Mommy Points on Good Day Chicago!

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Since starting this site, the #1 goal has been to spread the word that families can (and should) at least dabble in the world of miles and points in order to both bring kids closer to their relatives, as well as give them a chance to “see the world” without breaking the bank.  This morning I had a really unique opportunity to be on the “Good Day Chicago” morning show for a couple minutes in order to give other families a sneak peek into what is possible with miles and points.

Good Day Chicago Mommy Points

Being on live TV is clearly not something that is normally a part of my morning routine, so it is fair to say this was a huge learning curve.  Why did I not take a “how to be on live TV” class in college?  Still, I didn’t die, didn’t spill anything on myself, didn’t start yelling obscenities in the middle, and hopefully at least gave a small teaser into what is possible in the world of miles and points.  Maybe if I had 30 seconds longer I would have given a few more specific pointers on how to get started, but that is what this site is for!

So, if you are brand new to miles and points here is a link to a Beginner’s Guide that will give you some fast and easy tips on how to get started as well as a recent post on some ways I am currently earning miles and points for my own family.

Here is a link to the segment, just don’t laugh at me too much.  Thanks to Good Day Chicago for the chance to spread the word about miles and points!

Mom, I promise next time to sit up straighter and wear more lipstick…maybe. 

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  1. You looked great and did awesome! You seemed confident and knew what you were talking about… Where is the
    “clap” button…

  2. You looked as beautiful as your parents, just more composed and courageous. You did terrific. A true daughter of mine would have spilled something on her dress. Oops.

  3. Congrats MP!

    “Still, I didn’t die, didn’t spill anything on myself, didn’t start yelling obscenities in the middle” – if you did, your site traffic would have skyrocketed. Something to think about for next time…

  4. Well done. You looked like you were having good fun.

    As with any such situation the key is to drive people to your website. The website was mentioned twice, and very clearly at the end. This is also where you pat yourself on the back for picking a domain name that’s easy to remember.

  5. Good job. A short clip like that doesn’t give you much time to really dive into much, but the key highlights you offered were enough to spark interest.

  6. Wow, you guys are awesome. Thanks so much for the supportive comments. Hopefully the clip brought one or two more travel junkies into the miles and points world. Even if it didn’t, I clearly already have the best group of readers on the Internet. Seriously, thank you. 😉

  7. Really good content. You look at ease. If I can give you one humble feedback – drink a lot of water so you don’t lick your lips often! 🙂

  8. You did an AWESOME job! I am serious. Very well composed, eye contact in the right places at the right times, you didnt look nervous and you presented well and with not any deviation or shifting. I was impressed! If I was new at this I would now check out the site… Then again there is always something to learn. Thanks for posting and good luck in media!

  9. -Thanks again, everyone. Very much appreciated. It was certainly a bit nerve racking, but glad to hear that didn’t show quite as much as it could have. Totally agree about the needing to drink more water part. TBB, I think Brian is a machine for being able to do as many of these as he does. I would die! 😉

    • Although the Kauai Hyatt was not $0, it had some cost – ie, not just points from getting Chase CCs, but also there had to be some Manufactured spend in there and this has fees, etc. But it would be wayyyy to hard (and long) to explain that. So yeah. I guess going with $0 or near $0 would be ok.

  10. MM, I actually don’t do much MS, but it certainly could be done with zero MS if you just get a Hyatt card w the two free nights or some cards that earn UR. You are right though, way too many details for a brief segment. 😉

    • you are correct MP. I know with normal signups alone and those Hyatt free nite certs a person could probably swing at least a week there. It’s just knowing how to do what and when and you/we do! Woo hoo!

  11. My initial reaction was to worry about overexposure reducing award availability. Then I remembered that I tell my friends and family repeatedly what they’re missing out on and only 1-2% ever act on it.

  12. DBest, ha ha. If only it were as easy as saying “come and get it” and people would. You are right, only 1-2% ever act on it – if that.
    MM, totally agree. 😉
    Rich, are you serious – ha ha! How funny! I didn’t see what was on before me as it might have freaked me out. I just sat in the dark basically.

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