Good Headphones for Kids + Headphones Giveaway

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Giveaway has ended, but we still love and use these headphones!

In addition to questions about miles and points, I frequently get asked which headphones I use for my daughter when we travel.  I am spoiled and love Bose headphones for myself, but spending that kind of money on kid headphones would be truly crazy.  For a couple of years she had a pair we bought at Target that they no longer seem to make, but recently I couldn’t find those in time for a trip, so we ordered a new pair that had good reviews.

We decided on “Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for Kids”.  I’m sure they sell them lots of places, but we got them on Amazon for $19.99.  The price was good and they come in cool bright colors like blue, green, orange, pink, and purple.  In addition to being affordable, the things I wanted from kid headphones are for them to have soft cushions for her ears, not damage her hearing, and be durable.  The fact that they came in her favorite color (green) was just icing on the cake.

Here are the official selling points for the ear phones taken from Amazon (and no, I get nothing if you buy one…in fact I am buying an extra to giveaway!):

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • WORKS WITH iPad, iPod and iPhone and many many other audio devices
  • Custom designed fit for children 2 yrs. and older – Light weight and comfortable
  • Now available in five NEW COLORS – Pink, Orange, Blue, Green and Purple!
  • FREE KidzControl Volume Limit Cable to limit audio volume to approximately 80% (~ 20dB lower) of original maximum volume


The headphones are really adjustable, so they would fit the heads of most very young toddlers, but in a pinch I can also use them as they will adjust even to my big head.  They also are very good about staying put at the adjusted size unless you are really pulling on them.  We don’t use any sort of protective case for them – we just pack them in her bag and call it good.  They are made of a very flexible plastic that seems to have a fair amount of “give” to it.  We have only had them a few months, but so far they are holding up just fine.  We have used them with her portable DVD player, our iPad, and with in-flight entertainment all with no problem.


I also like that they come with a volume limiter that can limit the output to 80% of the device you are using.  On the flip side, we didn’t have any issue making it loud enough for her to still be able to hear her movie while on a pretty loud airplane.  There is also a volume control on the cord itself so that you or your kiddo can easily adjust the volume – this could be a good or bad thing depending on your kiddo.

Comfortable enough to sleep in!

Comfortable enough to sleep in!

I have nothing at all bad to say about our experience with these headphones, and certainly recommend them if you are looking for a good pair for your kid to use on trips.  They are so good and affordable that I am more than happy to buy an extra pair for one of you to have for your kiddo.

To enter to win your own pair (you pick the color!), just leave a comment on this post detailing which feature you like best with these headphones.  Limit one entry per person – the winner will be selected at random.  Void where prohibited.  Entries end on Sunday July 28th at 11:59PM.

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  1. My son and I have been travelling since he was 6 weeks and we adore your blog. Now that he is 6, I can absolutely say we could have used these headphones over the last few years. He always complains that the “adult” ones he has hurt his ears, etc! Regardless of it we win some, I’m thinking this may be a “have to” purchase for our family..especially since we now have an 8 week old! 🙂 I love the adjustable feature and they they are shaped to fit little ones heads! Thanks for all you do!

  2. we have a pair of those for my son, I can also vouch that they are almost indestuctable (if you know what I mean 😉 )

  3. We love the pink ones, although, all the colors are nice and bright. My favorite feature is the volume control. It doesn’t matter how often I say “turn those down”, the volume always seems to creep back up.


  4. I like the fact they are flexible plastic and don’t need special care. My grandson gets a little rambunctious sometimes!

  5. Don’t enter me in the contest, but I thought I would add a recommendation for a different product for kids age 4+: I have no connection to etymotic aside from being a very happy owner of two sets of their in-ear headphones. If you’re worried about sound levels, etymotics are among the best out there and are used by a LOT of professional musicians. They have two kid-sized versions that are $49 and $79, so more expensive than your recommendation, but still much more reasonable than a pair of Bose active headphones.

  6. I like it that they have a volume limiter. That is something I worry about with my child. She would love the purple color.

  7. We have those for our kids – love them! The cushion is definitely a hight point given the length of time on a trip that they wear them. Actually, our daughter’s just broke, so winning these would be great! 🙂

  8. The most important thing to me would be if they really are comfortable for little ears and actually stay on. Otherwise being pink is a close second. 🙂

  9. Like that they fit children well! My adult headphones don’t work for my kids and they typically watch cartoons without sound during flights.

  10. Our first pair of headphones was Kidz Gear and our preschool girls would complain that they hurt their ears on long trips. I found a different brand of kids volume limiting headphones made by Cyber Acoustics at Newegg. These are quite cushy and fully cover their ears, which really blocks out the ambient airplane noise. And the price is right too – it varies, but usually between $15-20. We’ve taken this model on several long flight time (12+ hour) trips and the girls love them. Durability is also good, I keep them in a drawstring bag (like a cotton hotel shoebag) and carry in the girls’ backpacks. See

  11. I like the durable and comfort on the ears.
    My little one is under 3 so I’d worry about the volume on the cord being changed by mistake.
    Amazing timing, about to go on a four leg solo trip with my little one and need these. Thanks!

  12. My 4 year old granddaughter, would LOVE the colors!! (We are taking her on her first trip with us next week. Have already loaded the Kindle Fire with princess movies!!)

  13. The fact that they are meatn for kids and that I don’t have to share my overly large headphones anymore.

    Gotta be honest, blue would look baller!

  14. My girls would love the Pink.. at least this way our neighbors would have to hear lion king over and over again hahahah

  15. Love the fact that the adjustable sizing will stay put! My 3 yo’s current Hello Kitty ones always need adjusting.

  16. I like the idea that I can adjust the volume on the cord. Perfect timing with this as well for me as I just decided I needed a pair for my grandchild.

  17. Volume control for my 3 yr old son, color choices for my 6 yr old daughter. We are in the market for new pairs for them anyway this year, very timely post for me!

  18. Love these and the new color choices! Have had a set (from before there were color choices) for more than 2 years and they are still going strong. With another little one on the way, we will need a second set very soon!

  19. LOVE THE COLORS! However, I really appreciate the volume important to save their hearing.. &..Perhaps my grandkids will be unable to “Tune me out,” the way their mom did in the Pre-headphones era!

  20. I like the volume limiting feature. I have to buy 3 pair of headphones for kids school supplies and was considering these. You review came at the perfect time!

  21. We’ve bought our son 2 pairs of these – and they lasted a while and then the plastic part that keeps the phone on the clip broke – so I would say you get what you pay for. I was disappointed – because everything about them – except their durability is great!

  22. I didn’t realize that these had a warranty (I left post #99) – I just called the company and they were fabulous – one of the best customer service experiences. They are sending out a new pair to us. I’ve completely changed my mind and definitely recommend these!

  23. The colors are great, but my favorite part is how adjustable they are so that they can last for a long time as your little one grows.

  24. My son has went through two pair!! The first pair the cord fell out and the second pair the left earpiece stopped working. Yuck $$$ down the drain!

  25. The fit for little kids (2 yrs old) is definitely the best feature. Volume control is my 2nd favorite – thanks for the review!

  26. I have a pair of these myself for our 3 yr old. Unfortunately they didn’t have any color choices when we bought them.

    The volume limiter doesn’t really work. With the iPAD at full volume and the self adjuster at full volume, neither one of us could hear anything.

    When I took off the limiter, everything seems to work. It’s been on three trips with us and has proved invaluable.

  27. Thanks for posting this! We have some lesser but effective kids headsets we bought at Target and of course they get beat on by 5 & 7 year olds like the ones we have lol. Now I shall look into these (does that count as an entry?) and buy a pink and a blue set! I also like that they call em KIDZ with a Z. I used to spell thingz like that but everyone said it was silly and now, heck, it’s part of buziness/marketing to use alternative spellingz.
    PS… the Nexus 7 with rear facing camera is available now and these may be the next Xmas gifts for them for future travels! They have mini USB connectors which means you can control content, and they would go nicely with new headphonez.

  28. I like the volume limiter feature. right now I just try to keep an eye on what the volume is set at. Having it build in would be reassuring!

  29. I’m impressed that these headsets will maintain the size adjustments! The orange colour would be perfect for keeping my son’s mood cheerful during our upcoming 8-hour trip from southern Ontario to California in August.

  30. My family will begin traveling with our daughter, who is currently 16 months old. I think the head phones would make a great addition to on my To Do List of things to pack for her. I think she would like the green headphones. Thank you for this Giveaway.

  31. The colors first (my daughter likes the pink) but the act the look more like adult headphones and not sesame street headphones makes me happy.

  32. Like any reasonable parent, I love the volume control. Like any reasonable child, my daughter loves the colors. Thanks!

  33. I really like that they have good volume limiters. I always worry when my kids use the standard iPhone headphones because they can make them sooo loud. Plus the durable construction looks really good.

  34. I like the size and especially the volume limiter. It’s very easy for little hands to make mistakes on buttons and such.

  35. I like the Blue headphones the best. I like the volume limiting control as that’s my biggest concern for my daughter wearing them.

  36. My favorite kind of anything is the kind you only have to buy once! Lifetime warranty is a definite bonus but they honestly caught my eye cause I’m looking for some in my son’s favorite color, purple, without it looking too feminine.

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