Earn Up to 50K Miles for Referring Friends to US Airways Card, But…

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I’ve seen some buzz on the miles and points forums today about a new email that came out from Barclays regarding bonus miles for referring your friends (or perhaps enemies) to the US Airways MasterCard.  It’s a solid card that is likely going to disappear at some point soon(ish) thanks to the US Airways – American Airlines merger, so thumbs up for telling your friends about it before it is too late.  Also thumbs up to Barclays for rewarding you for doing so with either 5,000 or 10,000 miles per approved friend (up to 50k miles).

US Airways Referral Mommy Points

I was emailed the version that earns 10,000 miles per referred friend by July 31st, up to a max of 50,000 US Airways miles.  While I would love earning up to 50,000 US Airways miles for helping my friends get a solid card, be aware that the offer you are referring them to is the one that provides 30,000 miles after the first use and carries an $89 annual fee that isn’t waived the first year.  This is the same offer to which credit card affiliates like myself have access.  It is a good offer considering the miles are awarded on the first purchase made with the card, but be aware there is an offer out there that awards 35,000 miles after the first use of the card and has the $89 annual fee waived the first year.  That offer also spells out clearly that you receive 10,000 bonus miles at each anniversary.  You can learn more about that offer on Flyertalk,  It doesn’t have a working offer/landing page, but the offer details are laid out in the terms and conditions.

If you have friends or family that aren’t comfortable with the FT offer or who just want to be referred by you then by all means send them the offer you have, but just it in an informed manner.  Maybe they will let you be their $99 companion if you tell them about the 35,000 mile offer that also exists.  😉

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  1. It went immediately from by inbox to the trash folder because I would only tell friends and family about the better 35K offer with first year fee waived and 10K on anniversary. Any compensation I might get would not change that advice.

    • HikerT, I’m with ya. Saved it long enough to write about it here so no one accidentally referred friends without being fully informed.

  2. I only got the 5K per referral offer. I might consider selling my friends out for 10K a pop, but 5K? No way! 🙂

  3. When did the best offer go down to 35k? I got a second one of these in February and the bonus was 40k with the fee waived. I am out of the loop on this but it’s a great card with all the category spend bonuses they throw out from time to time. Their companion certs are also much easier to use than the Delta ones.

  4. Dreamworks, no prob!
    LarryinNYC, ha ha. 😉
    Max, a few months ago. I would guess shortly after you applied in Feb. I like these companion certs as well.

  5. Do you have any (recent or upcoming) posts about the best redemption options for US Airways miles? I have ~60k, but it’s the one program I really don’t know much about…

    • Dave, happy to help brainstorm some. Are you interested in domestic or international? Economy or premium cabin?

  6. Wish I had a friend like you! I got the 30000 mile/ fee not waived offer. But I’ll get another 10000 miles if I spend $750/month in the next 3 months.

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