A New Rewards Experience Coming for United…

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Update #2: As was feared, the Mercedes announcement is not the real announcement.  It is just another announcement.  Here is what UA Insider said on Milepoint:

Wanted to jump in here and let you know that we are indeed looking ahead to an announcement about new reward opportunities for MileagePlus members—over and above what you’ve seen already this week. I’ll ask that you sit tight for the next few days, but rest assured you can expect full details from me the minute we go live. And while I know you’ll give us honest feedback as always, I do believe this is something to look forward to

So, the speculation continues.

Update: Found this announcement from United today about a new partnership with Mercedes….I’m really hoping this is all that it is about.  Either way, interesting that any announcement is assumed to be negative…that kinda speaks for itself in some ways.

Assuming this is just related to a Mercedes partnership, here are those details:

MileagePlus Premier members can now receive incentives of up to $5,000 when purchasing or leasing most new 2013 or 2014 Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In addition, Premier members will receive 25,000 bonus miles, through Sept. 3, 2013, when purchasing or leasing a new 2014 Mercedes-Benz E- or CLS-Class model. These customers can use the incentive and mileage benefits at Mercedes-Benz dealers in the United States.

Hopefully this is all the announcement was, and we were spooked over nothing.  I’ll just assume that unless proven otherwise.  I guess yay if you are in the market for a Mercedes.

United Mercedes Mommy Points

…this can’t be good.  Around midnight United tweeted:

“A new rewards experience is coming for our MileagePlus® members. Find out more soon.”  They have tweeted it again this morning.  It’s a Friday.  Good news typically isn’t released on Fridays, only bad.  If they wait until 5PM (or even 11:59PM) we know it is really bad.

United new rewards mommy points

I would love to be wrong, but as they say in Star Wars, “I have a bad feeling about this”.  Looks like folks on Flyertalk are also pretty concerned 

Duck, cover, and hope for the best.  Please let it be the addition of an option to redeem miles for eight tracks or something.

What do you think?  I’ll update as soon as I know more.

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  1. Patrick, I think it is actually both of them…though with my daughter we have been watching more Episode 1 where Obi says it. Common George Lucas phrase I think (though updated the both to include both!). 😉

  2. I’m hoping this isn’t as bad and they have the good sense not to dress up a major devaluation as a “new rewards experience.” Just devalue quickly….

  3. I do believe that Ray Bradbury provides the definitive quote “Something wicked this way comes.”

  4. While I can see why you’re worried, from the wording of the announcement it sounds to me like a new “experience” you can get through the rewards program — similar to the special “experiences” you can get as an AMEX member, for instance. Could be concert tickets, or something like that.
    This isn’t the language I would use to roll out major changes to the Frequent Flier program, and I wouldn’t tease those kind of changes with tweets like these.

  5. @MommyPoints

    Considering it wasn’t tweeted yet, i’m not too confident that it was the “new” rewards experience thing.

  6. LarryinNYC, totally agree, and yet that did nothing to diminish my nervousness.
    Ed, yeah it isn’t what I was expecting, but I guess it is still a new type of experience. Hoping this is all it was and we are all safe…for now.

  7. “Good neeeews, every one!”
    – Prof. Farnsworth, Futurama

    Is what I got immediately when I saw that tweet. Rightfully so, with all the bad things Smisek pulled recently, once can only brace yourself. Guess today is a false alarm.

  8. I’m glad I just burned about 280k worth of points on bookings in the past couple of months. At least they can’t take away my first class trip for the wife and I to Japan and Signapore! I was tempted to move about 80k UR pts into United for “storage” but I’m gonna sit the sidelines until I can sort out the mess…

    • Sean, yeah I can’t swear this is it. Press release did come out today, but not sure why the UA Twitter account isn’t sharing this as the news if it is the news. Ready for this to be officially it or not it.

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