Daily Getaways Day 1 Lessons and Tips

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Earlier today the first round of Daily Getaway packages went on sale.  A couple minutes later the hot items were pretty much all gone.  That means this year is shaping up to be just like last year.  In some cases the deals are pretty good, but the competition for the good deals is fierce.  Lots of folks wanted Marriott GiftCards at 20% off, so they sold out very quickly.  The Ultimate and Premier nights certs are still available as of 2PM Central.

I have read success stories from today, and I have read stories of disappointment and frustration when it didn’t work out.  As I have said before, it is like a virtual “sample sale”, but with travel packages up for grabs instead of designer dresses.  If you can’t keep a sense of humor about it, I highly recommend ignoring these deals all together.

That said, here are my suggestions to increase the odds you get to purchase your desired travel package/deal/points.  I posted virtually the same suggestions last year.

  • Start refreshing the Daily Getaways page obsessively starting 1-2 minutes before “go-time”.
  • Recruit a friend or partner to do the same on another computer.
  • If applicable, have your rewards program number nearby (for points purchases).
  • Have your credit card nearby (preferably an Amex card for the 10% discount).
  • Don’t get greedy – maybe go for a lesser package and don’t try to do tons at once (unless you are okay being left on the sideline if it doesn’t work).
  • If it doesn’t work at first, keep trying as those who don’t check out with the package in their cart will have that package re-released for sale.  Until it actually says “sold out”, it isn’t.
  • Be patient – just consider this a game of sorts.  You will probably not get everything you want.
  • Cross your fingers!

Some folks do crazy things like have scripts run, but all you really need to do are the things listed above and you will have a good shot.  No guarantees, but it has worked for me many times.  If you have other tips please feel free to share them!

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  1. It seems as if I am one of the rare readers who stay at Marriott properties. I was going for the $1000 gift card and was not successful. BUT using your many of your techniques above, I was at least able to secure a $500 gift card. It was amazing that as I was obsessively refreshing at 10:59am MDT, it immediately went from “available soon” to “try again”! And as I obsessively “tried again”, I finally hit pay dirt.

  2. I see the 5 minute timer start once you hit BUY NOW. Is your order quantity committed to you at that point (assuming you don’t let the clock run out), or not until you get all the info in and pay?

  3. I was one of those refreshing a few minutes before 1PM and thought for sure I would snatch up a few of these since I stay at the Marriott properties a lot. The second I see the buy now button, I clicked on it. Only to be disappointed to see the Try Again message. I went at it and got 2 $500 cards within the first minute or two. After that it was 30 minutes of clicking on try again for all 3 cards (I had 4 AMEX CC ready LOL) but to no avail. I’m pretty sure there were those “cheaters” who used scripts to reserve or lock the available quantities for purchase.

    @Carl: It should be committed to you at that point. Otherwise, we wouldn’t all be getting the Try Again message. I think they should change the way this works next time. It should be whoever can pay for it first gets the deal. I don’t believe that someone can hold an order for over 20 minutes as I was constantly refreshing all 3 Marriott gift card offers. Had 3 tabs open in Google Chrome and was manually refreshing and trying again LOL

  4. Denise, congrats on getting the $500!
    Carl, it is committed for 5 minutes.
    Kevin, congrats on getting the two you got!
    Joe, oops. My brain is still on only 80% functioning from Hawaii I guess. Post fixed. They were again 20% off. 😉

  5. The Club Carlson points next week could have potential (if your not already stocked up). 50,000 points for $198. That’s good for a night at Radisson Blu in Paris ($400+ dollars). If you have the Club Carson Visa it’s a second night free, (no point deduction). Sounds like a 75% discount.

    You could buy points at $7 per 1,000 from Club Carlson, but there’s a 40,000 annual max.

  6. I bought rewards certs since I need 3 nights at the LV Cosmo…did I pick the wrong deal? The details on the certs weren’t exactly clear…my goal is to get upgraded to a balcony since 3 people are having birthdays…

  7. I tend to agree with Jorge; it’s nothing to get obsessive about. Discounts on hotels – or places that are perfectly reasonable to stay at but cost less – are pretty generally available, whether through the chains themselves, search engines, Priceline and similar. Unless you’re really committed to Marriott and have a specific stay coming up, I don’t see tying up the funds. I’m not in the points and miles hobby for 20% off (though I’ll take it when that’s truly the best option).

  8. Scored 4 $100 cards right on the 1pm mark. Last year some of the deals took 30-40 min of retrying to go through. Don’t give up till it says Sold Out.

  9. I know this is an old post. The links no longer work, and the ‘homepage’ for the website seems down. Do you know if it’s still around? I’m looking for tickets to BGT for Thursday, Thanks

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