What to do with 65,000 Ultimate Rewards Points?

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With the current temporarily increased sign-up bonuses on the Ink Bold and Ink Plus from 50,000 Ultimate Reward points to 60,000 Ultimate Reward points, I wanted to dedicate a post to covering a few ways you would use those points for some awesome travel experiences for yourself or your family. By the time you meet the $5,000 spending requirement on those two cards, you will have at least 65,000 Ultimate Reward points to work with, so here are some examples of what that can get you with the Ultimate Rewards transfer partners where these points will transfer 1:1.

Application links:

Ink Plus® Business Card

Ink Bold® Business Card

United flights:

A domestic round trip ticket on United Airlines can be had at the saver level for 25,000 miles round trip. You would have enough for two round trips plus another one-way trip at 12,500 miles. If you would rather head to the Caribbean then you are just 5,000 miles short of the 70,000 miles required for two round trips to the Caribbean. Or, you could travel in style to Europe in business class for 50,000 miles one-way. If you want a first class experience you just need to get up to 67,500 miles for a one-way trip to Europe that can be redeemed (space available) on Lufthansa!


Lufthansa First Class


United BusinessFirst

Whether you are saving for a big trip, or prefer to use miles for multiple domestic flights, transferring 65,000+ Ultimate Rewards points to United gets you well on your way to a number of awards.

Hyatt stays:

Hyatt nights start at just 5,000 points for a free night in a Category 1 hotel such as the Hyatt Regency Wichita and go up to 22,000 points per night at a Category 6 hotel like the Hyatt Regency Maui or Park Hyatt Beaver Creek. So, with your 65,000 points you would have enough for 13 nights at a Category 1 Hyatt or you are just 1,000 points shy of enough for three nights at a top end Hyatt in Hawaii, Paris, Tokyo, New York City, or wherever you want to go.


Hyatt Regency Maui – 22k points per night


Grand Hyatt Kauai – 22k points per night

When you redeem points for a Hyatt stay all of your taxes and resort fees are covered, so it really does make the hotel stay “free”. With Hyatt if a standard room is for sale then it is available to book using Hyatt Gold Passport points (that you can transfer in 1:1 from Ultimate Rewards).



Park Hyatt Tokyo – 22k points per night

British Airways:

While I don’t normally transfer my Ultimate Reward points to British Airways (instead I often use Membership Reward points), it can be very useful for short but expensive flights that are operated by British Airways partners like American Airlines or Alaska Airlines. Flights start at just 4,500 points each way. For example, you can fly from Miami to Nassau, Grand Cayman, or Turks and Caicos on American for just 4,500 points each way. Or, you can fly round trip from the West Coast to Hawaii for just 25,000 points. Depending on which flights you are interested in, 65,000 points can go a long way toward booking several flights on British Airways partners for your family.

Priority Club:

Several times a year Priority Club releases a list of PointBreaks that allow you to book hotels for just 5,000 points per night. Those hotels seem pretty random, so they may or may not match up with your plans. However, if they do you can sometimes get a heck of a deal on a hotel for just 5,000 points per night. 65,000 points would give you 13 nights at a PointsBreak hotel.

Southwest Airlines:

If Southwest Airlines works out best for your family, you can transfer your points 1:1 to Southwest and you will end up with at least $1085 toward Wanna Get Away flights. That could easily buy multiple tickets to head out on a family vacation!

I value my Ultimate Reward points close to two cents each, so a temporary increase of 10,000 points for the sign-up bonus on these two cards is worth close to $200 in my book. That makes this a pretty big deal if you use your points wisely, and it is currently the best sign-up bonus out there. If you would rather not be tied to award availability, you can also use your points “as cash” to book travel via the Ultimate Rewards portal at a rate of 1.25 cents per point. At that rate, 65,000 points are worth $812.50 toward travel! As a last resort you can also give yourself a statement credit for anything at a rate of one cent per point. That means that 65,000 points is worth $650 toward whatever you want.

Whatever you choose to do with your points, make sure to not miss out on this one week increase for the sign-up bonuses on the Ink cards. This one week offer expires on June 22nd. How do you like to use your Ultimate Reward points?


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  1. Chase Ink has been high on my list for our next app-o-rama so I am definitely going to be taking advantage of this offer! Our monthly spend dictates that we limit ourselves to one of these cards not both and we pay off balances every month regardless of the type of card. Which one do you recommend we start with?

    My second question is this: if we can earn 60,000 Ultimate Rewards with one of these cards AND sign up for the Southwest 50,000 card, would we earn the Southwest Companion Pass once we transfer our UR points to SW?

  2. Are you sure all resort fees are covered on a Hyatt award stay? I would think it would depend on the property.

  3. MP, I am moving to the UK in August for at least one year for grad school and want to apply for an Ultimate Awards card prior to moving. Should I pull the trigger on the Ink Plus or should I go with the lower bonus Sapphire Preferred? I have been eying the SP for a while now, but we also do have a small business, so I don’t think we’d have an issue getting approved. Also, with all the expenses I have coming up, the minimum spend shouldn’t be an issue.

  4. @Cindy transferring UR pts to SW does not count towards the companion pass. Transferring UR to Hyatt to SW will count towards the companion pass but you lose value in the Hyatt to SW transfer.

  5. Cindy, the cards are very similar other than the Bold is a charge card and the Plus is a credit card. The points will not count toward the SW CP. You can move them through Hyatt or similar then on to SW to have them count, but you do lose a lot in the conversion so I would only do that to top off to the CP if needed.
    Kevin, Gold Passport has shared on FT that it covers resort fees. It has also always been my experience in practice.
    Rob, given that you have a small business and the spending is no issue I’m not sure why you would want to go for the SP instead. Unless I’m missing something this card and offer sound perfect for you!
    Erik, not parking, but Hyatt award stays do cover resort fees (other than for the new partnership with MGM properties in Vegas).
    Ben, yes thanks for helping out!

  6. 20,000 points gets you and a friend from Chicago to San Francisco first class with a Roomette on Amtrak. Not the same as International flight first-class, but you get to explore the country.

  7. Mariah, some of the Amtrak redemptions do sound like great values!
    Andrew, fun!
    Juju, both?! Both would be amazing offers that I would want myself. 😉

    • Levy, no doubt lots of blogs give coverage to this deal, but it is a really good deal. The banks that issue rewards cards and most of those in the miles and points game are linked…and that is not exclusive to bloggers. 😉

  8. After 32 minutes on the line and on hold with Chase, I was approved! I am so excited to get this card and am glad I waited for an increased offer to come around.

  9. 65k offer is for businesses purposes, not for personal use. Seems like fraud and lies are the new norm. But if Chase is OK with it, so am I.

  10. Jason, it is indeed a small business card. Small businesses are just a part of the American spirit. Lots and lots of folks I know have them or are building them. No fraud and lies required – just an entrepreneurial spirit and goals. And of course, you redeem the points however you wish for business or personal use.

  11. I JUST signed up for the ink bold card last week (Wedneaday). I got it in time to buy GC’s from the awesome OfficeMax deal last week (extended to this week too!).
    What are your thoughts on Chase honoring the extra 10,000 points for me? Have you hd any experience with something like this?

    • Ronnie, heard positive reports at first and hearing more resistance now. May be that they got overwhelmed with requests or a memo came out saying no. Worth calling in and asking though!

  12. I called the number on my INK card while stuck in Houston traffic and I was approved for the 10k bonus points! I just have to spend the $5k in 3 months per my original agreement.

  13. I find that UR points are great for buying first class bedrooms on Amtrak. My family had a great time traveling between MSP and SEA, going through the mountains, enjoying the scenery, and meeting new people in the diner car. BTW, top notch meals, and cheese and wine tastings are included with a first class ticket. With Amtrak, the journey is as much fun as the destination.

    40K UR points transfers to 40K AGR points which buys a $1,600 1st class bedroom ticket from MSP to SEA. A person could actually depending on the beginning and ending destinations actually get a $2,500 value with 40K points.

  14. Ok, it seems that the last response is 3 days old…but has anybody else tried calling in on the reconsideration line and getting “call back next week because of high call volume?” apparently the CSR’s aren’t able to approve anything over the phone right now…I also wonder what this means for when one gets approved and it’s back down to 50k bonus instead of 60k…

  15. My mother just applied for the Ink Bold card, and she received a message saying to wait 10-30 days for a response. We tried calling the reconsideration line to speed things up, but they said she’d have to wait while it’s being processed. In your experience, is this a veiled way of denying the application or could it mean something else? Thanks.

    • Jason, I wouldn’t worry too much as I have read reports they are currently dealing with massive volumes of applications so things aren’t working the way they normally do…so I wouldn’t really read anything into that. Just have her hang in there and good luck!

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