What to do if you Lose Your US Airways Companion Pass Coupon

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It’s looking like I might be heading to a mini family reunion in the mountains of North Carolina this summer for a long weekend.  I met up with these same cousins in the Outer Banks last year, and the places under serious consideration this year are all within driving distance of Charlotte – a US Airways hub.  Flights seem to be in the $350 – 400ish range, so not quite where I would want to use miles, but also not really in the range I want to pay for a 1,000 mile domestic ticket at $350 – $400 x 3 either.  Who wouldn’t want to shell out miles/cash to get these six crazy little ones together?!

Since Charlotte is a US hub, and I could get a non-stop flight from Houston on a US Airways plane, this would be a very good opportunity to use the $99 companion coupon that comes with my US Airways MasterCard.  That way I would just pay for my ticket at the full price of $350 – $400 and then my husband and daughter could both be on the same roundtrip flight for just $99 each.  That brings the cost of the flights for the three of us back into the more reasonable range.

We aren’t quite to the point of pulling the trigger on the flights, but I headed to my “credit card cabinet” to make sure I still had the coupon they send each year upon account renewal.  It wasn’t there.  I looked in all the other likely locations around the house, and it wasn’t there either.  Ugh.  Who knows what happened, but apparently something went wrong between arriving in the mailbox and being safely placed in the credit card materials cabinet.

Before continuing on what could be a futile search for this envelope, I sent Barclays a message via their secure message feature on the website.  I explained that I had misplaced the certificate (but not used it), and nicely asked if it was possible to get a replacement.  Thankfully, they said yes.  If you are curious, here was their full response:

Thank you for contacting us regarding your US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard.  We can certainly address your inquiry regarding the benefit on your account.

We are sorry to hear that you were not able to receive your companion certificate. Our records show that it was requested on November 13, 2012; however, for your convenience, we have ordered a replacement of your us airways Kit. This includes the Annual $99 companion certificate, club day pass and more. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. It will be sent in a dark blue oversized envelope to the address we have on file. Please be on the look out for it because our systems prevent us from mailing any additional replacements. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please keep in mind that you must use your us airways airways mastercard to purchase a roundtrip ticket of $250 or more to qualify for the $99 companion certificate. Note that us airways also requires that you must have the actual companion certificate in hand to book travel. To book your companion certificate, you will need the companion certificate number and the tour code. Both are printed directly on the certificates themselves. Please know that companion certificates must be redeemed through the us airways reservations center. They cannot be redeemed online. Please be advised that companion certificates must be booked for the related travel after the travel activation date on the certificate and before the purchase expiration date on the certificate. Ticket purchase and travel are subject to specific expiration guidelines.

I am super grateful they are able to send me a replacement, and I’ll be extra careful with this one.  In case you aren’t overly familiar with this perk of having the US Airways card, the companion certificate is awarded annually and comes with the following rules:

  • The certificate is valid for one or two companion tickets (see below for details), valid for round-trip coach class travel within and between the contiguous U.S. and Canada when the primary cardholder purchases a qualifying ticket (minimum fare purchase of $250 required).
  • For the qualifying ticket and the companion tickets(s), all passengers are responsible for the payment of the additional taxes, fees and charges which are not included in the qualifying ticket minimum fare ($250) or the companion certificates
  • Other companion certificates restrictions apply including advance purchase requirements and black-out dates and will be provided on the actual certificate.  The black-out dates for 2013 are: Jan 5, 6, Feb 15, 24, Mar 8, 10, 15, 17, 28, 29, Apr 1, 6, 7, May 24, Jun 28, 29, Jul 6, 7, 28, Aug 4, Dec 1, 2, 20, 21, 28, 29, 30.
  • Valid on flights operated by US Airways and US Airways Express. Not valid on codeshare flights operated by partner airlines (such as United).
  • You do earn miles on the tickets – though I have read they have to be credited to US Airways (which would be a slight bummer, but not enough to make me not use the certificates.)

For more info on the current US Airways MasterCard offers head to my Top Credit Card Deals page.  If you think your family has a reasonable chance of using the companion certificates, then that is just an added reason to keep this card beyond the first year…just like I am doing.  Thankfully there seems to be a fix if you lose your certificates.  If this happens to you, just ask nicely for a new one and hope this policy remains in effect!



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  1. I threw away my CP tickets last year but this year I might use them to fly to LA. Too bad they can’t be used for the Caribbean.

  2. It’s really exciting that you have actually found a use for this certificate. Over the last year or two my family’s gotten 5 of these certificates, and we’ve never had an opportunity to use them. I wish I could transfer them to someone else, but I think the cardholder has to travel.

  3. That’s a great deal that you can use 1 companion certificate for two tickets! Much better than what Delta offers! That USAir card may be a keeper.

  4. baxterboy, hope you get to use them this year!
    Brian, I guess time will tell how the various credit card related benefits will shake out.
    Kay, yeah I do believe the cardholder has to travel. Hope you can use one in the future!
    LMR, I have kept mine since I got it. This benefit plus the 5K reduction in US Air bookings plus the 10K miles at anniversary made it worth it for me.

  5. Also worth noting, is that when they send you a replacement, it seems like the expiration date is extended based on when it is reissued… This happened when I lost mine and when my dad lost his.

  6. does the CP come with the card arrive? If it did then I think I lost it.. but if not till later then I’ll wait., any idea?

  7. I was just approved for this card. I’m just wondering what will become of my companion certificates after the merger.

  8. Although the certificate says the flights have to be credited to US Airways, that’s false. I (and my companions) all successfully directly credited to UA.

  9. Hi Mommy Points! Thanks for the great stuff! My husband got a job where there is traveling required. We plan to travel as a family when he has to travel. I thought the southwest Comp Pass would be the best option but the cards are down to 25,000 bonus so it will take a while and didn’t know if he should waste application on two Chase southwest cards with just 50,000 toward CP or just get the Sapphire for 40,000 bonus and wait for the southwest cards to go back to 50,000 for the Com Pass?

    Travel has not started yet so we are trying to get everything going now in order to meet spending for any card(s).

    So on average we are thinking we will travel 1/month. Any suggestions from you on how we can maximize cards/points/promos for myself and daughter to fly as low as possible would be great!!

    Thank you.

  10. LMC, I would be patient on the SW cards as it is likely (though never guaranteed) the 50k offer will come back. I know there are still folks getting targeted for those offers now.

    The Sapphire Preferred and/or Ink Bold and Ink Plus are all very good options as well, but I agree the CP is a perfect way to do it if he can fly on Southwest.

  11. Forgot to mention my husband only plans to be at this job for a year and none of the flights are international. So needing cards/points/promos to accommodate that.


    • LMC, the Chase Sapphire Preferred has been at that level for a year now so my guess would be yes. 😉

    • LMC, oh sorry. When transferred to an airline partner you would have 40,000 miles. A typical domestic RT flights is 25,000 miles. When used via Southwest those points would be the equivalent of $660 worth of travel. A lot depends on where you are flying to, but I would not expect four flights out of it. Closer to two, depending on the details. Possibly slightly more, but again it all depends.

  12. Thanks for this post! I got this card earlier in the year, but I don’t think my kit with the cert ever came (or it got in the junk pile without my realizing what it was). I just sent a secure message as well.

  13. And they responded in less than 2 hour saying they would send a replacement kit!

    Thanks, again, for the post. I would have not have thought to request a replacement!

  14. Do you know if the cardholder must travel – or can it be used by someone else? I want to buy three tickets on US Airways, but I don’t intend to travel.

  15. I also lost my certificates and called for replacements. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luxury of waiting 2-4 weeks for them to arrive. The Customer Rep gave me a link where I could print the companion certificate immediately which was AWESOME.

  16. I noticed that if you buy the fight through USAirways, the ticket prices are higher. Example: From Austin, TX to Washington Dulles,DC is $884 through USAirways and $504.00 going through American Airlines or through my company travel department. So after the $380 difference and the $99 companion ticket plus other fee, I am not saving anything. So I don’t know why the price difference for the exact same flight number and dates.

  17. An update to this. Now instead of sending it out, they just e-mail you the voucher. I e-mailed them and within 12 hours I was able to book my flight successfully. Just remember that this benefit is going away with the merger and the last certificate will be given in 2014. That means one more for me 🙂

    • Which email did you send your request to? I got my card last October and still have not received the certificate.

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