Other Airlines Matching Southwest Sale – Shop for Fall Travel Now

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Just as it happened last year, other airlines are matching some prices and routes on the Southwest 72 hour $49/$99/$129/$149 sale that is valid for travel from August 26th – December 18th (other than Friday, Sundays, and subject to a few other blackouts listed here).  I have a few routes I have been closely watching for months on United that have now dropped as much as 50% from previous levels thanks to United matching the Southwest sale prices.  For example, I need to fly to Tampa for the Frequent Traveler University in late September.  Fares had been close to $400 round trip from Houston to Tampa, but United has now matched the Southwest sale, and fares can be had on some dates for half that price.  I am also seeing Houston to Las Vegas on United for $197 when it has been running at close to double that price.  I’m sure there are hundreds of other examples to and from cities served by Southwest and AirTran all around the country.

As a quick reminder, here is the price break-down of the Southwest sale:

  • Starting at $49 for flights up to 500 miles in duration
  • Starting at $99 for flights up to 501 – 1250 miles in duration
  • Starting at $129 for flights 1251 – 1,750 miles in duration
  • Starting at $149 for flights 1,751 miles +

I have read reports of a Delta match, and I would be shocked if American isn’t participating on at least some level.  I have personally pulled the trigger on a large number of fall flights today.  All of those flights have been on United – but priced much lower than before thanks to the Southwest sale.

As I mentioned in the earlier flight, also be sure to check your existing Southwest and AirTran reservations to see if they have gotten cheaper.  If, so you can get a difference in the old fare and the new fare in the form of a credit to use on a future flight.  If you booked with points then you can get the difference in points credited back to your account.

While we are on the topic of Southwest, it looks like the 50,000 point credit card offers are back!  More on this soon, but for now head to Online Travel Review for all the details.

Let me know if you find some examples of other airlines matching this sale.  This really is the time to buy much of your fall travel if the route and dates are valid for the Southwest sale and/or matches from other airlines.  Happy shopping!

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  1. Ken, not currently that I know of. July is a peak travel month already, so they don’t have to do too much to encourage folks to buy tickets for July travel.

  2. @tjh8402 – the best is to use points, if you have them – you don’t even have to call, you can just cancel, then rebook (with fewer points). Completely painless.

  3. It is worth checking July or other dates outside the specific sale dates, as Southwest often lowers other prices during date-specific or location-specificity sales. Just yesterday I rebooked a late July trip to Orlando to get back points with a lower fare (probably the 4th time I’ve updated these ticket in 4 months or so). But, I checked again today, when I saw the sale. The 3 flights are $10 cheaper (600 points). So, I get back 1,800 points by updating my reservation again today. Worth taking a look at July or other dates.

  4. I got a bunch of airfarewatchdog emails from my airport (TUL) to a bunch of cities I have flagged.
    To PHX for $217 on AA, UA, DL from Aug 26- Dec 18th.
    To BOS for $280 on AA only same dates.
    to SEA for $277 on AA, UA and DL same dates.

    Travelling on the following days Mon-Thur and Sat.

    of course..limited availability lol.
    There are a bunch of different flights on Southwest for a good price.

  5. Question about booking in advance before a companion pass: I am hoping that we will have our SW companion pass by the time my husband I would fly. Would I want to book two seats with points and then call to add the companion pass once we receive it? I noticed that it said the tickets are nonrefundable, so I am not sure what I should do. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Delta and United beat SW on the SLC-DEN route at Thaksgiving. I got 2 tickets on United for a total of $260.

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