US Airways 50% Hotel Bonus Points Posting

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Over the weekend I received messages letting me know that the bonus miles via the recent US Airways 50% hotel point transfer bonus were posting.  Today I checked my own US Airways account and saw that my 50% bonus on transferred Wyndham Reward points has indeed posted!

I had obtained those Wyndham Reward points very cheaply via the 2012 Daily Getaways promotion (which is returning next month), so in the end I got 21,000 US Airways miles for about $91.  That comes to less than half a cent per mile, and at that price I will almost always be a buyer!  This worked out because I bought the points and was patient (but not too patient) with them.  I held them for a year, and then transferred them during a time period when I got a bonus for doing so.  The risk was the transfer rates could have been devalued during that time, but in this case it worked out.

Have your bonus points posted from this promo?


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  1. My points have not posted, because try as I might, I was unable to score a single Daily Getaways package of the many that I tried for…. 🙁

    I know you doubt that they set up a system to assure that well-known bloggers were able to get in on these deals. But those of us who couldn’t get even one, and then read about how you got multiple packages day after day, sometimes even more than one on the same day, are still wondering how that happens. Not that I begrudge you what you got, I don’t. I just don’t understand how that happens.

    • Robert, I don’t think there is any shot that they know anything about my IP address or what I was trying for or anything else. I missed out on some deals (like Hertz), but got in on some as well. We’ll see if my luck holds this year.

    • Truthiness, do you have a specific question? I do participate in affiliate marketing for certain credit cards. I ddisclose on every post that includes an affiliate link. I only link to the best public offers I know of. Sounds like Loyalty Traveler is considering it himself in that post. It is a way for the blog to generate revenue without it costing readers anything. Beyond that I’m not sure there is much to add, but let me know if you have a specific question. (Though I am unable to talk about revenue due to contractual agreements).

  2. I’m glad to hear that you’ve received your bonus; mine hasn’t posted yet. Even though I initiated the transfer on April 1, the transferred points didn’t hit my US Air account until April 16; hopefully my bonus will post soon! The transfer was a great way to get some value from Choice Privileges points that were going to expire this year.

  3. Yes, what are your thoughts on the following paragraph from Loyalty Traveler’s post regarding “growing credit card referrals”:::

    “The one thing that bothered me about the whole credit card affiliate marketing scheme is the representative stated that your referral sign-up rate must be maintained and grow through your blog to be retained as an affiliate marketer of credit cards. That kind of explains to me why the posts on credit cards come so rapid fire whenever there is a new card bonus out there. To keep on keeping on the blogger has to pimp enough cards to keep the affiliate marketer paying for credit card sign-ups happy or risk losing the generous revenue stream.

    The aspect of the affiliate marketing I learned is that I can’t simply put up some credit card links on a back page of Loyalty traveler for the major hotel loyalty programs and passively sit around receiving payments for approved credit card member applications. The affiliate marketing company wants to see growth in approved credit card referrals to be happy with the blogger partner.”

    Do you think this growth model is leading travel/points bloggers to post more credit card affiliate posts/references than in the past?

    • Truthiness, I have never had any discussion about growth or number of applications or anything like that. Totally plausible they are watching that on the back-end (as it is a business for them with costs associated with having a site approved for their links), but it is not something that has ever been discussed with me. I have posted about credit cards since the site started (though before I even knew I could have affiliate links) as it is an easy way for families to rack up a ton of miles. I can’t speak to why other sites do or do not post about credit cards, but it has been a constant around here since the beginning.

  4. My bonus points posted on 5/14. I was able to snag two Daily Getaways last year and I took advantage of a “no-show” promo for even more Wyndham points.

    Ended up with 91.2k US Airways miles for less than $500. Not too shabby for business class to Asia. <|:)
    Now I just have to find the time to go before that ship sails.

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