Just How Rewarding is the Hyatt + MGM M Life Partnership?

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While I was in Hawaii recently, Hyatt and the MGM rewards program M Life announced their reciprocal partnership.  I very much love Hyatt and the MGM Vegas family of hotels, so I was a bit bummed to be too tied up vacationing on points to delve into the details when it was first announced (good problem to have I guess!).  Even though the dust has now settled on the announcement, I want to look at just how rewarding this partnership will be for Hyatt-oriented travelers before it kicks into high gear tomorrow on June 20th.

Use Hyatt Gold Passport points for Vegas hotel stays:

If you have Hyatt Gold Passport points (or Chase Ultimate Reward points that you can transfer in 1:1), then beginning on June 20th you can use those points to stay at M Life participating properties in Vegas.  Here are the rates for redeeming Hyatt points for free nights.  Do keep in mind that unlike when you redeem for award stays at Hyatt properties, the resort fees are not included.  There will also be blackout dates.

  • Bellagio: (Cat 6) 22,000 points per night
  • Aria: (Cat 6) 22,000 points per night
  • Mandalay Bay: (Cat 6) 22,000 points per night
  • THEhotel at Mandalay Bay: (Cat 6) 22,000 points per night
  • Vdara: (Cat 5) 18,000 points per night
  • MGM Grand: (Cat 5) 18,000 points per night
  • The Signature at MGM Grand:  (Cat 5) 18,000 points per night
  • Mirage:  (Cat 5) 18,000 points per night
  • Monte Carlo:  (Cat 4) 15,000 points per night
  • New York-New York:  (Cat 4) 15,000 points per night
  • Luxor:  (Cat 3) 12,000 points per night
  • Excalibur:  (Cat 2) 8,000 points per night

I love that there is now the option to redeem points for hotel stays in Vegas, but I have had great success getting good room rates at top-end Vegas hotels like Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, and more, so, unless the going rate was very high, I may not spend my Hyatt points there in most situations.  Here is a post on getting good deals at Vegas hotels.  You are also able to use your two free nights from the Hyatt Visa to stay at any of these Vegas hotels, and you can use your annual certificate for a free night at a Category 1-4 hotel at one of the lower M Life category properties.

Bellagio Fountains

Earn Hyatt Points at M Life Properties:

While I may or may not ever use my Hyatt points to stay in Vegas, I would certainly like to earn Hyatt points while staying at participating M Life properties.  You will be able to earn 5 Hyatt Gold Passport points on every dollar of M Life eligible spending at the participating M Life resorts.  This includes the room rate if booked via Hyatt (other than free nights) or directly with the M Life hotels themselves (i.e., not Expedia, Travelocity, etc.).  You are also able to earn points on room charges regardless of how you booked the hotel room, up to $5,000 of incidental spending.  Hyatt Platinum and Diamond members will also receive their respective 15% and 30% point bonus.

You will need to be a member both of the M Life program and the Hyatt Gold Passport program and let the hotel know at check-in that you want to earn Hyatt points.  Also note that you will still earn M Life tier credit even if you are also earning Hyatt Gold Passport points at M Life participating hotels.

Match Your Hyatt Elite Status to M Life Elite Status:

The details on this part are still being ironed out, but beginning in August of this year you will have a chance to match your Hyatt elite status to a M Life status.

  • Gold Passport Platinum = M Life Gold
  • Gold Passport Diamond = M Life Platinum (which is the second highest M Life tier)

M Life Platinum status gets you things like turn-down service, priority dinner reservations, buffet line passes, coffee shop line pass, 30% accelerated express comps earning, priority check-in, priority early check-in or late check-out, 15% discount at participating retail shops, special Access to nightclubs and pool day clubs for you and a guest, and priority taxi service.  Historically it has also gotten you some pretty discounted and/or complimentary targeted room offers, but they may have also been tied to the level of gambling that earned you the tier in the first place.  I’ll be interested to see how that translates with those matched from Hyatt elite status.  Still, things like line passes can save you some real time in Vegas and I’d always be happy to have them thanks to my Hyatt Diamond status.  You can see all the M Life tier benefits here.

You will not be able to leverage your Hyatt elite status to get things like free internet, confirmed suite upgrades, and/or point bonuses or food and beverage amenities the way you would in Hyatt operated hotels.

Earn Hyatt stay credits on Vegas stays:

If you care about qualifying or re-qualifying for Hyatt elite status, then you will be happy that you can earn Hyatt stay/night credit on your eligible M Life stays.  You must book the stay either directly with the participating M Life hotel or through Hyatt for it to qualify (not through a third party site).  This can result in some very inexpensive elite qualifying stays at hotels like Excalibur that sometimes have rooms in the $30 per night range!


This really is a pretty big announcement and partnership that seems to have been well thought out.  I imagine most families like mine only get to Vegas once every year or two so it won’t exactly change our day to day lives, but it will still be a very nice added bonus to be able to earn Hyatt points while I am in Vegas.  It will also be nice to leverage my Hyatt status to some extent.  I like that I will have the option to redeem Hyatt points to stay in Vegas, even though I usually use my points at a higher return than I will probably get most nights in Vegas.  I also like that Hyatt was willing to take on a partnership like this, and I hope that if it works out they may try it again with another hotel chain where they don’t have a large presence themselves.

What do you think?  Anyone planning on trying this out for themselves soon after the partnership begins tomorrow?

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  1. MUCH more useful than the other hotel/vegas partnerships :

    Hilton gets you …. Tropicana ?
    Marriott is stuck with Cosmo
    IHG has Venetian/Palazzo

    but Hyatt has a WHOLE set of 4/5 star hotels to pick from.

  2. I have a bachelor party trip coming up and we are staying at Aria. I was fortunate enough to be able to put all of the reservations on my credit card and name. I was thinking of starting the Hyatt Diamond Challenge, but didn’t know if every room night would count towards it or only one room. I know for Hyatt properties it is only 1 room that count towards status. What do you think?

  3. Thinking about doing Hyatt Diamond Challenge and saw the Excalibur for very good price. If I book it and have my niece on the reservation can she check in and out for me and still get credit?

  4. Good news to hear. I’m thinking that I will NOT be redeeming points except for crowded holiday weekends. I could have REALLY used it over Memorial Day weekend when the going rate was $220+ at the Monte Carlo and my comped rooms weren’t valid for that date. However, most times I think you should be able to get even cheaper price if you used the Chase UR booking tool. That means that if the going rate for Bellagio/Aria/Mandalay Bay is under $275 (as it is most times) then you’re better off going through chase UR instead of transferring to Hyatt…under $225 for MGM/Mirage or under $187 for MC/NYNY.

  5. The other option is to spend a few $k worth of action at the tables and you’ll get free/super cheap rooms most of the time anyway. But not everyone is a degenerate gambler, lol 😀

  6. Hmm, I’ve got time on my hands and want to go for the Diamond challenge. If I do a check in check out for 12 nights with Excalibur being one of the hotels, what is another one which is equally cheap? I.e., $30.00. Can’t beat that. Have computer will travel.

  7. I live in Vegas. Redeeming Hyatt points for MGM properties is generally not a good idea. It’s rare for top tier Vegas hotels to exceed $250 unless it’s a holiday weekend. Plus there are so many affordable options. A 3 star Excalibur hotel can often be snagged for less than $50. If anything, taking adcantage of the low rates in Vegas for a Hyatt diamond status challenge might be the way to go. I’d rather use the 22k points at a Park Hyatt in Maldives, Paris, Milan, etc where the rates are astronomically high > $700-800 a night.

  8. It’s worth noting that Mlife NOIR is an invitation only level, similar in some ways to United Global Services. So while there are endless debates about issues related to invitation-only programs, the Mlife Platinum status awarded to Gold Passport Diamond members is the top status available with clearly defined qualification criteria.

  9. @Scottrick : NOIR is based on gaming spend only, requiring roughly 1.5M tier credits to be even under consideration … no amount of suites and table service will buy one into NOIR if they don’t really gamble

  10. I think the categories are way off, they need to lower most of the cat 6 hotels. Not a very good deal on points, but a good way to earn points if staying on paid stays in Vegas.

  11. @John While Excalibur is the lowest rate if you don’t mind hotel hopping you could find a cheap week or weekend and alternate between Excalibur and Luxor. They are right next to each other and both are reasonable in price depending on the time of year. Hypothetically since you are alternating your hotels I believe each night would count as a “stay”. A great way to easily earn Diamond if you are doing the trial.

  12. I reached out to Hyatt and they explicitly said that the MGM hotels would not count for status trials, so no easy way to Diamond.

    But they are still great if you need a mattress run to hit 25 stays/50 nights. I’m a hotels.com/AAA rate/credit card points hotel guy with mid-tier status at various places, but this might push me to chase Diamond with Hyatt.

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