Park Hyatt Possibly Coming to Jamaica (File Under Rumor)

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Update: After sleeping on it, even though there are several reports of this being true, it just doesn’t seem to make sense.  Since there are no confirmed reports of this being true directly from Hyatt, I will file it under rumor until proven otherwise.  In other words, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Looks like we might have a chance to use Hyatt points to stay in Jamaica in the near(ish) future, if the rumors are true. The Ritz-Carlton Rose Hall is reported to be re-branding as a Park Hyatt…but now there are conflicting reports on this. It’s no secret that I think Park Hyatts are exceptional hotels, and I have also gotten a huge value from my Hyatt points on those stays. According to this article, some pretty extensive renovations are planned for the former Ritz, and it is expected that the hotel will re-open for the 2013-2014 winter season.

The article also mentions that Hyatt plans to add 100 suites to the property. If that turns out to be the case, that would be great for those who like a little extra room to spread out on their vacations. I have never been to Jamaica, but a Park Hyatt would probably be enough to push me into trying it out – especially on points! Anyone else want to head for some fun in the sun to a Park Hyatt in Jamaica?! If this turns out to be true, of course….

Thanks to uggboy on Milepoint for sharing this news.

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  1. Yes, indeed great news, it will bea welcome addition to the Park Hyatt portfolio of luxury hotels.

    I’m glad that they invest further and enhance this property to new heights. I also note that this will be a “mighty large” property for a Park Hyatt, seeing that Hyatt branded the slightly smaller Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France as a Grand Hyatt it will be interesting to hear how they decided on this.

    I’m sure it will offer great value for using points when Jamaica is calling, maybe Cat. 5 or 6.

    Cheers, Happy travels.

  2. StarGold, weird. I have seen many reports it is true, but strange there are also now conflicting reports!
    Uggboy, I agree it would be great to have PH in Jamaica!

    • Matthew, ha ha. Maybe this is like Park Hyatt Bermuda Triangle. Perhaps file this one under “proven when it’s proven”! I would love it to be true tho!

  3. @NYBanker-I totally agree. This would be a very bad move for PH “if” true. If RC can’t make it in such a tough environment as Jamaica why could PH? And Jamaica is not exactly an upscale resort spot (although many years ago it certainly was).

  4. @jetAway, Great, looking at tickets to Jamaica right now, not really by choice, but for other reasons, but where is one supposed to stay on this island, got any recommendations?

  5. I’ve never been to Jamaica, but it does sound a little strange now that I have gotten some sleep. Hyatt itself doesn’t sound overly strange, but a Park Hyatt specifically would be a bit surprising. I would certainly visit, but I’m giving this one the side-eye until/if Hyatt says anything officially.

  6. I agree with Jetaway and Banker. PH’s are about supreme attention to details and service.
    Jamaica is about laid back sun and sand.
    I have a hard time imagining the same level of service from a fantastic franchise like PH where one can go from PH Vendome/Sydney et al to…….Jamaica?
    Ritz is very good and they bailed.
    I’ll believe a Jamaica location when I see it.

  7. can’t wait for the park hyatt on @157 in NYC – looks stunning.

    going to apply for the Hycatt Chase card right before it opens so I can get 2 suite awards.

  8. Bring on the PH!..any Hyatt property in Jamaica (preferebly in or close to Mobay) will work for me. However, lets work on getting a nice Hyatt in Vegas first..just saying..

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