Atlanta With a Kid: Hyatt Regency Atlanta Review

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A couple of months ago my husband, daughter, and I headed to Atlanta as part of a quick getaway to that part of the country. As part of our trip we had a night in Atlanta at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta that is located downtown on Peachtree Street. This is a very large hotel with well over 1,000 rooms and I presume it regularly hosts conferences and events. The weekend we were there it was hosting a very large kid’s dance competition, so you can just imagine the semi-chaos that was going on as a result! However, the hotel seemed to manage the influx well and our daughter loved seeing all the girls in their dance costumes.


The Lobby and Check-in:

We had reserved a room on a relatively inexpensive rate and were assigned a room on the Club Floor. It seems that this hotel is coming off a pretty major renovation.


20130501-145419.jpgIt is a 22 story atrium style hotel (which was apparently quite impressive when it first opened in the 1960’s), and it has a very large and open lobby.  Our service checking in was fine and we were informed that the Regency Club would be open on Saturday, but would not have any staff or food service.  I asked if that meant I would get the 2,500 for a closed Regency Club since it wasn’t really functional and I was told that they would check.  In the end I never did get the points for a closed club from the hotel, but I did when I explained the situation to Hyatt Gold Passport via email. 


20130501-145447.jpgThe Lobby Bar and Market:

In the rear of the lobby is a bar and a decently stocked small market.  Both were very busy the weekend we were there.  I loved that there were snacks and drinks so easily accessible – a huge plus when traveling with a small kiddo.



Sway Restaurant:

While we are on the topic of food options in the lobby, there is a full service restaurant called Sway that is located immediately to your left when you enter the building.  Sway is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and supports local supplies whenever possible.

20130501-145551.jpgWe visited for breakfast to take advantage of my Diamond breakfast benefits (since the Regency Club was not serving breakfast that day).  To save time we opted for the buffet and there were many stations of both hot and cold food, including a made-to-order omelet station.


I opted for southern grits and coffee which were both good.

20130501-145637.jpgOthers at my table went for the carb-o-licious deluxe sampler platter.  😉  I have no complaints about the food here at all, and I’m sure the made to order stuff would have been even better.  However, we were charged for the breakfast as Diamonds and an email to the hotel didn’t get the issue resolved.  I still need to pick up the phone and get that cleared up, but I hate having to chase benefits.


The Room:

The room was clean, comfortable, and updated.  It wasn’t overly spectacular, but for that rate and that location we didn’t need or expect it to be.



20130501-145749.jpgMy favorite feature of the room was the RoomLinx on the TV.  The night we were there the weather was cold and rainy, so after dinner all we wanted to do was hang out in the room and watch a (kid friendly) movie together.  With this we were able to log into our Netflix account and watch a show just like we would at home.  It was awesome!


We also ordered room service via the RoomLinx TV, which was pretty fun and really easy.  Doesn’t get much better than dessert, a family friendly movie, and snuggling up in bed after a long day of travel!  I loved that the RoomLinx made it so incredibly easy for all of that to happen.

The room also had a balcony – though those always make me nervous when traveling with a three year old.  We didn’t really go out there at all due to the cold and not wanting our daughter to know it was an option.

20130501-145827.jpgThe Bathroom:

When you first entered the room the bathroom was immediately to the left.  I like that the bathroom is segregated a little from the bedroom so you can get up and go to it as needed without the noise/light necessarily waking up a sleeping kiddo.

20130501-145850.jpgThe bathroom was simple but modern, and again totally fine.  The only thing I didn’t like was that it was shower-only.  This is such a bummer with a young kid.  If memory serves correctly we let her just skip a full bath that night hoping that our hotel the following night would have a real tub.


20130501-145922.jpgThe only thing I really didn’t like about the room was on the walk to the room how low the wall was separating you from a 22 floor drop to the lobby floor.  Knowing my own three-year-old, kids that age love to climb and explore, and it wouldn’t take much more than a blink for that to have a very tragic consequence here.  Of course we had an eye on our kid the whole time, but if you had multiple kids and/or were otherwise distracted this would be an even greater drawback.  Or maybe I am just being overly paranoid….


The Regency Club:

While we were there the regency was open in that you could walk-in, but as the sign below indicated, food and bar service were closed.  I believe this was the case on weekends for a while, but I see no indication on their website that it is still closed on the weekends, so I’m not sure if that is still an issue or not.

20130501-150013.jpgThe Regency Club itself was large and beautiful.  It was part of the massive renovation that just wrapped up, and the work and money they put into it shows.




20130501-150123.jpgThankfully we were still able to grab a couple of non-alcoholic drinks to take back to the room with us even though the club wasn’t fully operational.



20130501-150202.jpgWorkout Facilities:

We didn’t have the time to get in a workout on this trip, but we did stop by the workout facilities in order to snap a few quick pictures.  It seemed to have a good selection of machines and, as you can tell, it was not at all busy while we were there.






The Hyatt Regency Atlanta is in a fantastic location in downtown Atlanta.  If you are riding on the MARTA it is at the Peachtree Center Station stop next to the Peachtree Center Mall.  It is also walking distance to tons of family friendly attractions such as the World of Coca Cola, the Georgia Aquarium, and the Centennial Olympic Park.  I will post more on our visits to those attractions in the second Atlanta post, but it was a pretty easy walk from the hotel to all of those places.

You Can Do it Too:

We paid around $100 or so for our weekend night at this hotel, so for us that was a better deal than spending 12,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points since it is a Category 3 hotel, but if we were really cash strapped we certainly could have opted for using Hyatt points.  We also could have transferred in Ultimate Reward points to Hyatt or even used UR points (or various other points) as cash to cover the booking.  In fact, at $100ish for the night, we would have been better served using Ultimate Reward points as cash (1.25 cents each) since it would have required just 8,000 UR points at $100 if booked through the UR portal using points, as opposed to 12,000 if you transferred them to Hyatt to redeem as an award stay.  Though I value my points higher than that so we just went with plain old cash.

Overall Impressions:

We had minor hiccups with the stay, but nothing that would stop us from returning again.  I think the location was great, the price was totally fair, and the property is fresh off of a renovation.  I think the Regency Club is especially attractive compared to most, and I highly recommend the cobbler dessert.

Have you been here before (either pre- or post-remodel)?  What did you think?  Would you go again?

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  1. Thanks for the review! Atlanta is one of my all-time favorite cities for nice hotels at great prices. My family and I have stayed there a couple of times and it is really easy to find some great deals (I think I have even seen the St. Regis in the low $200s in the past). Thanks for adding a hotel to our stay list next time we are in town!

  2. Looks like a nice stay in Atlanta. The Grand Hyatt (and surely the new Hyatt in Midtown) has a little better experience overall. The Grand Hyatt in Buckhead will drive you to pretty much anywhere within a 5 mile radius of Buckhead. But my favorite for out of town guests is the St Regis on C&P rates.

  3. Looks like you had a nice stay. Considering the number of convention goers we get–last I saw ATL was #2 behind Vegas in annual convention attendance–it’s good that there’s such a nicely-renovated option, especially in that part of town. Buckhead area hotels are probably a little nicer overall, but aren’t as convenient to some of the attractions and convention sites.
    I look forward to your reviews of the tourist sites, and hope your 2nd post is as positive about my hometown as this one!

  4. Charlie, hotels were very inexpensive – St. Regis is on my list for next time!
    The Weekly Flyer, good to know! We went with walkable to the few things we were going to have time to do, but St. Regis is on my radar for next time!
    autolycus, we had a blast on our day in Atlanta. Look forward to sharing those details. We loved the walkable location of this hotel to the few things we had time to do. 😉

  5. Glad you enjoyed it! I agree with everyone else that Buckhead and the Grand Hyatt would be a better location/hotel (I am biased though because we used the Grand Hyatt for our wedding guests), and typically I wouldn’t suggest people stay in downtown Atlanta because it really shuts down at night/weekends, vs Midtown or Buckhead. Hope you guys enjoyed the rest of Atlanta, it really is a family friendly city!

  6. Thank you for the review. I’ve gotten reservations at this hotel using Hyatt’s pricematch guarantee for $88/night, but I’ve always had to cancel them for some reason or another. I really like the Grand Hyatt in Atlanta, but have wondered about this property.

  7. I agree about the low wall. I generally don’t like atrium style hotels for that reason. Being open at the middle like that makes me nervous.

  8. I stayed at the hotel between Christmas and New Years, and experienced the same non-staffed regency club. I didn’t see anything on the website either and thought it might be because of the holidays. It’s clear I was wrong!

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