Vegas, baby! New Rooms at the MGM Grand

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I think I have safely established that I am a Vegas-a-holic.  I haven’t gone as much in recent years due to having a little one at home, but that doesn’t mean the city doesn’t constantly call out to me.  Luckily, today I was able to answer the call.  My husband and I were invited to a celebration in Vegas in honor of the new Hyatt and MGM M Life partnership that allows you to earn and redeem Hyatt points at participating MGM hotels in Vegas.  Coming soon you will also be able to use your Hyatt elite status to get M Life elite status.  I think about 100 Hyatt Diamonds, including us, will be attending this event tonight.  At first when I got the invite I sadly dismissed it as I just didn’t think we could make the timing work, but I quickly realized I may be served divorce papers if I passed on a Vegas trip for the two of us, and honestly the reasons to go were way longer than the reasons not to go.

As perks for attending, we are provided two nights in the newly-remodeled MGM Grand rooms, show tickets to Ka, tickets to the Bellagio Fine Art Gallery, invitations to a cocktail party at the Mansion at MGM Grand, and complimentary top-tier Noir M Life status…which meant we got limo service from the airport to the hotel!  I was proud we had worked our way to Pearl Status (second from the bottom), so to shoot up to Noir is insanely generous and an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.  I’ve been to Vegas many times, but have never been inside the MGM Mansions – hopefully I can take lots of pictures to share!


We are nerdy enough to take pictures in limos (or SUVs in this case)

So far all we have really done is get to the hotel and check out the newly redone MGM rooms.  I’m not 100% sold on the pattern on the carpet in the hallways, but really who cares about the pattern of carpet in the hallways.


The room looks nice and modern, and the bed is additively comfortable.  Seriously.  Set two alarms if you have to get up early.


The last time we stayed at MGM a couple years ago our room still had a tube TV and black and white pictures of old Hollywood stars.  The old Hollywood pictures were okay, but the TVs had started to look hilarious.  Very happy to see an update!  Not that you come to Vegas to watch TV….



The bathroom shower has the same black and white tile as before, yet overall feels modern and is totally functional.



Because of our newly minted Noir status, we were also able to use VIP check-in which is through some frosted glass doors to the left of the main check-in area.  This process actually took longer than the regular check-in, but there are snacks, coffee, etc. in there you can get throughout the day.  We were even told that in the evenings some goodies from Joel Robuchon are brought in.  Yum!  Update:  I made sure to walk through the lounge a fair number of times and never saw any food that looked like it was from Joel Robuchon while we were there.  Maybe it is out for 3 minutes per day? 



The MGM Grand isn’t as high ranking in the MGM family as say Bellagio or Aria, but the new rooms seem pretty good to me.  If you are okay with a truly huge hotel (and all that naturally comes with that), the only real negative we noted was noise from the hall.  At least a couple of times each night, we would very clearly hear happenings from the hallway in the middle of the night.  These rooms let in a ton of noise, so earplugs might be helpful.

Rates here are often pretty fair, so even though it isn’t “perfect”, it isn’t a hotel to be counted out.  There is still construction going on in the casino and restaurant area, but hopefully when that is done it will be even better.  Stay tuned for more updates from one of my favorite cities!

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  1. Ok…this is kinda weird now since I’m headed to Vegas for a batchelor party tonight. I’m calling dibs on San Diego in 2 weeks for a wedding

    • Gabriel, hot and sunny weather – perfect for a Vegas night in July! San Diego is all yours in two weeks. 😉

  2. Semi related question as I have no idea all the details of MLife nor the partnership.

    Is this status from the partnership for “life of the program as long as you have the other” or is it a 1 time status?

    Hyatt Diamond currently and foreseeable future. Wondering how long my benefits will last.

    Congrats on the Noir invite.

  3. Jayson, yes much cooler!
    TTF, my impression is that it will be ongoing, but I am not sure that has been officially announced. I would guess that your status technically is only given for a year and then perhaps it would be redone the next year based on your current Hyatt status.
    Amy, it was awesome!
    Dave, I don’t know about bragging, but we were definitely excited by the invite!
    Lively, awesome!

  4. M-Life is also partnered with Royal Caribbean and I believe that you can get a 3-day cruise with the top 2 tiers, although, that might only apply to those who earned the status the hard way. Still, a nice perk for those who can take advantage of it.

  5. I had a friend just come back from Vegas.

    She stayed at a high end hotel and there were professional thieves dressed up in suits holding people at gun point and robbing them in elevators.

    Be aware of sin city.

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