Card Watchdog: New Tool for Tracking Your Credit Cards

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One of my fellow miles and points bloggers (and fellow Texan!), Geoff from Noobtraveler reached out to me about his new product, Card Watchdog.  Card Watchdog is designed for those who have multiple credit cards to track (sound familiar?).  I frequently get emails and question from fellow rewards cards junkies who want a good system to track their credit cards, minimum spending requirements, application dates, annual fees, etc.  You can track all of this on your own with a spreadsheet or you can check out this new tool.  Card Watchdog was the first runner-up at Launchpoint – a competition held at FTU for start-ups in the frequent traveler space and here is some additional info about it, straight from Noobtraveler!


Card Watchdog takes the pain out of managing your rewards credit cards. And we all know that managing application dates, annual fees, minimum spend requirements, and unique benefits for multiple credit cards can be a pain. So after hearing from readers for over a year that they wanted something other than Excel to manage their cards, I thought it was time for something different, too.

Like them, I was tired of Excel spreadsheets and wanted something intuitive to bring some organization to this rewards card life. God knows it was time to update our archaic way of managing all of our credit cards.

Card Watchdog makes it easy. You can sign up and enter your first card in under 30 seconds. Once your cards are entered, Card Watchdog will send you an email notification 11 months from your application date, reminding you that you have an annual fee coming up. You can also set up reminders for when your minimum spend requirements are due, and any other customized reminders that you can conjure up.

The user interface is super simple. You can create an account instantly by using your Facebook or Google log-in, or you can enter in your email and password. I’m pretty sure everyone has a Facebook account, since my Grandma has one.

Once you sign up, you can log in and start adding cards in seconds. Card Watchdog will never ask for your full credit card number, and it’s completely safe because it’s SSL encrypted.

Start by typing the card’s name you’re adding and you will see your card’s image appear. Click on the card image you’d like to add, and voila! – all the card’s benefits, including the sign-up bonus, APR, and annual fee are automatically added. Easy.

Your job is to enter in the application date so we can send you an email in 11 months alerting you of your upcoming annual fee. The email notification will include the card’s last 4 digits, image of the card, and the phone number you would need to call to cancel, downgrade the card, etc. in case you decide the card no longer meets your needs.

You can also set up any custom reminder you would like. For example, maybe you’d like to be reminded that your introductory APR is about to increase.

After you have all of your cards added, you can rest easy knowing that you’re going to receive your important notifications on time. You’ll then be able to easily reference all of your cards’ details in one place on the “My Cards” page.

If you ever need to know which card to pull out at the grocery store, gas station, or a restaurant, you can quickly go to your “My Cards” page for reference. This can be a huge perk for those busy families always on the go.

The ability to easily set up reminders and quickly reference the details for all of your cards is a huge time saver. The idea is that you can stop freaking out about credit card clutter after adding your cards. Just sit back, and wait for your email reminders.

There are two versions of Card Watchdog: a free version that lets you manage up to 10 cards with email notifications, and the premium version that’s $17 a year and allows you to manage unlimited cards with email AND SMS/text messaging alerts. I encourage folks to start with the free version and try it out. For many people, the free version is all that they need.

I’m constantly thinking of new features to add to the software, because I want it to be the best tool possible for users. The next thing I’m working on is the capability to sync bank accounts with your cards, so you can track your credit card spending in real time. And I have many other features in the development queue!

I’m excited to have launched a product that I needed myself, and my goal is to continue to make it a more beneficial tool for all of us. Try it out, and take the pain out of managing your cards!


Thank you so much to Geoff for taking the time to build a tool that really does meet the needs that many of us have and for sharing the info here at Mommy Points!  Feel free to leave questions about Card Watchdog for him in the comments section!

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  1. Lame. Ever heard of calendar appointments on your smart phone? Email accts? Excel spreadsheets? Etc?? Why enter in private data that can be hacked for such simple and small things.

  2. Sounds interesting but you may want to come up with a way to create an account without Google or Facebook. I have both but no way would I link something like this to either of them. Both already have far too much personally identifiable information attached to them.

  3. Hi Mike. The site is ssl encrypted, so it’s perfectly safe. And we don’t ask for your full credit card number – just the last 4 digits. Give it an honest try and if you still think an excel spreadsheet is superior, I respect your decision.

  4. Mike and Darcy, you may want to reread the post. First, you only have to enter the last 4 digits of your card. Not sure what private information you are talking about.

    Secondly, you can just use your email address to sign up as it clearly says in the post.

  5. @Darcy You can sign up with an email address instead of Facebook or Google. Just enter your email address under the FB and Google icons and you’re on your way.

  6. “You can create an account instantly by using your Facebook or Google log-in, or you can enter in your email and password.”

    I just signed up by creating an account using my email and password – no need to link to FB or Google.

    This will definitely save me a lot of time!

  7. As an engineer, this site is not for me. However, my girlfriend & other friends who have half heartedly gotten into the miles game absolutely need this. The automated help for min spends & annual fees are great training wheels for those less inclined to be on the obsessive level of points addiction. Thanks!

  8. BAflyer, always good to be suspicious on the internet, but I get no kick backs, no referral fees, no nothing if you choose to use that site. Just sharing info about something that is out there. If there is ever a relationship of any type it is always disclosed.

    Thanks to Geoff for weighing in and helping answer questions! I’m sure this tool isn’t for everyone, but I’m also sure it will be helpful to some. 😉

  9. This site may be useful for some folks, but note that there is no obvious way to cancel your account and purge all the data that you have entered.

    As an aside, the benefits that are listed for the Amex Hilton HHonors card are wrong.

  10. “it’s completely safe because it’s SSL encrypted”
    “The site is ssl encrypted, so it’s perfectly safe”

    These statements about safety are misleading. SSL encryption only applies to the connection to the website. It doesn’t refer to how safe that data is once it’s on the server. Multi-billion dollar companies with armies of IT people get broken into all the time so the claims of complete safety are dubious.

  11. @Geoff, any way to customize when you get the 11 month annual fee email? Can you set up an alert at the 9th or 10th month to call and ask about a retention bonus?

  12. @SH You can delete your cards by clicking the trashcan icon on the “my cards” page. I will take a look at the Amex Hilton info. Thanks for catching!

    @Grant Yes, you can set up a customized email/text reminder for anything; it can be scheduled for any date your heart desires. 🙂

  13. Great program, but the problem I see is this…

    I don’t care if you got 23423423423424 terabyte SSL encryption socket between the program the user… The REAL problem is that your database can be a potential “goldmine” for hackers around the world.
    I’ve seen credit card processing companies go down before in those hacks, and wouldn’t be surprised to see the same ill fate. In fact, so many news lately with BIG companies coming forth saying that their database has been “compromised”

    But if convenience of this service outweighs those security concerns, than by all means.

  14. I’m fine with my spreadsheet for now. I keep track of a lot of other information there.

    That said, if the premium account had a lot of the training wheels built in…

    – monitor your credit score and keep graphs of it with events like AORs and such logged on the graph
    – keep a list of credit cards I want and based on my credit score when I might qualify (maybe just color the entry on the future credit cards tab). Number of hard pulls, etc too.
    – keep track of canceled cards as well as current ones, and based on your history keep track of things like when you can apply for another Citi AA Card (61 days from last Citi application, 18 months from last application for the same card, different rules for the Citi Hilton, etc).
    – Based on the cards I’ve got have suggestions… best card for Drug Stores, Gasoline, Utility Bills, etc.

    You could easily make this worth somebody’s while. Even with a fee…

  15. @Grant The 10 card limit is on-going for the basic version. You can add, remove, and add as much as you want, as long as you have no more than 10 total.

    @Glenn Great ideas! We have some new features in store, and hopefully we can keep offering more in the future.

  16. I really like it. Simple, clean interface, and effective. I am using it for alerts when I have bonus points or miles coming (upon renewal) for my cards that give bonuses. I LIKE IT.

    PS – I’m sure it is a work in progress and here is an omission that I caught – on the Club Carlson Premier Visa you left out one of the biggest perks – 40,000 renewal bonus points each year when you renew your card!

  17. @John K Thanks for the kind words. CWD doesn’t store full cc numbers, only the last 4 digits of card.

    @Nick I’m glad you like the site and thanks for catching the 40k renewal perk on the Club Carlson Premier Visa!

  18. This is a very intriguing site. Where am I meant to enter the expiration date? It seems to be set up for fresh credit cards but I already have quite a number.

  19. Thank you for sharing this noble website/idea. I did sign up but the credit card products information on this website does not match what I have or they do not have all cards listed.

  20. @Carol There’s currently not a place to enter expiration dates, but you can set up a custom notification to remind you.

    @Kalboz There’s close to 200 credit cards in the database. I’m sorry, if you have some that aren’t in there. If you could be so kind and me email – I will input them. Thanks for your interest in CWD!

    @Chanel Thanks for trying the site out, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any feedback.

  21. Does CardWatchdog not exist anymore? I was able to access it last year i believe through WalletPath and now i can’t seem to find a link. It was the only place i kept track of my cards and now i can’t find it.

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