Solid Deal on Wyndham Reward Points via Daily Getaway Deals (you may want these!)

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Today’s Daily Getaway is one that many people have been anxiously waiting on since last year – Wyndham Reward points.  These points can be useful for some hotel stays, but many people targeted them for transfers to airlines.  The deal is not near as sweet as it was last year, but it may still be useful for some people.  If you are new to the Daily Getaways, they are daily deals for five weeks on discounted hotel stays, discounted points purchases, car rental deals, and more. The travel packages are provided by U.S. Travel Association, in cooperation with participating travel operators of the U.S. Travel Association and advertising support provided by American Express. To get an additional 10% off savings you must pay with any American Express card. Daily Getaways are only open to those who are US residents ages 18 and up (though some packages are for 21+ or even 25+). Here is a link to tips for successfully purchasing these limited quantity deals.

14,000 Wyndham Reward points for $84 – $75.60 with 10% Amex discount

  • 500 available, max purchase of two.

32,000 Wyndham Reward points for $192 – $172.80 with 10% Amex discount

  • 450 available, max purchase of one.

40,000 Wyndham Reward points for $240 – $216 with 10% Amex discount

  • 440 available, max purchase of one.

60,000 Wyndham Reward points for $360 – $324 with 10% Amex discount

  • 100 available, max purchase of one.

75,000 Wyndham Reward points for $450 – $405 with 10% Amex discount

  • 200 available, max purchase of one.

Applicable to all packages:

  • $0.0054 per point for all packages (with 10% Amex discount)
  • Disregard the hotels that are attached to these points packages – you can use them however you wish.
  • Points expire 4 years from date of deposit, unless forfeited or canceled earlier due to membership inactivity for eighteen (18) months.
  • No blackout dates apply to reward stays.
  • Up to 6 sets of points may be purchased in total for any Wyndham Rewards offer in this promotion per customer/account number.

Deal Analysis:

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, Wyndham Reward points were very popular last year, but they were also less expensive (starting at about .25 cents per point with the Amex discount).  This year they will be starting at around double that price, and some of the NYC hotel redemptions are no longer what they used to be.  I used some Wyndham Reward points for a very good deal on a NYC hotel redemption (before that portion of the award chart changed), but I also used some in a transfer to US Airways during a 50% bonus on hotel points transferred  that resulted in getting US Airways miles at less than half a cent each, which is amazing.  Again, that was based on last year’s rates, so let’s shift the focus to this year’s opportunity.

The transfer rate from Wyndham to  airlines like United, American, and US Airways is 8,000 points to 3,200 miles; 17,500 points to 7,000 miles; and 30,000 points to 12,000 miles.  To transfer to Southwest it is 8,000 points to 2,400 Rapid Reward points, though those have been counting toward the Companion Pass.  At those rates, you are paying about 1.35 cents per airline mile for the legacy airlines, which is certainly a better rate than you can get via purchasing the miles directly from the airlines.  With Southwest you are paying about 1.8 cents per point – which is just slightly over what you get when you redeem Rapid Reward points for “Wanna Get Away” fares, but could still be a good way to top off to a Companion Pass.

The risk of course is that the award chart can change at any time and without any notice.  Overnight the transfer rates to the airlines could be dramatically different (like what just happened with Club Carlson), so there is a real risk in buying Wyndham points and sitting on them.  Of course, sitting on them could also work in your favor if the award chart stays the same and an airline comes out with a transfer bonus from hotel programs, just as US has done the last couple of years.

If you want to use the points for free hotel nights, they range from 5,500 points per night to 30,000 points per night.  The NYC properties are pretty much all 30,000 points per night, which comes to $162 per night with the points costing $0.0054 each.  That is certainly not bad for a hotel in NYC, but it isn’t the phenomenal deal it was last year.  Here are a few example hotel redemption rates and prices based on $.0054 cents per point.

Days Inn London Hyde Park (has some 4 person occupancy rooms!) – 20,000 points – $108

Ramada Encore London West – 25,000 points – $135

Super 8 Dillon/Breckenridge Area (near many ski options) – 14,000 points – $75.60

Ramada Vancouver Downtown – 16,000 points – $86.40

Days Inn San Diego Downtown – 20,000 points – $108

A family of four in London for $108 is great, as is a place to sleep at night for $75 during ski season.  These hotels are not your five star-diamond-platinum-titanium style hotels, but plenty of them seem to have solid enough reviews to totally meet the basic needs of a safe and clean place to sleep at night.

Because I was still pretty well stocked from last year, I have yet to purchase a Daily Getaway deal myself this year, but this will likely be the deal that turns me into a buyer.  It is not the “no brainer” deal that it was last year, but there are still enough solid redemption options for me to want to increase my Wyndham Rewards balance back up a bit.  If you don’t yet have a Wyndham Rewards number, make sure to get one before the sale as you will need it to complete your purchase.  Anyone else turning into a buyer with this deal?

These packages go on sale Tuesday at 1PM Eastern on the Daily Getaways website.

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    • Duc, you can buy more than one package, but it may be hard as I suspect they will be snatched up quickly and even a few seconds will go by quickly. Good luck!

    • JAG, they changed their categories up earlier this year I believe…but that doesn’t mean anything necessarily if you are looking at airline transfers.

  1. I don’t even need the miles yet I snagged 75K and 60K points to convert. Maybe I should ask for an miles and points intervention. Because I am addicted to them. As a side note, this year was much easier to get the deal compared to last year.

  2. TOO FREAKIN EASY this year. I bought 88k with another 72k in my cart between 2 browsers. I’m not even sure i’m going to buy the 40k and 32k deals…trying to do the math…

  3. Bought the 40k package. Perhaps I have a problem like Bob as well. 128k pts for $691.20. I’m thinking I might convert 68k into AA so I can top up my account and redeem an explorer award for Asia next year (7 countries in 3 weeks…comes out to be *just* under 4k miles by air, thus only 70k miles for 2 people). The rest will be options for ski season on big POW days when I don’t want to deal with the traffic/weather. Does anybody know Wyndham’s cancellation policy when booking with points? I’d love to make some speculative ski bookings and cancel them if the weather is too *nice*. Seeing as I live in Denver, i’d love cancelling up to as long as possible..

  4. Congrats, Paul! The wife and I have had one for the past 12 months and we’ve easily been on 11 flights since then with another 6 before years end! It’s definitely an AWESOME benefit!

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