Daily Getaways Day 10 (Friday): $33 Avis Rentals and Chairman’s Club Elite Membership

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The next round of Daily Getaway deals involve the sale of fixed price Avis car rentals and some pretty fancy Avis elite status. In case you are new to the Daily Getaways, they are daily deals for the next five weeks on discounted hotel stays, discounted points purchases, car rental deals, and more. The travel packages are provided by U.S. Travel Association, in cooperation with participating travel operators of the U.S. Travel Association and advertising support provided by American Express. To get an additional 10% off savings you must pay with any American Express card.  Daily Getaways are only open to those who are US residents ages 18 and up (though some packages are for 21+ or even 25+).  Here is a link to some tips for successfully purchasing these limited quantity deals.

Avis One Day Car Rental – $33 ($29.70 with 10% Amex discount)

  • Valid for one day of time and mileage charges on the rental of any car of your choice – up to Premium (Group G).
  • This offer is valid at any participating Avis location in the U.S. (excluding the New York Metro area), Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Plus, enjoy Avis premium products for an additional fee.
  • Once you receive the paper coupon certificate, you must present it at the rental counter for redemption. You must make an advance reservation by calling 1-800-331-1212 or by visiting Avis.com. Twenty-four hour advance reservation is required.
  • Taxes, concession recovery fees, vehicle license recovery fee, customer facility charges ($10/contract in CA) may apply and are the responsibility of the bearer.
  • No more than seven (7) coupons may be used on one (1) rental at any given time.
  • Holiday and blackout periods may apply.
  • Cars must be returned to renting location.
  • An additional daily surcharge may apply for renters under twenty-five (25) years old.
  • 650 available, max purchase of 7.
  • Rental must be used by March 31, 2014.
  • Certificate sent via U.S. mail.

Avis Chairman’s Club Membership – $1,115 (1,003.50 with Amex 10% discount)

  • Through July 31, 2014, enjoy streamlined travel and personalized service from the airport to your car and back with Meet-and-Greet service and Personal Return Valet service. An Avis representative will meet you and escort you directly to your waiting car and, on your return, he or she will take you right to your departure terminal.
  • Avis will always have a car for you, even if you don’t have a reservation. Avis provides exclusive service to Chairman’s Club members, including guaranteed car availability and complimentary upgrades (subject to availability) to the best car available when you reserve an intermediate-level car or higher.
  • Avis will deliver a car anywhere within 25 miles of participating Avis locations.
  • Membership benefits available at participating locations in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Must be 25 years or older to qualify for membership. U.S. driver’s license must be in good standing to qualify for membership.
  • Only spouses or significant others are permitted to pick up the vehicle in the member’s name.

Deal Analysis:

Roughly $30 car rentals can be good price, though I rarely pay much above that anyway given the many ways to save money on car rentals.  If NYC weren’t exempt from the deal then it would be worth it at least for rentals in that city.  I’m passing since I can often get that price anyway without having to mess with keeping up with certificates or dealing with black-out dates.  Honestly what I would love is the Avis Chairman’s Club membership.  I can’t stress enough how terrible the rental car process is with small children.  After surviving the flight you still have to get all your bags and kids and then load up to go to (usually off-site) the car rental location.  When I am traveling alone with my daughter it is even worse, and sometimes I can barely manage our luggage and her safely without help.

However, it there were someone to meet us at the airport with our rental car it would be amazing!  If someone could drop us and our luggage off at the terminal in the rental car it would be equally amazing!  If someone were able to bring us our rental within 25 miles it would also sometimes be helpful.  Now whether it would be $1,000 worth of helpful and amazing I’m not sure, but we travel enough that it really isn’t that far off, especially since it should result in decent car upgrades as well.  Since spouses or significant others can also pick the car up in the member’s name this sounds really great for a family.

That said I haven’t yet found an extra $1,000 in my pockets or couch cushions, but this elite status sounds pretty awesome for very frequent travelers.

I would love to hear from anyone who has used the Avis certs in previous years or has been lucky enough to have Avis Chairman’s Club status!

These deals go on sale Friday at 1PM Eastern on the Daily Getaways website.  Will you be going for either Avis deal?

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  1. I bought the Avis cert last year but I already had a trip in mind I wanted to use them for. We used them for a rental in Hawaii and for us it really helped save some money. We had a nice infinity for the week.

  2. Chairman’s Club sure sounds nice but I’m not sure I’m ready to join the 1% just yet. I would think you’d have to rent at least 30 times over the next year to make this a worthwhile proposition. If you just rent occasionally the $1000 would cover approximately 30-40 rental days, so I would feel silly if the perks cost more than the rentals themselves.

  3. cliff, well done!
    Max, agree it is a very 1% thing, but it would be awesome! We do rent a fair number of times each year, but it all depends how much you value those services. There are days I would value them quite highly, but still that is a ton of money.

  4. One thing to keep in mind is Chairman’s Club is only recognized “at participating locations in the U.S. and Canada.”. This cuts down the usefulness for folks that do a lot of international traveling (but if it was world-wide? You would start making up the cost just by reserving away from the airport location and using the 30 mile pick-up radius… that could still be worth it for frequent US travelers right there.)

  5. Does anyone know if these certificates work on a one way rental? That’s when I find rental cost can really jump up, but I don’t want to buy them and find out later I can’t use them. Thanks.

  6. Sean, it says an additional surcharge may be added for under 25 reservations. So, it may? I would guess it would.

  7. I actually have Avis Chairman…. The upgrades are great. For example I booked an intermediate in PBI and got a BMW 5 series. You also seem to qualify for special rates which always seem to be lower than what is otherwise available. The valet service is nice, but I only really use it when I travelling with my family and loaded down (although at some airports they insist on driving you to the terminal). It nice but not close to being worth the price IMO.

  8. Hi,

    You wrote that most of the time you do not pay much more than that anyway – which is the best strategy for booking cheap rentals?

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