More Free FlightTrack Pro Codes

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Update: Once again they were quickly all claimed.  Enjoy your new apps!

Update #2: Another nice reader just sent more codes in via a photo.  I don’t have any good way to track these being used, but still please let me know in the comments section when you use one so others don’t waste their time trying.  I’ll update again when they are all gone.  Here is the photo (big so you can easily see the codes)!

Starbucks codes

Update #3: Another friend now provided 10 more codes!  It’s raining codes around here today.  😉  As always, please update when you used one just so others don’t waste time trying a dead one.  Thanks!

7)   R7E7F4L4647W
8)   336PWFTL3J7F

Last month Starbucks gave away codes in their stores for FlightTrack Pro (normally a $5-$10 download) for free.  I collected some and gave them away on the blog, but there were more requests than codes.  Luckily, a very nice reader was able to get several more codes just as Starbucks was getting rid of them.  Please post in the comments section if you use a code (just give the number 1 – 19) so I can take it off the list as they are one time use.  To use them go to the iTunes or App store online and click “redeem”.  Then enter the code shown below.  There is a September 24th deadline to download the app with the code.  Happy downloading!

  2. LENT6E9W69TR
  3. LLW96W4JFLX4
  6. HXL94P4LJHL3
  9. 9NTLL6TMN64X
  10. F4LAWP7WFAK6
  11. KKTY9MPHKE97
  12. XWW3E794KP37
  14. MTK49YHFHH94
  15. A46MMWPTAKL4
  16. KMK46TJ6PFLN
  18. RYLWL3M3KPA9

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    • Brendan, glad you found another. I think three people all said they had 16 so I was a little worried. Hope everyone is redeeming right away otherwise someone else may use the code you think you have for yourself. 😉 Thanks to everyone who is sharing what they used!

    • Brian, okay will cross them all out now. Thanks again to everyone for sharing what you used and enjoy your new app!

  1. Can someone explain to me how this works. I remember the post about a month ago but was too late. This time I was on it.

    However I was on my phone, the iTunes on my computer and online on a browser. On my phone I found the app but no place to put a code. Online app store could not find the app. Can someone please provide directions so I know what to do next time. I have always paid for my apps.

  2. Dave, yeah I updated every minute or so but there was a little lag and I wasn’t informed about all of them that were used. So sorry!

  3. For future reference, the starbucks app will help you get the app of the week without going to a store (or racing your fellow MommyPoints readers).

    Just go to the home page of the app, tap messages and the song and app of the week should be there. It’s a pretty straightforward process.

  4. @ FrequentFlyerFairy. You do not have to search for the App. You should Redeem the code. How to?
    Here it is ( As I see on the actual redemption card):
    On iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:
    1. Open the App Store
    2. Tap Featured and scroll to the bottom.
    3. Tap Redeem.
    4. Enter the code below.
    5. Download your content. Enjoy.


  5. @MK: The Starbucks app offers the “Pick of the Week” for you to download directly on your phone but I find the ones available on the app are not the same available in store. For example, the FlightPro app was never available on the app. The week that app was available at the stores the app on my phone was offering a different one.

  6. Eek, it’s showing up for me in different browsers. Not sure why it’s being grumpy. Let me try bringing it down and uploading it again.

  7. I give up. Every time I try the codes that aren’t already crossed out, I find they’ve already been redeemed. This has happened 4 different times now on multiple blogs.

  8. thanks for posting all these codes. even though i didn’t get one, it was a very nice gesture on your part. it’s a shame that people couldn’t be bothered to post which one they took.

  9. Looks like I missed this, but I look forward to whenever you post any new codes 🙂 Wish the Starbucks here in Canada would do that!

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