Why I’m Not Doing the 100% Bonus Miles US Airways Shopping Promo

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About a month ago US Airways released what sounded like a promo right up my alley.  You earn up to 100% bonus miles for shopping with some of their partners including: Dividend Miles StoreFront, Teleflora, 1800Flowers, FedEx, DM Dining, Vinesse, Wine Insiders, FTD, Skymall.  This was right around Mother’s Day, and there was the potential to earn 50x on flower purchases.  At first that sounded like a no-brainer for my family.  The promotion had a tiered structure as follows:

Number of purchases Bonus miles
1 – 3 25%
4 – 6 50%
7 – 9 75%
10 – 12 100%

The terms weren’t overly clear to me whether you would earn 100% on all transactions once you had at least 10, or if you would only earn the 100% bonus on transactions 10-12.  The second option seemed much more confusing as you can’t control the order in which the transactions post, or even which date they ultimately post with.  So, I could have a large flower order that I am hoping pays out with 100% bonus at 50x as my 10th transaction, but instead a dining purchase for a sandwich posts later than I thought it would, and it pays out at 100% as the 10th transaction, not the flowers.  There are things you could do to mitigate some of these risks, but I held out hope that US Airways wasn’t making it that difficult.  As you can see on this Flyertalk thread, I was not the only one who was confused and who was getting confusing answers from US Airways.

The day I found out about the promo, I also reached out to US Airways via Twitter.  On Twitter they had no knowledge of the promo, tried to tell me it was expired, and said that my link to the promo page was not working.  Dead end.  I then emailed Dividend Miles on April 23rd (I want a paper trail and don’t always trust what I am told over the phone) to get clarification on the promo’s terms.  I got the auto-response that my message was received, but then heard nothing until May 21st.  Here is their response:

Thank you for contacting US Airways.

We apologize for the delay in responding to your question. You will earn 100% bonus miles only when you have purchased the 10th through the 12th item with StoreFront.

Their response still is roughly clear as mud, but I am choosing to interpret it as you only get the 100% bonus miles on the 10th – 12th purchase with participating partners.  That really isn’t at all what the response says (and it states only Storefront, but leaves out all the other partners), but with rules this murky I’m playing it safe and sitting this one out.  If you decide to participate, make sure to first register for the promotion.

I probably could have racked up a few extra bonus miles with this promo, but for me to invest time and money, the rules need to be very clearly spelled out.  Or, at the very least, clarified timely when you reach out for assistance.  However, they weren’t after multiple attempts, so I’m going to take my toys and play in another sand box and wait for the next good promo.

Did you participate in this promo and/or reach out to US Airways for clarification on the terms?

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  1. I did not because even with 100% bonus on all vendors and all purchases (1 through 12), in many cases miles earned are less than the points awarded on ultimaterewards.com

  2. I didn’t because I can’t use the miles I got on US air during the grand slam anyway. You have to spend a ton of miles to get a decent flight on them. I ignore US Air and Delta promos unless they are grand slam material.

  3. Chris, US Airways miles are super easy to use on Star Alliance partners – perhaps look beyond US operated flights. Try searching using the United site. Look for the low level awards and most should be bookable with US miles by calling US.

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