How to Match Your Hyatt and M life Status to Get Additional Benefits!

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I have written several times about the Hyatt and M life partnership that is already up and running in terms of earning and redeeming Hyatt points at M life hotels in Vegas.  I have also mentioned about how you will soon be able to leverage your Hyatt elite status to get M life status at the MGM family of hotels in Vegas, and now the online systems are up and running to make that part of the partnership happen.  Thanks to attending a launch event for this partnership, I can tell you from first hand experience that having M life status can really help get you better service, shorter lines, and an all around better experience in Vegas!

Here are the steps to get your Hyatt status matched to M life or your M life status matched to Hyatt.

1.  Take a look at the status reciprocity chart to see what your status will match to between the programs. 

Hyatt and Mlife Status

Hyatt General Member = M life Sapphire (lowest M life tier)

Hyatt Platinum Member = M life Gold (3rd of 5 M life tiers)

Hyatt Diamond Member = M life Platinum (2nd highest M life tier)

2.  See what your new status will get you with either program. 

You can view all of the M life benefits on this page, but here are a few highlights.

M life Gold: buffet line pass, coffee shop line pass, priority dining reservations, special access to nightclubs and dayclubs for you and a guest, space available upgrades for rooms and show tickets, 10% discount at participating retail shops, priority check-in line, priority late-checkout or early check-in, 20% increased express comp earnings.

M life Platinum: you receive all of the same benefits as M life Gold listed above as well as: turndown service, priority spa and salon reservations, priority cabana reservations, dedicated concierge phone line, 30% increased express comp earning, priority valet service, and priority cab line (this one is huge)

If you are not familiar with what your M life status will now get you with Hyatt then you can head to this page.

3.  Link your accounts for status matching.

Simply head to this page to opt-in and have your Hyatt status matched to your M life account.  You will need to be able to log into your M life online account.  The process still seems to be a little glitchy, but it worked for us when switching from Firefox to Chrome.  Hopefully it will all be fully operational soon.  Thanks to having Hyatt Diamond status, my husband’s M life status just shot up from Pearl (second lowest) to Platinum (second highest).  The only higher level, Noir, is typically invitation only so Platinum will do just fine!

Mlife status

4.  Enjoy your perks at the following M life hotels in Las Vegas (also included are the number of Hyatt hotel points you can choose to use to stay there).

  • Bellagio: (Cat 6) 22,000 points per night
  • Aria: (Cat 6) 22,000 points per night
  • Mandalay Bay: (Cat 6) 22,000 points per night
  • THEhotel at Mandalay Bay: (Cat 6) 22,000 points per night
  • Vdara: (Cat 5) 18,000 points per night
  • MGM Grand: (Cat 5) 18,000 points per night
  • The Signature at MGM Grand:  (Cat 5) 18,000 points per night
  • Mirage:  (Cat 5) 18,000 points per night
  • Monte Carlo:  (Cat 4) 15,000 points per night
  • New York-New York:  (Cat 4) 15,000 points per night
  • Luxor:  (Cat 3) 12,000 points per night
  • Excalibur:  (Cat 2) 8,000 points per night

If you visit Vegas, having Gold or Platinum status has real value, so being able to get it just by utilizing the Hyatt status we already had is pretty awesome.  I’d love to hear how the process goes for you and how you plan to use your new status in Vegas!


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  1. A couple of questions…does higher Mlife status translate into more discounted room offers or is that strictly based on play? My other question is what is the duration of the status match? I have Hyatt Diamond status through February 2015. I’m thinking about maybe doing a Vegas trip mid year in 2014. Would I status match now or wait until closer to my trip?

  2. @amj: Just back from Vegas. Mlife reps told me rates are strictly based on play. I matched on my first day there (I was on a 10 day trip) and the rates didn’t change during my visit. I did get upgrades based on the Platinum alone, though.

    Mommy Points: Thanks for the heads up on the non-hotel benefits. Got free dolphin tank and aquarium visits, saving almost $150!

    • Dia, so glad that tip worked! My rates offered were lower before my mlife account was reset when I got noir. Though mine really got messed up in that process so shouldn’t impact others that way, but yes I think discounted rates are largely based on play.

  3. I tried your link MP and got errors as well. However when I logged into Hyatt from award wallet I was able to sync up. Thanks for the info

  4. I would also like to know the answer to Matt’s question about how to have your Hyatt status matched to Mlife. Perhaps just giving your Hyatt # to the check-in desk in Vegas?

  5. Hey all, FYI, you can get opt in via then click on the vegas picture, then click on “opt-in”. That worked for me. (I called hyatt to figure it out as the link from MP wasn’t working)

  6. Trying to match Hyatt to MLife and cannot do it with Safari. Called the Hyatt Gold Passport desk and the representative had no idea what I was talking about and then came back after speaking with her supervisor and told me to look on the MLife website. A hang up call back moment, but not sure if anyone will know what to do on this first day!

  7. This has been uber glitchy and browser sensitive – thought I linked the page that finally worked for me, but either I went a weird route, it changed, or I just posted the wrong link. Either way, I think I have the good link working now…hopefully.

  8. I guess it may be just me, but I was impressed that the mlife status matched to Gold instantly. (Using Chrome, I started at, logged on, and opted in.)

    My only pain was looking for my mlife number and logon details.

  9. I made the res on to get the lower rate. The res doesn’t show up on though. Do you know why? I even called up MGM and made sure my Hyatt number was noted on the mlife res. just want to make sure that I will get stay credit for this. Thanks.

  10. I waited for my email from Hyatt, hoping for a better user experience signing up for M life. That strategy didn’t work. They must get getting heavy traffic because navigating their site is just BRUTAL…

  11. MP, your link worked for me, thanks!

    I’ll repeat the question from above though… if my Hyatt Diamond were to expire in February 2014 and I matched now, when would my M|Life Platinum expire? Dec 31st this year and I have to match again? Feb 2014? December 2014? Some other date?

    • Glenn, glad the link works now. My understanding is the status last at least a year and then you re-match then. I could be wrong though.

  12. I am going to match my Marriott to Hyatt and dump Marriott, so I can be Diamond and PLT. Question: When should I make the jump? Now or January. Also, how long does the status match window last? Is it an annual thing or a one-time promo thing?

    • I’m currently Hyatt Diamond due to the Premium Milepoint Membership. I don’t know if that means I can’t do the Hyatt Diamond Challenge, but I’m hoping it doesn’t. We’ll see.

  13. You won’t need to do the Hyatt Challenge if you’re already Diamond, just go to the above links and get your Platinum MLife status!

  14. I am a Platinum member with MLIFE because of my play….does that mean I’ll get Hyatt Diamond Status? If so, how long does that take? I tried to link them again, but I am currently not Diamond with Hyatt.

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