Club Carlson Points Flash Sales Happening All Week

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Today there was a Club Carlson flash sale where there was a 75% bonus on all purchased Club Carlson points for 75 minutes only.  You are able to purchase up to 40,000 points per calendar year per account, and with the 75% bonus you were able to get a total of 70,000 points for $280.  That comes to .4 cents per point (for those bad at decimal points that is less than half a cent per point).  While I did tweet about the deal, I wasn’t able to get a post up in time for today’s sale.  However, according to their Facebook page it seems that this type of flash sale is going to happen every day this week.

If you plan to purchase Club Carlson points via the Daily Getaways deal on Wednesday they can be had for a little less (with the 10% Amex discount) for about .35 cents each.  However, those packages are very limited, so you may or may not have success with purchasing one.  If you want a more sure-fire opportunity, these flash sales may be the way to go.

Assuming you did purchase points at .4 cents each, that means that you are spending about $200 to spend 50,000 points and stay a night in a top tier Club Carlson hotel like the May Fair we stayed at in London.  That isn’t terrible at all, but it also isn’t earth shattering.  However, if you also have the co-branded credit card that gives you the second award night free, then you are essentially spending $100 per night for a top end hotel on a two night stay, and that is pretty amazing!

I will at least post an update on Twitter and in the comments section of this post if I see the flash sale go live tomorrow.  It is possible the sale will be different than today’s – I don’t know for sure since this is new for Club Carlson.  Another safe bet is to like Club Carlson on Facebook and keep an eye on their updates throughout the day.

Thanks to @InACents and @DealsWeLike for the Twitter updates on this sale today!



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  1. How available are the Carlson top tier award bookings?
    I just got my emailed approval for the Carlson card an hour ago, immediately checked out London properties for my stay at the end of September, and nada.

    Speculative buying of points, at a rate of $100 a night for top tier bookings would be well worth it, but only if I can actually find availability.

    • Robert, if there is standard room availability you can book it. I have always seen availability to be good – perhaps something is going on in London then? Randomly checked London Sept 25 – 27 and great availability, so it must be something with your dates I would guess. I got my Club Carlson awards in London even during the Olympics, so don’t give up hope.

  2. My mistake, I hadn’t checked the Mayfair, and it is indeed available for my dates. Let’s see if I can get lucky on Wednesday…

  3. These points are generally valued at around 0.4 cents so I’m not sure why this is a good deal. And boy buying them you are turning a highly liquid asset (cash) into a highly illiquid asset (hotel points).

    • Cogswell, it can be a good deal if you know how you are going to use them. For example, if I wanted to go back to London there is no way I could book the May Fair for $100 USD per night. However, I could easily get it for that price via this deal (and having the cc). So, it all depends on your situation.

  4. Mommypoints – thanks..
    @cogswell – I use the points in January/Feb in Aruba. The rate with this deal would be $175 w/tax a night, I could not come close to that.

  5. @Karen
    You still have to factor in many other things including:
    1. You won’t earn points with your stay
    2. You are out the money now and will be for the next 7-8 months
    3. Limited redemption availability
    4. Potential devaluation of points
    5. You can get plenty of hotels for around $100/night without being locked into a specific chain
    There are definitely plenty of great deals out there but once you start buying points I think you are falling into the trap which the hotels are setting for you…

  6. I use my Club Carlson Biz card to purchase Vanilla reload cards at CVS for my 5x per dollar. Much cheaper and plenty of them at CVS. Much better deal than purchasing CC points.

  7. I tried for many hours waiting for the flash sale at Facebook and never came up, although I was watching the Daily getaway site for never open? Then about 20 minutes later there was a label saying it was sold out. So much for that! I wonder what do you need to do to be able to purchase instantly?

    • jr evan, the flash sale was early yesterday morning. For Daily Getaways you have to keep refreshing when it gets a minute or two before 1PM Eastern. There will then be a “buy now” button. You have to move quickly on these popular packages. Keep watching for another Flash Sale today. I tweeted it yesterday and will try to do that again today.

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