ticket eligible price on a specific travel. It is mentioned you have to call their customer care and the pricing on could be lower at times. Which code classes are eligible?

  6. Can I use these Lufthansa miles to book for other family members on US Air/United? Not too familiar with the flexibility of their program.

    Thanks for all you do!

  7. Do you have to call in to book Star Alliance reward flights?

    I was about to apply for this card, but I started playing around with the Lufthansa website and trying to book award seats within the USA. My home airport (CVG) is not served by Lufthansa and it did not offer me an option to book a partner. Did I do something wrong?

  8. The 5K spending requirement is too high just for a domestic ticket (~ $300.00 value) . I’d rather get the Southwest card and get two tickets. Or if you have a business, get the Ink Bold and get the same amount of miles, more flexibility and easier ways to accumulate more points.

    Not at good card imho.

  9. Neil, yes you can use your miles for someone else.
    LMR, yeah it is mentioned in the post but US or United have to be booked by phone. You didn’t do anything wrong. Just find the saver availability on United’s website then you can call Lufthansa to book.
    Jason, $5K is too high from some folks and is a drop in the bucket for others. The Southwest offer is awesome, but I think the 50k version is targeted right now. Of course, the true junkie would say eventually get both. 😉 I also love the Ink Bold, but I know not everyone wants a biz card…then again, I say eventually get both. 😉

  10. Come on! 1Offer subject to credit approval. Benefits will vary depending upon the card for which you are approved. Not everyone will qualify for the Premier World MasterCard. If at the time of your application you do not meet the credit criteria previously established for this offer, or the income you report is insufficient based on your obligations, we may not be able to open an account for you or you may receive a Platinum MasterCard which has fewer benefits.

  11. That is one of the better offers that I’ve seen so far this year – and the annual fee of $79 is not bad. I don’t recall seeing that it is waived for the first year, but still not too bad. I wonder how long the offer will run. Why? Generating the $5k-in-90 spend at this time of year would be a challenge. If I could start my spending clock in late July or early August, it would be easy. The other terms seem quite reasonable. I agree that ‘strategic’ use of the award miles for domestic carriage is an excellent choice (even if UA’s domestic service is, ahem, [insert nasty word] is at or near the bottom of the barrel). I wonder…

  12. Truthfully I find little appeal in this offer. The spend requirement is too big for a card that is useful primarily for domestic flights due to obscene “fuel surcharges”, and for a program that comes with mileage expiration in 36 months regardless of account activity (or you must keep using the card every month, which means paying annual fees repeatedly to avoid mileage expiration). I suppose if one already has all the cards that can get you actual AA, UA, MR, US, AS, WN and UR points, the card could have some utility, but I’d put it way down the list after all of those.

  13. I think fuel surcharges are minimal or zero with partner LOT.

    Are there other ex-USA partners with low YQ?

  14. I’m still thinking about this one. I just signed my hubby up for the SPG Amex card which has a $5k spend in 6 months, so I’m not sure if I can handle this one too. (I need to get the SPG points first because I am using them on a trip to Thailand next March) Even though some comments above say it’s not a good deal, I still think it is.

    Question about that companion ticket though. It says it is valid only on Lufthansa operated flights. I suppose Lufthansa operates some flights within the US? Is it for only domestic US or can it be used for international as well? I read the conditions of the companion ticket and it doesn’t specifically say “domestic US only”

  15. al613, yes but it says the bonus is the same for both cards. Presumably, that is what most people are interested in.
    Cook, I agree it is a pretty good offer (at least for some). I have no clue how long the offer will run, but if now isn’t a good time for the spending requirement then I would just keep my fingers crossed that it hangs around for a bit.
    Dave, isn’t at the top of my list either, but also isn’t at the bottom. For me it is in the middle (but I really like UA for the most part, so that increases that value for me).
    tassojunior, my understanding is LOT, US, and UA.
    LMR, I agree it is a solid deal – not the best out there, but not at the bottom of the pack by any stretch. My understanding on the companion ticket is that it doesn’t turn out to be a very good deal at all. Lufthansa does operate some flights from the US, but not intra-US.

    • mommypoints Seems you are correct. Interesting how they offer this platinum card with different bonuses.

      • al613, yeah I have seen some versions of the Barclay’s US Airways Card offer that work in this manner as well. It is confusing, but at least it is spelled out if you dig into the terms. 😉

  16. Regarding the Companion Pass: As the T&C states, the ticket must be “H” class or higher.

    There is no online way to find “H” class tix; you must call to get 866-461-5399, x1 to get prices. I tried to price out a ticket from DEN-EBB, but there were no H class tix available for that route.

    Further, Agent said that H class tix are often 2x the price of regular economy.

    Plus, the Companion pass still must pay taxes and, I believe, fuel charges.

    I’ve decided not to pursue this. Too much hassle and not much value for my purposes.

    So, my conclusion is that the CP is a red herring.

  17. The word from F/T is that the $2,500 offer is dead. Yes, you still get an application page, but your application will not go thru. Of course, for anyone who has VR cards at their local CVS, the entire $5K minimum spend is only $40 in VR fees.

    • Robert, thanks for the update. The 5K offer was always my favorite anyway due to the more favorable terms if you get the lesser card, but glad to know this further info!

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