Points in Real Life: 5x on Teacher Gifts, BOGO Movie Tickets, and More!

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This blog started, and continues, as a way for us to share how we use miles, points, and deals to stretch our dollars and take trips we otherwise couldn’t.  Sadly miles and points don’t grow on their own outside in my garden, so I like to share glimpses of how it all actually happens.  Here is a snapshot from our real life today, and how we strategically used our rewards cards for purchases and planning the upcoming weekend!

  • End of Year Teacher Presents: We love our daughter’s pre-school teachers this year, so we are giving them a final little token of our appreciation.  For the sake of convenience, we just ran to our local Office Depot to pick up some Starbucks gift cards and thank you cards.  The candy is going in the “emergency supply” kit for my trip to Hawaii with C. We were able to get everything we need quickly, and earned 5x Ultimate Reward points thanks to our Ink Bold® Business Card and Ink Plus® Business Card. PS – some of those Starbucks gift cards will make their way into Mommy Points readers’ hands as well.  Always good to be well stocked!  😉


  • Bank of America Museum’s on Us Weekend: The first full weekend of every month is when Bank of America and Merrill Lynch cardholders can get free access to more than 150 participating museums in 94 cities (and that is happening this Saturday and Sunday).  Some of these “museums” include zoos, children’s museums, botanical gardens, and more.  We used this deal to visit the Houston Zoo a while back, and are eying the same thing again this year.  While in Texas you can also go to the Houston Children’s Museum, the Austin Children’s Museum, or the San Antonio Children’s Museum if you happen to be in those cities on the first weekend of a month.  All offer great kid-focused activities that you can do at home or while visiting a new city.  You can get the full list of participating museums here.  All you need to get in free is a Bank of American or Merrill Lynch credit or debit card in your name plus a photo ID on the first full weekend of the month and you can get in free.  If your child is old enough to require a ticket, you may still need to purchase one for them.
  • Buy One Get One movie theater tickets on Fridays with Visa Signature: Some rewards credit card perks aren’t directly related to travel, but they can still be awesome.  Just like last summer, Visa Signature is offering a buy one get one free movie ticket on Fridays this summer via Fandango.  There are several movies out we have been itching to see, and now we can see one tomorrow without spending a small fortune since our second ticket will be free!  Some of the common Visa Signature cards in the miles and points arena are the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, the British Airways Visa Signature® Card, and the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature (among several others). Here are the full details on this deal:
Open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who have a valid Visa Signature card in good standing. Purchase two or more movie tickets with a valid U.S. issued Visa Signature card on www.fandango.com/visasignature on a Friday for any film currently on sale for a Friday showing and receive one of the tickets purchased for that show free of charge. This movie ticket offer is only valid for purchase each Friday from April 19, 2013 – August 2, 2013 between 4:01 AM GMT – 9:59AM GMT, or while supplies last. Visa in its sole discretion reserves the right to terminate this movie ticket offer at any time. Limit of one (1) complimentary movie ticket, up to $19.50 value limit (including Fandango convenience fee), per Visa Signature card, per period of 30 days following the date of a purchase in connection with this offer. Value of complimentary movie ticket (up to $19.50 including Fandango convenience fee) will be deducted from a single order on Fandango.com.

There you have it – 5x Ultimate Reward points for gifts, free children’s museums and zoos, and buy one get one free movie tickets!


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  1. The Fandango/Visa offer is not buy one get one, it is buy two get one (read the text your posted). It used to be BOGO, but not anymore.

  2. @A6BN it still is a BOGO…straight from the T&C:
    “Purchase two or more movie tickets with a valid U.S. issued Visa Signature card on http://www.fandango.com/visasignature on a Friday for any film currently on sale for a Friday showing and receive one of the tickets purchased for that show free of charge.”

  3. @A6BN — Last Friday I used the Fandango/Visa offer. It was BOGO. Purchase 2 or more and receive 1 of the purchased tix free.

  4. Correct this is a BOGO if you only purchase two tickets. Each Visa Signature card can only be used once per 30 days (as mentioned above) for the promotion. Most people in this community probably have enough Visa Signature cards to do this every week though!

  5. It is indeed BOGO “buy two or more”….”and one is free”. Agree the wording could be clearer, but that is what it means. Thanks for others for verifying as well. 😉
    RomsDeals, I don’t buy candy much so can’t offer much price comparison. However, for small two bags of candy it was worth whatever small mark-up there may be for the convenience factor of not having to make another trip!

  6. @MP, the BOGO movie tickets sounds like a good deal, but when you factor in the Fandango “convenience” fees, you come out slightly ahead. Some theaters have matinee prices and senior discounts and it really depends on where you go and at what time.

  7. Fandango Fail:

    We’re sorry, all available complimentary tickets for +1 Movie Fridays have been redeemed by other Visa Signature cardholders. Please check back next Friday.

    Need tickets now? Use your Visa Signature card for 20% off a $25 Fandango Gift Card on fandango.com/visasignature. Become a fan at facebook.com/visasignature for the latest perk updates.

  8. The Fandango T&C says you have to buy between 4:01 AM GMT – 9:59AM GMT… umm I’m on the west coast, PST, meaning GMT – 7 hours. All of the US is at least GMT – 3. So I have to buy the tickets between what, 9pm Thursday night and 2:59 AM Friday morning? That doesn’t seem particularly fun…

  9. My teacher wife receives $100 to $200 in Starbucks cards each year from parents which I then take for my airport travel.

    I don’t think Kelley has ever been in a Starbucks. She rarely drinks caffeine.

    As a teacher, the most valuable gift card for her are bookstore gift cards.

    • Ric, all depends on the teacher I think. My mom taught for 35+ years and loved loved her Starbucks gift cards she occasionally got. It was a treat. I know my kiddo’s teachers are coffee fans. They are probably book fans as well, but we wanted the treat to be for them. Glad you were able to use the Starbucks at least! 😉

  10. @Ric – thanks so much for the insight. I gave my daughter’s teacher an amazon card, and felt kind of guilty since my thought process was, “oh crap, it’s teacher appreciation day. Phew! I have an amazon card in the drawer.”. Then i felt more guilty because in the thank you card, she wrote that she loves buying books for the class, and I thought I should’ve gotten her something that was more for “her”. So, what you’re saying is that it’s ok, and that she’s probably not actually thinking “when am I going to get a gift that’s actually for me, not for the classroom” ?

  11. Just wanted to add I just used the Fandango BOGO at roughly 9:15AM Central and it is indeed BOGO and the convenience fees on the free ticket are not charged to you. You do pay the convenience fee on the purchased ticket (which was $1.25 in my case). Great deal if you want to see a movie on a Friday this summer!

    • Grant, yup the deal I got was closer to two matinee prices as you describe. Though if you were going to pay $18 each for a ticket, and now you are paying $9 each it is still a good win.

  12. I am also a teacher and get all kinds of giftcards. All are appreciated! I don’t drink coffee, but I do use my Starbucks giftcards for an occaisional bagel or lemon pound cake.

    By the way, I see you found packs of $10 Starbucks gift cards. Where did you buy these? The lowest denomination I can find is $15.

  13. MP, regarding the Museums on Us program… I have several BoA cards but my mom doesn’t have any, and we want to go visit the Art Institute of Chicago in August. Do you think if I were to get her an authorized user card for one of my cards, and then I brought a different card, that that would work for us to both get in for free?

  14. Thanks MP, I forgot she actually does have a BoA debit card (for her checking account at that we opened when we went to Paris and London last year), so she can use that instead!

  15. Missed the info on free museum weekends the first time around. Thanks for mentioning it again in today’s post, which led me here. Happy Weekend!

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