First Two Weeks of Daily Getaway Deals Out!

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We were supposed to see a sneak preview of the Daily Getaway Deals on Monday, but it looks like they are out there a tad early (or a stealth Flyertalker stumbled upon them – thanks groobie!).  I plan to do an in depth analysis on every deal before it goes on sale, but here is a link to the deals for the first two weeks.  They have a disclaimer at the bottom that says the deals with asterisks will have more quantity this year, so they clearly know there was a supply and demand problem last time around.  However, in the first two weeks of deals only one deal is reported to have increased availability – the Marriott gift cards.

Here is a very quick summary of the first ten deals.  Most seem similar to what we saw last year, but I will have to dig through last year’s posts to see exactly how the prices stack up.  They don’t appear very different from first glance.  Remember that paying with an Amex card will save you an extra 10% off the prices listed.  Limited to US residents only.

Week 1:

June 10th: Marriott Gift Cards at a discount* and nights at a fixed price (ex. $100 gift card for $89)

June 11th: $50 Alamo discount for $25

June 12th: City Pass for major US cities like Seattle, New York, Chicago, and more

June 13th: Ceasar’s Packages in Vegas, Tahoe, Tunica, or Atlantic City

June 14th: Busch Gardens ($45) or SeaWorld ($49) tickets

Week 2:

June 17th: MGM Grand property packages in Las Vegas (including the awesome one I got last year)

June 18th: Omni Hotel & Resorts nights at fixed prices

June 19th: Club Carlson points as low as 1/3 a cent each in batches of 50,000 ($194) or 100,000 ($385)

June 20th: Palazzo or Venetian nights in Vegas

June 21st: Avis one-day rental for $33 or Chairman’s Club Membership for $1,115


More to come on this very soon, just wanted to share this quick update since I am super excited about the Daily Getaways!

Which deals do you have your eyes on?




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    • Jamison, I really want to, but not sure I can add a Vegas trip this year. I would want the Skylofts this time though the Mirage package was sensational!

  1. The Alamo deal wasn’t. Their rates, even with the certificate, was always higher.
    Some deals aren’t deals.

  2. @Michael, hardly. With the Club Carlson credit card you can “buy” Club Carlson points much cheaper than that. With VR you can buy 50000 points for $80. You do the math.

  3. If you have one of the Club Carlson credit cards those points are worth double when you book in 2-night increments to get the 2nd night free.

    Disappointed there’s no Hyatt deals.

  4. Not seeing anything I’m interested in so far. The obvious gets are the Marriott cards at $81 for $100 in value with an Amex card, but I don’t stay at Marriotts so not worth anything to me.

    The Vegas deals don’t seem like deals to me. I can get Mirage at $44/night honestly, so though I haven’t done the math, not sure its worth anything close to what they want for it.

    I’ll be following the daily releases though.

  5. The best offer in these lots are the Omni Hotels and the Avis one-day rental.

    Marriott discount happens regularly, Vegas hotels have specials and Club Carlson points are only a good deal if you have a specific plan.

    I spent 44,000 points for Radisson Toronto yesterday to save $185. I earned those points for under $100 during the 1+1 Park Inn Club Carlson promotion last year.

  6. So best case you get 4 Carlson nights for $385. I think I’d rather turn them into airline miles. I think 100k = 16k except avois which might be a good choice for the $385. Just my opinion.

  7. @ Daninstl….I with millions of others will sell you 16K miles for $385 all day long..Not a good deal!

  8. Joe, I have seen the Mirage as low as $44 some off-peak days. It all just depends on what is happening that day, as the rate can easily be double or triple that. Join the MLife program and you will get sent some cheapo days as well depending on your play (though it doesn’t take much for some cheap rates).
    ABC is talking about manufactured spending on his credit cards and the “cost” is the cost of buying gift cards/reloads/etc. A few play this game hot and heavy, and for them buying points would make no sense. There are time investments and risk in that game, and it is not for everyone. I do not dabble much in that world, and I think the majority of the readers here don’t do that much manufactured spending. In other words, do the math for your situation but don’t let the manufactured spending that some do taint what might otherwise be a good deal for you (that said I would not buy Club Carlson points for $385 with the intent of them becoming 16k airline miles – I would buy them if I had some expensive European stays in mind and I could leverage the 100,000k points with the credit card to two two night stays (aka four nights) in a top tier hotel in Europe for less than $100 per night).

  9. They’ve cut the $250 Marriott card I bought last year. Maybe it was less popular and that was why I was able to get it. Or people bought two, so they decided to cut it and offer more $100s and $500s and otherwise add to the high end.

  10. The club carlson website that I go to, you can buy 40000 points and the cost is 280.00

    ABC: “With the Club Carlson credit card you can “buy” Club Carlson points much cheaper than that. With VR you can buy 50000 points for $80. You do the math.”

    @ABC, how do you buy 50000 for $80.00?

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