Weekend Points Catch-up (Hilton Promo, United Miles, SPG Moments, and more)

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Saturdays mean time to catch-up on laundry, sleep (ha!), grocery shopping, and of course miles and points news.

  • Office Depot goes to “cash only” for some $500 and variable load gift cards.  They just brought back some of these gift cards this week, along with the hard-coded “cash only” policy.  I haven’t had a chance to get to my own OD yet, but Frequent Miler has been to several, so head there for the most recent details.
  • Daily Getaways are over for this year, but there are about 35 ‘deals’ still for sale Many of them are likely of little interest (that’s why they are left), but I personally just picked up some Priority Club points that were still for sale since I needed them for a particular redemption.
  •  United gave me (and several others) mild heart palpitations by announcing a change that was coming…then announced some new perks when buying or leasing a Mercedes.  Bonus miles for car purchases for elite members are nice, even if it will only help a smallish set of people. Then announced that wasn’t the change they announced, so a change is still coming.  Looks like we will likely learn of what this change is early next week – they are insisting it is good – hopefully we all agree.
  • Register now for the third quarter HHonors promo that offers triple points on Friday, Saturday and Sunday or double points for stays on Monday through Thursday nights.  There are a good number of hotels not participating.  Learn more about this and other current hotel promos on my Hotel Promos page.
  • There are positive reports of Hyatt stays/nights status posting from stays at MGM Las Vegas propertiesSo far the few data points seem to indicate about 10 – 14 days between the stays and the posting time, so be patient and hold on to your folios just in case there is a glitch that requires a manual fix.
  • If you are a tennis fan, check out the SPG Moments opportunities at the US Open for this year I used some SPG points for a SPG Moment opportunity to see a game a Wrigley Field earlier this year.  None of these US Open moments jumped out at me as immediately being as good a deal, mostly because they are auctions as opposed to fixed prices.  However, if you are really into tennis or just into the idea of a tennis clinic with Andy Roddick then they might be great deals for you.  In general, I prefer the “redeem now” options because I stink at auctions.  Some of the current “redeem now” options include 2 passes + food/beverage to the 95th PGA Championship for 20k points, 2 premium tickets to see Pink in Melbourne for 5k points, etc.
  • Earn 300 – 600 free United miles for taking a survey I have not done this as reports are it is a little time consuming, and others that have done it say it was a royal pain….so proceed at your own risk.

Let me know if I missed any big miles and points news, and have a great weekend!

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  1. I’m surprised at some of the daily getaways left. The Mariott Premier award night looks pretty decent. $235 ($261 – 10%) for a night at almost any Mariott, including breakfast and taxes. I’m eyeing the JW Mariott San Francisco, which seems to go for $350-$450 a night. Might get in on this one.

  2. tassojunior, yuck. I have read some 15 minute reports – which is still too long for me…but I know some folks value free miles higher than 15 or 30 minutes.
    Jamie, agree those could be useful for some!

  3. Worse than the time involved, this is one of those scams where you may spend 15 minutes giving them all sorts of personal information about yourself, and then have them say “sorry, you don’t qualify for this survey”, and they kick out with no points at all.

    View From the Wing:

    “You give your name, email address, mileage number and gender. Then you go to your email to confirm.

    Then they want your date of birth, home address, whether you rent or own your home, your occupation, your education level, income, and race. They also want to know who you’re employed by and how much you make.

    After completing registration they had another screening survey for me to take before they’d let me take a survey for miles. They wanted to know if I’m gay or wear glasses, and what purchasing decisions I make at work.

    You’ll need to decide if that’s too much information, too invasive, and for that matter how honest you want to be if you decide to complete the quick questions required to join.

    Then I was allowed to take a survey. I was told it would take 12 minutes. The first several questions were repeats of the screeners. Then they wanted to know about my last mattress purchase. For kicks I decided to say I didn’t know the brand of bed I bought, and I got kicked out of the survey without miles.

    This is not the right survey for you.”

    I agree, this is not the right survey for any of us. Just say no….

  4. The world is slowly coming to an end when people are spending their time filling out a survey which may at most give them the equivalent of a coffee at Starbucks. Lol! Just give me your email and I’ll send you $3 through PayPal

  5. I fully agree with Robert Hanson. My experience exactly However, unlike Robert, I never reached the survey…I wasted 25 minutes responding to the pre-survey questions. After the 4th set of questions, I opted out. Please, Please, Please do not promote this United ripoff. This was nearly as frustrating as my last flight with United when I attempted to use the benefits with the Explorer card,

  6. With regards to the impending news from United, I actually think United will surprise us with good news this time. Information about the new Presidential Plus card is already on the Chase website. We are back to earning flex PQMs with credit card spend.

  7. -Beefed up the warning in the post about the survey. I didn’t do it myself (as was mentioned in the post), but sounds like I should be glad I didn’t bother!
    -vkoripalli, I hope you are right. That would be strange to bring back a Presidential Plus card when the Presidents Club term is gone…do you have a link? Would love to earn Flex EQMs – still kicking myself for not getting that old card!

    • Thx for the link. They also still have other old cards that are no longer issued on that page too, and as far as I can tell no way to apply for it. Sadly I don’t personally think that means it is coming back, but I would love some way to earn flex pqms!

    • Benny, yeah should clarify what I meant. It was in reference to the US Open SPG Moments options. You can redeem for stuff with him…guess he has free time now. 😉

  8. The surveys for United Miles are best done as a multitasking thing where you know you’ll be stationary for a while – think on the phone or watching TV. One nice thing about them is that once you complete a survey, they post instantly.

  9. The surveys for United Miles are best done as a multitasking thing where you know you’ll be stationary for a while – think on the phone or watching TV. One nice thing about them is that once you complete a survey, they post instantly.

  10. @MommyPoints – I purchased 100k Priority Club points on July 13, 11 business days passed and points has not yet deposited in to my IHG Rewards Club account. I sent email to bria.benton@ihg.com (IHG’s POC per Daily Getaways) and also called customer service @1-888-211-9874. So far my account still has a big fat 0 point 🙁

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