Getting through the Vacation Hangover

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When you have kids, you don’t really have the luxury of coming home from vacation wiped out. Whether you have brought the kid(s) on the trip with you or had someone care for them while you were away, the morning after you land they will probably be ready to rock, while you are quite possibly wiped out.

In my pre-kid days, the day after returning from a Vegas trip would consist of laying on the couch, watching movies, ordering take-out, and possibly throwing in a load of laundry if I was feeling overly ambitious. However, now the day after a Vegas trip (or any other trip for that matter) is just like any other day full of trips to the park, pool, building forts, making meals, going to birthday parties, and throwing in laundry.

We were really careful not to overdo it in Vegas because we knew we were returning to a very energetic three year old who we missed greatly. She doesn’t care if we have a “vacation hangover”, she wants to play! However, as you can see, I just want to sleep. Thankfully she decided to simply build a fort around me for the first part of the morning.


So what to do when you have a vacation hangover and your kid wants to rock and roll? In addition of trying to come home as rested as possible in the first place (which is only marginally possible in Vegas), just drink coffee and power through. The quality is secondary to the quantity of caffeine. This is a situation to call in the big guns, so bottoms up…but in a different way than when on vacation. Tomorrow brings the “coffee hangover”, but gotta take it one battle at a time.


Both the trips and the energetic little ones are worth it, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy!

Have you ever dealt with the dreaded vacation hangover?

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    • Chris, ha ha in some cases I am certain. In this case, we actually really took it easy the night before returning so it is a vacation hangover instead of a real one. Vacation hangover + real hangover would equal total disaster! 😉

  1. The old adage, we need a vacation from our vacation, is certainly apt when you are traveling with kids. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. Michael, amen! We always like to maximize our vacation time, but you sure do pay for it when you come home and can’t catch up on rest. Worth it for sure, but sometimes painful in the process. 😉

  3. Your post comes at perfect timing! We are struggling with a vacation hangover from a long (and jam packed) weekend at Disney with the two little ones. I’m with you on the caffiene. Somehow we will power through today, make it to bedtime today, and will be back to planning another getaway in no time!

    Does make for a few rough days but so worth all the memories that come along with it! I always say I’m exhausted after time away. But it’s totally self inflicted, and totally worth it!

  4. We recently went on an Around the World Trip…it took the entire month of June to do it. Three days after we got back, my teenagers were complaining they were bored and they wanted to DO something. I thought it was going to drive me crazy. I was still on Hong Kong time.

  5. Hahaha I can so relay to this since I have 3 kids! It will get better though as the youngest gets older and the oldest can help make them breakfast (when she feels like it LOL). Nowadays I can at least sleep till 8am and they won’t bug me until I have my morning coffee!

  6. I get post-vacation depression when I return home. There is always endless things to do, places to drive the kids, schedules and appointments to keep up with, work, etc.

  7. Returned from Ireland/Scotland/England from 10 days and going back to work was a breeze compared from lugging a 2 year old + stroller + bag through London tube stations with no elevators. It was a strenuous trip for sure. However, if I had to plan it differently, I think I would arrange for a cleaning lady to come the week after we return.

    • HJO, very wise plan for next time. Work can be a relief, however a full weekend day at home with a non-tired kid is a battle! Today (back at work) is much easier. Hope you had a good trip!

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