Reminder About Southwest 50k Point Offers

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Offer Expired.  Please check here for current offer.

I got an email from my credit card affiliate company this morning that the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit card offer had increased to 50,000 points after you spend $2,000 in three months.  This is a great deal as 50,000 Southwest points are worth at least $835 toward “Wanna Get Away” fares – and it gets you almost halfway to a Companion Pass.

However, in going to update my offers on the Top Credit Card page it seems that the offer was already at 50k for this, it just wasn’t in the affiliate network.  In fact, all four Southwest card offers (two personal and two business) are at the 50k level.  This isn’t the best time to go for it if you want to maximize the length of the Companion Pass, but if you just wanted some Southwest points then you have your pick of all four offers.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Personal Card – 50,000 points after spending $2,000 in 3 months ($69 annual fee, but also comes with 3,000 annual bonus points)

Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Business Card – 50,000 points after spending $2,000 in 3 months ($69 annual fee, but also comes with 3,000 annual bonus points)

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card – 50,000 points after spending $2,000 in 3 months ($99 annual fee, 6,000 annual bonus points)

Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Card – 50,000 points after spending $2,000 in 3 months ($99 annual fee, 6,000 annual bonus points

These offers come and goes at the 50k level, so this just serves as a reminder that they are currently all at the 50k level…and actually have been for at least a few weeks now.  If you are curious about such things, the personal premier card is my affiliate link, and the others are just the best offers available.

Disclaimer: I do receive commission if you are approved for the Personal Premier card.  As always, thank you for your support.

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  1. Great offer. It’s nice that Southwest has two versions of the card. Makes it easy to get companion pass twice! One note (not a big deal), looks like it’s 50K points after 2k in spending.

  2. The best card I’ve app’d this year, by far. Was able to get 4 r/t tickets w/ points left over through the 50k sign-up a few months back.

  3. If I have either the southwest premier or southwest plus, can I apply for one of the others and still get that extra 50k points? It will be a year that I have the plus card in November. Thanks.

    • I do know that some have more than one of these cards in order to keep different types of expenses separate.

  4. Bad copy and paste job on my part from when the offers were $1K. They all four are now $2K. The application pages had the right info, and now the post does too. I agree great offers either way – some of the best out there.

  5. Amazing how you conveniently forgot that this deal was already available until you get paid for affiliate referrals. Just another reminder that bloggers are not really out friends but are doing this for the money. What an ethical business.

    • Jared, I had posted the non referral offer that’s why it was there when I went to update today. My brain isn’t good enough to remember every offer at every second…luckily my top credit card deals remembers on its own once I enter the info. 😉

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